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2005 Elementary & Middle School Winners


Student-Run School Store
Students will experience the inextricable connection between a school's curriculum and successful entrepreneurship.
Michael Murphy , Eugene Clark

Fine Arts
Many Mediums: An Introduction to Art
Exposing gifted students to a wide variety of materials so that students are able discover an artistic medium they want to pursue.
Catherine Hellmann , Stacy Nikolopoulos

Sweet Home Chicago
Students will convert the lunchroom into a coffeehouse called Blues Cafe. They will perform songs and a play about things they've learned in class for family members.
Scott Merrill , Dan Pierce


Social Studies
An Immigrant's Story
To help fifth grade students gain a better understanding of an immigrant’s experience, they will interview, write journals and create a first person iMovie.
Alison Newberry , Jane Grant

Language Arts
Family Diversity: Conversation and Art
Creating a safe school and community by giving children and adults the tools they need to explore and understand family diversity.
Shana Pearlmutter , Jim Altenbach, Madge Beerman, Donna Wojcik

Latin Jazz at Bell
We will form and sustain a Latin Jazz Orchestra to service our large population of Hispanic students who currently lack programs and curriculum that represent their culture.
Craig Segal

Performing Arts
Blaine Does Broadway
Students research Broadway musicals, select their favorite, and involve the entire school community in their perfomance piece, including music, script work, costumes and scenery.
Eileen Cutler , Pat Dempsey, Colin Mcgeehan, Carolyn Price , Nubia Pumerajo , Shana Steinberg, Sandra Wrencher

OK Oklahoma !
Students will stage the production of Oklahoma ! for our school and community featuring dance, vocals, drama and visual art. In addition, we will integrate the content of the play into American history.
Ruth Seidner , Bev Projansky, Ben Saltz

Oral History Project
Students will elicit, record, transcribe, translate, edit, publish and present oral histories from family & community members. The project will include quilting and gardening experiences.
Barbara Walsh

Language Arts
Third Grade Scrapbook
Students will become motivated writers while constructing a "Third Grade Scrapbook" which will serve as a writing portfolio, documenting their writing progress.
Paula Hyman

Middle Fine Arts
Culture and Values
A ten week mosaic tile project involving 40 African American eighth grade students will emphasize good character, love of culture, importance of entrepreneurialship and giving back to the community.
Bernita Robinson , Patricia Burrage

Performing Arts
Kinesthetics for Students with Disabilities
Providing instruction in ballet and modern dance to children with emotional and behavioral disabilities to improve their socialization skills, peer interaction, discipline and ability to cope.
Avon Walker , Susan Imis

Language Arts
We're On the Air
Using a classroom recording/broadcasting studio to gain experience and confidence in oral presentation which will be recorded and broadcast to the school.
Catherine Garza , Robert Burton

Canter Community Garden Club
Students will take advantage of our new garden to explore the benefits of gardening, increase their knowledge of plants, communicate and work cooperatively with the neighboring community.
Hallie Askuvich

Music and Dance of the Andes
Students will learn to recognize music's role in Andean culture through native dances and musical instruments. They will perform for their peers in an assembly with Andean musicians.
Louise Miazga , Elizabeth Zaluba

Carroll R Branch
Fine Arts
Mosaic Glass Art
Male students will construct stain and mosaic glass windows based upon prominent persons and events both from the early and late Bronzeville Era.
VonDietra Butler , Berry Fisher , Angela Harston, William Hozian, Jennifer Rose, Cynthia Simmons, Herman Simpson

Fine Arts
Deck The Halls
Transform the hallways of our school by painting murals on the walls designed by the imaginative minds of some of our special needs students along with our regular ed students.
Amy McKee , Joey Basile-Kelly, Kari Callahan-Topa, Kathy Eklund

CSI: Claremont
Students will work The Case of the Missing Millionaire, a who-done-it in the style of Sherlock Holmes, with the added touch of modern forensic science technology.
Joy Reeves , Lexie Coffey, Jonathan Meeks, Kate Pfeifer, Javier Velasquez

Say Yes to Chess II
Continue an after school chess club and enrich the program by exposing students to chess enthusiasts of different races, ages and skill levels.
Melaniece Abdur-Rahman

We Are Poets!
Students will create, revise and publish a class poetry book. Family and friends will be invited to our classroom “coffee house” where each child will read or perform his or her poetry.
Megan Lynd Meier , Rose Bidne, Libby Levandoski

De Diego
Fine Arts
Coral Reef Mosaics
Working cooperatively, 4th, 6th, and all levels of special education students will create one large coral reef mosaic for the art hallway, and 3 smaller coral reefs for the water fountain archways.
Stacey Shroyer , John Engels, Ruth Evermann, Margaret Koreman

Students will write, produce and direct a digital movie starring animated characters which they create. The movie is based on the theme "Motion".
Kenneth Williams

