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Forty teachers, former OFFTIG and OPPY winners, learned today that they are automatic winners for a 2016 Teacher Incentive Grant for up to $3000. They learned of this by email from our website "automated@offtig.org". For more info: see the blue highlighted copy on the Home Page and see the list of honored invitees at the Gallery. Both online and hard copies of the applications are due by midnight September 25th. There will be an awards dinner solely for winning teachers on Tuesday, October 6. View GUIDELINES to see the parameters of the grant. Watch the NEWS here for further updates. Congratulations to these extraordinary teachers.

On November 16, 2014, we posted here that this was the 39th year of the the Oppenheimer Family Foundation Teacher Incentive Grant and would be the last year of the OFFTIG, open to all teachers of CPS. "As we enter our 40th anniversary of supporting Chicago Public School teachers, we are exploring new ways to support you, the teachers in CPS."