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Application Guidelines

Read these Guidelines for the 2016 The Teacher Incentive Grant (TIG) because our criteria has changed for this, the 40th and final year.

Forty previous winning teachers have been invited to apply for the 2016 Teacher Incentive Grant. During the week of August 24, honorees will be informed via email: automated@offtig.org. You may view the list of teachers who we honor at the website www.offtig.org. Go to the GALLERY. Names will be posted during the week of August 24.

Requests per teacher may be up to $3,000 for one or more project requests. You are invited to submit a proposal to continue a previous project or to create a new project(s). How much you win is up to how you present your budget. If you are unable to spend the $3000 in one year, you can carry it over to 2017.

Invitees: please share this with your principals so that they are aware that you have received this honor and are prepared to sign the application. Principals received the following statement in their letter: Although the grant is written to the school, the funds are to be given to the teacher to be used for the winning project. Any materials or remaining funds follow the teacher if she/he moves to a new CPS school.
Funds are only to be used for the funded project(s).

You may partner with up to 8 teachers on this grant.

No money will be awarded for computers, LCD projectors, teacher stipends, food/beverages, school fundraisers, equipment, uniforms, materials, etc. that are not being used for a specific project. Our grants are given to enhance the school curriculum with project-based learning.

To receive updates, go to www.offtig.org HOME and look for NEWS in the upper right hand column.

Applications will only be accepted, processed and submitted through this website.

BOTH online and hard copies must be submitted. Online applications must be submitted by midnight September 25th. Hard copies are due to the Foundation office by midnight September 25th.

Send or hand-deliver two hard copies to:

The Oppenheimer Family Foundation
1501 N State Parkway
Chicago, IL 60610

It is recommended that you not use regular U.S. Postal Service. Send by certified mail, FEDEX or UPS. School Visit Requests and Final Reports are processed only online.

Invited winners agree to:
  • Update their profiles if there are changes in email, phone numbers or school information, including principal information.
  • Submit the Final Report along with receipts of expenditures by Thursday, June 30, 2016.
  • Check email for updates from the Foundation.

School Visits may be scheduled to view your project while it is in process or for the culminating activity. For schools with more than one project, please schedule school visits on the same day.

Please give two weeks notice for a school visit.