Fine Arts
American History Quilt
Students research historical figures, design and create costumes that represent chosen figures. Students are photographed; then, these photographs are ironed onto fabric and assembled into an historical quilt.
Nettie M. Parks

Get a Grip!
Students will build a functional prosthetic arm that meets design criteria for the amputee. Concurrently, they will learn about the difficulties that an amputee faces daily.
Michael Valente


Life Skills
Math Mavens Fashion Club
Through the applied mathematics of garment construction, students will integrate the necessary steps of transforming a two-dimensional rendering into a three-dimensional garment.
Anita Merriman , Avery Giuntoli, Anne Hollenbeck,

Language Arts
Migration Celebration
Students will learn intriguing facts about birds and bird migration while birdwatching. They will create an animated presentation using Flash MX, and present their unit on birds using PowerPoint.
Yollande Gottlieb

Unity in the Community
A community involvement project to increase sensitivity among children and the elderly.
Ruth Sanchez-Schlachter , Laura Lopez

Waiting for Wings
Students will create a Flight Cage and butterfly container garden in a Vivarium (Life Room)inside the Science Lab.
Ann O'Brien , Diane Papadakis

Back To The River
280 students will partner with civic/educational organizations & travel to learn more about Chicago to discover and express their own ethnicity.
Reuven Robinson , Mrs. Benford, Mrs. Campbell, Willie Ellis, Ms. Francis, Patricia Kirk-Wade, Ms. Lee, Mrs. Mathews, Joan Threatt

Edgebrook Chemical Modeling
Students will draw, build, model, research and report on various elements (both organic and inorganic compounds).
Janice Lombardo , Andrea Metzl, Mary Ann Vena

Edison Gifted
Performing Arts
Performing Arts/Film Festival
Features dance, drama and film projects from the 3rd though 8th grades. Each grade level works on a performance or film for several weeks during the winter, culminating in the Festival in April.
Deni Drinkwater , David Barber, Cynthia Levin, Jack Matsumoto, Teri Okita, Jelena Shanahan, Pat Strelecki

Performing Arts
Annie Jr.
The musical "Annie Jr." will enable students to integrate learning experiences through the arts to impact language arts, social studies and character education.
Monique Whittington , Barbara Peck, Anthony Jones

Fine Arts
Fiber Arts for Kids
Students will learn about fiber arts, including seven dyeing processes, two weaving processes, and three stitchery processes, including embroidery and quilt/wall hanging construction.
Mary-Claire O'Neill

Family History
Living Legends
Our students will learn about their Hispanic culture, family history and "Living Legends" in their families. They will plant tree seedlings and create a "Living Legends" ceramic wall mural.
Lillian Degand , Patrick Rand, Andrew Tellez

Foundations Publishing House
The class will create a Publishing House where they will be able to produce high-quality, beautiful books, cards and posters. The students will deepen their belief that they are all Authors.
Liz Goss

Our Digital City
Students will learn about the history of Chicago by compiling a digital yearbook.
Bridgot McFarlane

Family History
Family Online for Learning
Students' research and writing skills will improve, parents will become involved, and ethnic pride enhanced when families are brought online to trace their own family's history.
Curtis Brasfield , Jeanella Reynolds, Rosemary Sydnor, Linda Thompson

Social Studies
Time Capsule Documentary
Students will create a documentary "time capsule" containing information about life in the 21st century.
Nicole Merryfield Coy

Gallistel Galaxy Gamut
This project is an evening dedicated to learning about the Solar System and NASA space programs through hands-on activities for students with their parents.
Nancy Clarke , Joyce Condon, Pedro Coronel, Sue Fitzgibbons, Sue Pierce, Chris Raymond, Cindy Stull

Science Thru the Alphabet
First and fourth graders will partner to visit science stations that have hands-on activities and books available on topics such as volcanoes and trees.
Lynn Bosko , Barbara Salas, Letecia Corona, Patricia Freeman, Elaine McGowan

Working with Orff
Students in grades 5 – 8 will continue to learn how to play Orff instruments. They will form Orff orchestras in every class and perform at school concerts.
Ilona Bibrowicz

Fine Arts
History Quilt
Students from two seventh grade classes will use both academic and creative skills to document and create an informal history of their family.
Kathleen Dunne , Deborah L. Cottonaro

Academy Butterfly Garden
Second, third, & fourth grade students will work together to cultivate, plant and maintain a butterfly garden. They will also learn about plant life, environment and life cycles in their classrooms.
Erin Brannigan , Ruby Guerrero, Ryan Lopez

Performing Arts
An Aesthetic Hypothesis
This project will integrate music and art into a dramatic presentation on the preying mantis written and researched by students .
Megan Yracheta , Versoal Collier, Rita Leary

