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2003 Elementary School Winners


Alcott Language Arts Building Character Through Tap Students will participate in a multi-faceted investigation of Renaissance Europe. They will read and analyze numerous Shakespearean works. Shante T. Wynn, Yvonne Wynn-Buckner, Cortez Johnson  

Alcott Language Arts Renaissance With A Twist Students will build character through the fundamental skills of basic tap dance. They will showcase their work in "The Wiz," a spring musical performance. Carolyn Maragh 

Audubon Science Watch Our Garden Grow Students will beautify and renovate the Audubon school garden which will be part of the Roscoe Village Community Garden Walk to be held this summer. Wendy Anderson 

Barton Performing Arts The African Dance & Theater Project Students will participate in an African and Caribbean dance program. They will be introduced to various styles of drumming, song, and dance. Kevin Sharkey 

Batemann Language Arts Storytelling: Building Self - Esteem Through a story telling project set in a new reading center, students will video-tape stories they have created to share with other children. Mary Tripp, Sandi Sorkin 

Black Fine Arts Mosaics With Tiles / Tile Mural Students will create cement mosaic stepping stones for the school outdoor garden. They will also create mosaic tile pots for large plants to beautify their school. Mary-Claire O'Neill, Sandra Carreras-Lara  

Boone Language Arts My Very Own Third Grade Yearbook Students will create their very first yearbook documenting their yearly experiences at Boone. Paula Hyman

Boone Language Arts We're All In The Biz..Do The Wiz Students will put on a musical rendition of "The Wizard of Oz" called "The Wiz". Ruth Seidner, Marcie Byrd, Talyia Riemer, Rachel Horvitz 

Boone Language Arts Artists And Writers Student artists and writers will collaborate to create their very own books. A Young Author's Conference will be the culminating event where students showcase their illustrated books. Judith Joyce, Donna Nowatzki, Gail Locke 

Boone Fine Arts Boone Ballet Club Students will be actively involved in an after school ballet club.   They will learn ballet techniques and develop discipline and self-esteem. Their work will be demonstrated in a spring performance. Gina Spears

Boone Social Studies Grand Possibility For Students Students will use Global Positioning Systems to become expert navigators.   They will increase their knowledge of latitude, longitude and become skillful at coordinate graphing. April Annunzio, Kelli Pfeiffer 

Bouchet Language Arts Bouchet Newsletter Comes Of Age Third, fourth, and fifth grade students will create a school newspaper featuring special events, showcasing school projects and including an interactive community newsletter. Tina Franklin-Bertrand, Lorraine Lasaki, Callie Logan, Judy Mollway 

Canter Middle Language Arts Canter Memoir & Mural Project Students will record and write personal memoirs of their families. Students will also design a large mural depicting their stories. Michael Boraz, Aleshia Russey, Nira Patel, Diann Weston 

Canter Middle Social Studies Chi - Town…The Making Of Chicago Students will research the planning involved in Chicago's formation as an urban center, create a grid layout of Chicago, take an historic skyscraper tour and create poster displays of the city. Roxanne Engstrom 

Carver Middle Physical Education Carver Middle School Proposal Students will participate in new athletic programs that include tennis, soccer, cheerleading and pom-pom squads. The new equipment will help Carver compete against neighboring schools. Dequonce Marbury, Oleavia Green, Victoria Gavin 

Chase Performing Arts Snapshot Of Asian Music: Balinese Students will perform in an instrumental musical ensemble using Balinese gamelans available only from Indonesia.   They will play using Feng "wind" gongs and metallophones to create Asian musical tunes. John Eros, Naomi Bailin, Diana Lebron, Diane Lublin, Rosa Jimenez 

Clark Middle Performing Arts Building "Sound" Principles Students will learn the fundamentals of music by building their own basic instruments in a shared project between industrial art and band.   Students will play these instruments at the annual spring music concert. Debbie Cunningham, Curtis Irby 

Darwin Science Chicago River Action...Stewardship Students will participate in a Chicago River Action Project.   They will test the water quality of the Chicago River, identify macroinvertebrates and assess the pollution level of the river. Edith Lange

Darwin Social Studies Windows Of Identity...Logan Square Photo Students will participate in a writing and photography project on their community. They will show how a changing community affects our changing identities. Cecily Langford, Adam Shortlidge, Peg Dunne 

De La Cruz Physical Education Step It Up Students will participate in an exciting and challenging step aerobics class. This new "Step It Up" program will help students improve their cardiovascular fitness. Carol Armel, Marian Strok 