Fine Arts
Picture Perfect United States
Students will create a picture map mural of the USA painted on oversized canvas frames combining research of individual states with the results of our presidential election.
Alexis Staryk

Jazz / African-American Music
In this after school program students learn to play a musical instrument, compose authentic, collaborative pieces of music and showcase with two performances of "Jazz and African-American Music."
Milton Gardner , Denise Gillespie


Student Created Yearbook
Eighth grade students will utilize advanced technology to design and publish the 1st annual school yearbook which will help unite all Herbert students in a safe and supportive educational community.
Jennifer Brennan

Hibbard Newspaper
This project is the creation of a school newspaper, The Hibbard News. The journalists and photographers participate in an after school program to improve language arts, visual, and technological skills.
Tara Welch , Bernadette Payne, Phyllis Wooddell

Social Studies
My Story
Students will interview and photograph their immigrant family members and create an historical family album.
Jessica Schubert

Fine Arts
Examining Cinco de Mayo
Students will examine the history of Cinco de Mayo through reading, photography, music and other creative arts.
Jolene Biesack

School of Rock
Students will learn to fix used instruments, paint them with interesting designs inspired from units of study of musical genres and famous visual artists. They will play their "works of art."
Elyse Martin , Kendall Ruff , Rochelle Wooding

Japanese Peace Garden
An in-depth study of Japan with emphasis on peace education, culmiminating with the installation of a Japanese garden, dedicated to world peace.
Camille Baum , Pat Jonaikaitis, Kristin Ruswick

Hands on History
Students will work with people of different generations to learn about an event in history. They will create a product, using many technological resources, for the entire school to view.
Melissa Wojciechowski , Maureen Brongiel, Tracy Cobb-Evans, Janet Huntington, Terry Kohut, Pattie McNally

Language Arts
Say What????
Working cooperatively, my deaf students will use the process of captioning videos to improve writing and reading skills.
Traci Cobb-Evans , Gloria Rettke

Arts , Film and Gamer Review
Produce a relatively low tech, student generated quarterly publication to review fine arts, movies, video games and technology and make it available to school s and families.
Dierdre O'Day , Delia O'Hara

Fine Arts
Arts of Asia
Arts of Asia is a journey through Asia via art and folklore.
Juarez Hawkins

Fine Arts
Bayoux Tapestry Project
Students will research the history of the French in North America including folk tales, music, dance and typical foods, and produce a needlework project.
Diana R. Leifer , Vera Boline, Kobie Fritz, Katie Joyce, Martin Kallas, Tracy Nach, John Perryman

Fine Arts
Quilt Family Clothes Tree
Students will participate in a class quilt project in order to develop their French vocabulary focusing on family.
Tracy Nach

Lozano Press
Students will edit and publish a professionally printed anthology of their own work, which will be used as a model for future student writing .
Susanna Lang

We Are All Flowers
Students who participate in small group counseling with the social worker will develop an indoor garden.
Jennifer Foss

Marshall Middle
Fine Arts
Totem-ly Cool
This project integrates language arts and fine arts while exploring totem cultures of the Americas . Students will create a plaster totem pole.
Mary Clare McCarthy

Life Skills
Learning Through Fun
Designed to help students with severe, profound and handicapped disabilities develop skills in order to function in school and educational settings.
Lidia Paris

Genotypes and Phenotypes
Students will learn how genes are passed from one generation to the next.
Carolyn Burt

Pollution Affects Our Future!
This project will allow students to test various water samples for contaminate using water test kits.
Carolyn Burt

Performing Arts
Dance Live 2005
Involves parents and students in vibrant and enjoyable dance activities that will contribute to parent participation and a feeling of community.
Christine Ramos , Derek Balcazo, Sandy Lucas, Christina Pazarin

Fine Arts
Our Selves, Our Families
Students and parents will be involved in home storytelling of cultural and family traditions and will create self-portraits using various mediums.
Kathleen Kelly , Bridget DeLeshe, Megan Hillegass

New Sullivan
Math + Games = Fun
The purpose of this project is to create a Math Manipulatives Center to encourage students to play math games and other math related activities.
Alyson Linyear

Language Arts
Have Tapes? Will Read!
Third grade students will create books and audio tapes and share their works with Kindergarten students.
Amy Treadwell , Ruth Harris

Ninos Heroes
Search for Something Beautiful
First and fifth grade students collaborate on an anthology of photographs and writing, entitled “Something Beautiful.” They will photograph the beautiful things in their lives, and then write about them.
Maia Field Golley , Lisa Griffeths

WNWM Radio
The building of a class radio station will provide students with the opportunity to write, record, edit and broadcast meaningful radio programs.
Phillip Cantor , David Hickson, Joy Jaraczewski, Katherine Karvelas, Anne Teitleman