Dever Social Studies A Day In The Life Students will visit senior residents of the Bethesda Nursing Home and participate in an intergenerational project. Students will create a video about a Day in the Life of their community. Angela Tagaris, Lia Marvucic, Jenny Mitropoulos, Ann O'Connell, Lynn Wasserman 

Disney Language Arts Shedding Light...Japanese Culture Fifth grade students will learn about Japanese customs and traditions.   They will create wooden lanterns and lamps.   They will learn calligraphy and create bookmarks. Yollande Gottlieb 

Disney Social Studies Pot Melted...Multicultural Integration Students from Disney and Whittier will continue a two-year multi-cultural exchange. While researching family immigration, they will correspond, visit each other and publish their findings. Ruth Sanchez S., Joe Nigrelli, Maphara Khan 

Douglas Community Science A Garden Of Butterflies Students will grow plants indoors, investigate what types of plants attract butterflies and create a butterfly garden in their school garden in the spring. Jennifer Lorenz 

Douglas Jr. High Language Arts Bringing Books Alive Fourth and eighth grade students will read stories to kindergarten students.   They will dramatize their stories, create scenery and props, add music and sound effects and put on puppet shows. Donna Hencinski 

Douglas Jr. High Science Toothpick Bridges Students will design their own bridges using ideas they acquired through researching historical bridges. They will compete with reach other to see which bridges withstand the most weight. Angela Smith 

Edison Fine Arts Spring Drama Festival Sixth grade students will produce a Broadway musical entitled "Once Upon an Island" while fifth grade students produce a Greek comedy "The Grouch" at Edison's fourth annual drama festival. James Jana, Donna Oberhardt, Jelena   Shanahan, Jack Matsumoto, David Barber 

Evers Fine Arts Evers' Sweet Home Chicago! Students will be engaged in a historic and cultural investigation of Chicago through an integrated unit.   They will present a school wide play "Sweet Home Chicago." Monique Whittington, Gloria Oden, Barbara Peck 

Finkl Science / Physical Education Jump For Fitness! Students will learn about the human body, nutrition, and physical fitness. The entire school will be jumping for fitness. Lillian Degand, Karen Viater 

Foundations Social Studies Stories: Growing Up African American Students will participate in an intergenerational exchange of oral histories with seniors at a local center in their community. Through their interviews they will document valuable information from different historical eras. Liz Goss 

Fulton Language Arts Genealogy And Family History Students will incorporate genealogy and study family history to learn more about their past. This project will enhance their ethnic pride and increase their awareness of other cultural groups. Curtis Brasfield, Rosemary Sydnor, Jeanette Reynolds, Jose Rodriguez 

Gallistel Science Gallistel Galaxy Gamut Students will participate in a space-themed sleepover.   They will eat space food, design constellations, launch rockets, make paper helicopters and balloon cars and pretend to fly a space shuttle. Nancy Clarke, Pedro Coronel, Sue Fitzgibbons, Cindy Stull, Chris Raymond   Gary

Language Arts Gary School News (GSN) Students will produce a school wide, monthly newsletter featuring articles on school activities and community events. Susan Stahl, Vernee Green 

Gladstone Fine Arts Building A Container Garden Students will participate in the Vittum Circle Series. They will have the unique opportunity to work with professional artists to create their own songs, dances and visual arts projects. Erik Hull, Karen Adams 

Gladstone Performing Arts Keyboard Lab Students will learn to play numerous musical pieces such as Fur Elise and Beethoven in their new keyboard lab equipped with Telex 620 headphones. Paul Gilvary 

Gladstone Science / Math Vittum Circle Series Students will build a container garden using window box planters and potted plants to beautify their school. Kate Dorn, Mark Lee, Nancy Dold, Debbie Hornof, George Kolar 

Greeley Fine Arts Music Is The Universal Language Students will learn how to play clarinets, saxophones, and brass instruments in their after school music program. Ilona Bibrowicz, Fran Perlman 

Greene Language Arts Shared Stories Using e-mail, students will participate in an international literature circle with classes in Soweto, South Africa. Mary McKay, Noelle Serafini, Virginia Shorey  

Healy Annex Fine Arts Finding Culture In Ceramics Students will study the history of ceramics in Asia and learn different cultural techniques and styles. They will create their own pottery and ceramics that they will showcase at Healy's "Art and Technology Night." Anne Blasko 

Hendricks Community Social Studies Bringing World Cultures To Our Door Students will explore cultures from around the world. They will research the continents, work on Power Point presentations and create mini-books. A multi-cultural school-wide festival will showcase their finished projects. Alix Mathews, Anne Reiman, Megan O'Donnell, Felicia McClain, Shirley Guidry 

Hibbard Language Arts Latin And Calligraphy Students will learn the Latin alphabet, phrases and quotes. Then they will write Latin phrases in calligraphy and decorate the school hallway with elaborate signs. Lourdes Danaher 

Hibbard Language Arts Self Portraiture and The Written Word Students will create photographic-self portraits and write narrative essays. They will create books celebrating their family with photographs and stories. Renee Elkin 

Hibbard Language Arts Hibbard News Reaches The Community Students will create a school-wide newspaper highlighting community events. Tara Welch, Bernadette Buchholz, Phyllis Wooddell 

Irving Park Fine Arts China Expo…Papermaking & Kites Students will learn about the ancient Chinese art of paper making and kite flying. They will compete in a kite-flying rally to be held in the spring. Raymond Wohl, Nancy Endre, Ken Fitzner, Frank James, Christina Kohl, Elizabeth Michals 

Johns Social Studies / Fine Arts Art And The Diaspora Students will learn basic sewing techniques, crocheting, and knitting to create a variety of Afro-centric mosaics. Brandi Whitfield, Ruby Harris 

Jordan Community Language Arts Jordan Book Buddies Third graders will read and write weekly to preschoolers to develop a nurturing bond.   They will also see "Rumpelstiltskin Revisited" at Lifeline Theater together. Judith Owens, Veronica Levine 

Kinzie School Social Studies / Performing Arts Improving Reading Skills Eighth grade students will study Polynesian culture to gain an understanding of the culture's appreciation and art for storytelling. They will perform Polynesian dances for the entire school at an end of year assembly. Melody Murphy 

Kozminski Language Arts Future Publishers Of America Students will publish and create a weekly newspaper reporting the latest school news. Muriel McDonald, Denise Harris  


Lee Science Math Combining Light And Color Students will use light boxes to design math and art patterns and create their own unique designs. Catherine Wolski  

Leland Language Arts The Goat Has Got To Go Students will build the set for their play, design their costumes, and perform for their school and community. Kristen Worenma, Tabitha White 

Logandale Middle Fine Arts History With Pinhole Cameras Students will construct pinhole cameras, set-up and maintain a dark room, and develop their own film.   They will document events in their community using these pinhole cameras. Gladys Faulkner, Sharon Farlow, Lucas Smith  

Madero Middle Science Things That Fly, And Why Students will construct paper hot air balloons, launch rockets, and build and fly airplanes.   Students will measure flight time and distance and compete with each other to fly their planes. Ronald Hurley 

Manierre Adventure Education Leadership Program Students will participate in a team building experience in Northbrook Park District's Adventure Education Program. Jennifer Marsh, Betty Williams, Rita Linzy, Rachael Moore, Amy Leenhoutz 

Marshall Middle Social Studies Life In The Middle Ages Students will learn about the feudal system, warfare and customs during the Middle Ages. Students will also design and build a castle to scale and even compete with each other at chess. Mary Clare McCarthy, Julienne Backstrom, Dee Simpson, Carlos Mendez 

Marshall Middle Language Arts Reading Lock - in At the ninth annual Marshall Middle School Reading Lock-In students, parents, and teachers dine together and celebrate poetry.   Students share and exchange their published book of poems and listen to guest writers at this event. Susanna Lang, Christa Alvarez, Dee Simpson 

Mayer Science A Life Inside The Classroom Students will create a classroom vivarium and learn about plant and animal life through research. Their   "micro" ecosystem will be balanced with plants and animals. Jennifer Hallgren 

McCosh Performing Arts McCosh All Star Steel Band Students will play steel drums which are rich with rhythmic and melodic tunes of the Caribbean. Greg Waggoner 

McPherson Fine Arts Dancing Through Time Students will dance to music from the 1920's - 2000 that they have artistically created in this year's "Dancing Through Time" variety show. Tania Czerkas, Kristen Kolk 

McPherson Math / Physical Education Physical Education & Math Students will participate in extracurricular/intramural sport activities. The school will host a series of decathlons for the students to compete. Grant Varveris, Roger Castellanos, Velma Stephens 

Morrill Fine Arts Lifetime Achievement Murals Students will design two permanent wall murals reflecting their life achievements. Gail Trower, Julius Lawson, Angela Monroe, Jennifer Juarez R. 