Looking Up
Students will explore architecture represented in Chicago ’s famous Loop and then apply their new skills while l ooking at a neighborhood in Chicago that lacks the resources, power and capital of the loop.
Anthony Vandarakis , Eric Calderon, Steve Noel

Fine Arts
Clay Expressions
Students use their creative talents to mold clay into an animal of their choice. They will write stories and perform on stage.
Barbara Conner , Marjia Lawrecki, Kim Tobin

Fine Arts
From Nature to Paper
Fourth graders will use new and used materials to create hand-made paper.
Kellye Galvan , Jessica Bronski, Pamela Patterson

Life Skills
Self Awareness Thru Self Defense
Visually impaired students, along with their sighted peers, will partner to develop spatial/body awareness and orientation skills through a series of workshops incorporating yoga and self defense.
Elizabeth Valente , Judith Greene, Gloria Moyer

Fine Arts
Chinese Brush Painting
Third grade students will learn Chinese landscape painting and calligraphy as part of a comparative study of Chinese art and culture with Western art and culture, integrating fine arts and language arts.
Linda Norby , Carolyn Harrison, Kathy Hudson, Julia Karosas, Laura White

Performing Arts
Folk Tales of the Caribbean
Students will create original musicals based upon folk tales of the Caribbean . They will write scripts and compose music.
Brooke Thompson , Lianne Fritz, Tiffany King, Judith McGuire, Marci Rosenthal

Writing Partners
Students will develop positive attitudes about creative writing as they work with their big-brother and big-sister writing partners who serve as special mentor or editor.
Irma Puente , Lucy Ramos

Modular Garden Habitat
Students research, design and create a garden environment through application of scientific and artistic skills.
Catherine Tanner , Patrick Simon, Isabel Pearson, Katherine Prins, Sarah Vera

Performing Arts
In Your Places, Please!
This project will provide the tools necessary for students to produce and perform in a high quality musical theater production.
Michelle Thomas

Tasty Celebration
Chefs, restaurants and the Plamondon students and community will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Plamondon School through the writing of a cook book.
Merle Dubnow

Sugar Doesn't Make You Happy
This is a hands-on research based project that will "bring the community to the classroom." Its purpose is to promote proper dieting and exercise to maintain a healthy life.
Jeannine Owens , Meagan Duffy

Fine Arts
Celebrating Diversity: A World's Fair
As part of the Ravenswood world's fair, students will choose a country and represent it through music, dance, art, artifact and factua l information.
Catherine Conde

Classroom Community Drum Circle
The students will participate in a Classroom Community Drum Circle . They will begin by playing learned rhythms and progress to improvisation.
Barbara Joseph

Hooray for Honey Bees
This project integrates science and language arts through an in-depth study of honey bees.
Kristen Terstriep

Spreading the Wealth
Students will deepen their understanding of how money is used and managed by creating a classroom business. The proceeds will fund a party for the Senior Citizen home next to our school.
Jamie Downhower

Digital Stories
Reading , writing, and movie making will involve students in creating a digital story of their very own. They will create a class DVD which will be played for family, friends and other students.
Todd Atler , Anna Waywood

Family History
Family Story
Adult and child learners will document a family story in written and visual forms. This will allow parents to communicate family history and share quality creative time with their children.
Anna Waywood , Mary Anne Fischer

Performing Arts
Let the Magic Begin
"Let the Magic Begin" will let us continue with the installation of a lighting console control board to operate the lights purchased with last year's grant money.
Dan Peterson

Life Skills
Shop, Cook, & Learn!
Cooking projects will involve special needs students from decision making to shopping and food preperation. They will access the community and practice life skills that will be carried into adulthood.
Christine Kelly , Rita Burton, Amy Gawlick, Deirdre Kenney, Julie Wilkinson

Performing Arts
The Morals Puppet Theaters
Second graders will become role models and leaders in the school community. Student performances will demonstrate consequences of behaviors and having positive moral values.
Julianne Soble


Language Arts
Learning Thru Songs and Poems
Each child receives a tape & tape player songbook to share with their family, providing practice at home and reinforcing language concepts.
Julia Joehl , Sandy Dilla Hammer, Maureen Griffin Richardson

Language Arts
Wild Writer's Workshop
The after school Writer’s Workshop encourages students to express themselves and their ideas through writing without the pressure of receiving a report card grade.
Lauren Cortesi , Nora McCready

Thorp O
Sing a Little, Dance a Little
Students will learn songs and dances of countries represented by the student population and perform them for the school and for a nursing home.
Dorothy McDaniel

Tonti Branch
Readers, Writers, Action!
Students will take digital pictures of classmates acting out "stills" from a story. Then, they add captions, sequence the events and produce a final storyboard with their choice of software programs.
Maria Cuevas , Andrew McDaniel

Language Arts
Historias Familiares/Family Stories
This project is designed so parents and students can create, read, illustrate and enjoy books together.
Nicole Perez