Mozart Science A River Runs Through Our Classroom Students will participate in a Friends of the Chicago River project.   They will discover how plants and animals adapt to their environment and uncover the mystery of food chains and food webs. Amy Andrews, Roberta Bailey, Nellie Rodriguez, Manny Givot 

Mozart Science How Does Your Garden Grow? Students will learn about the life cycle, research plants and animals, investigate insects, study soil and erosion and plant a garden to beautify their school. Jeanine Harazin, Manny Givot, Roberta Bailey 

Murphy Language Arts / Science A Community Of Possibilities Students   will create Interactive Activity Centers that will include a Reading Corner, a Math Staircase, a Light and Color Center, a Communication Center, a Musical Revue, and a Science Exploration Center. Megan Hillegass, Kim Moore, Kathleen Kelly, Tracy Kenney 

Nash Performing Arts Hand Chime Choir Students will deepen their understanding of music by participating in a children's hand chime choir. They will showcase their musical talent at a concert for the entire school. Clara Lopez 

Ninos Heroes Fine Arts Music Maestro, Please! Students will learn music by using recorders, xylopipes, and keyboards. They will showcase their talents at Russell Square Park for the dedication of a neighborhood garden. Carolyn Sullivan, Laura Senteno 

Norwood Park Fine Arts Flying Solo Students will put on a full-length live performance of "Flying Solo". They will direct, improvise, play write, promote and market their play. Timon Morales, Gloria Pogofsky, Beckie Cornelison, Bonnie Adler, Nancy Dunleavy 

Otis Performing Arts Learning To Read And Write Sixth grade students will assist first and second grade students in learning new songs and dances. They will also teach them how to play bells in the new Otis School Bell Choir. Barbara Conner, Marja Lawrecki, Kellye Galvin, Kyle Radcliff, Laura Fischer  

Peck Service Learning Home Is Where The Heart Is Students will visit residents at a local nursing home.   They will take pictures of the residents, write stories, draw, paint, play cards, and more. Susan Neville, Maryum Collins 

Peirce Social Studies / Music Communicating Without Words Students will learn about slavery and the Underground Railroad. Each child will create a panel contributing to a class quilt.   They will also learn African American spirituals using xylophones, metallophones and percussion instruments. Brooke Thompson, Marlene Alcantar, Jeanette Foster, Shelly Handschuh, Kimberlee Resis, Pamela Wasson 

Plamondon Language Arts / Fine Arts School News Students will help begin a school-wide newspaper, "School News." Brooke Dierkhising 

Portage Park Language Arts / Science / Math Wright Brothers -- 100 Years Students will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers by researching information on the history of aviation and participating in test flight competitions. Arlene Liss, Nancy Schultz, Mary Montefinese, Paulette Stokes, Liz Dolan 

Reilly Social Studies Building Blocks Of The Economy Students will learn about the economy by participating in a mock auction, creating board games, and visiting local businesses.   They will also design, manufacture, distribute and market a product by producing their own commercial. Rebecca Steeby Eros 

Rogers Performing Arts Let's Get The Rhythm Of The Beat Students will play music from around the world by playing their new Remo Tubanos, Gongokui bells and raffia rattles.   They will perform world drumming music at a school assembly. Dorothy McDaniel 

Ruiz Language Arts / Media Framing Pilsen Students will participate in a community photography project.   The images they capture will be framed and prominently displayed in the school gallery. Lisa Espinosa 

Sabin Mathematics / Fine Arts Chess In The Garden Students will create and paint their own clay chess pieces and chessboard tables to be installed in the school garden. They will also compete in several chess tournaments. Lorianne Zaimi 

Salazar Language Arts Reader's Theatre Students will interpret literature through storytelling and dramatic play.   They will write their own scripts and perform a story on stage. Debra Griffith 

Sauganash Character Education / Physical Education Team Building Students will participate in numerous teambuilding activities that include: parachute games, island escape, alligator crossings, trolleys, and reactor reload. Lisa Coveliers, Melissa Raich, Teresa Court 

Spry Social Studies / Math Ecology + Garden = Community Pride Students will build wooden planters, plant flowers and create a school garden to beautify their school and community. Gerardo Vivas, Abegail Campos, Maribel Delgadillo, Theresa Carter, Leticia Belmares, Rosa Malacara, Rosa Isela Antimo 

Stewart Physical Education Vo Vi Nam (Vietnam Martial Arts) This project   will help students learn the basic techniques of VoViNam Viet-Vo-Dao, a Vietnamese martial arts program. Triet Nguyen  

Stock Language Arts / Math Preschool Play Kitchen Students at Northwestern University School of Engineering will assist in designing a new kitchen center for pre-school children with special needs. The children will be able to pretend they are cooking and participate in many exploratory learning activities. Julia Joehl, Maureen Griffin, Lisa Ciosek, Glendalyne Roma 

Stone Language Arts Connections Through Storytelling A storytelling workshop and festival will be held in the spring. Gudrun Priemer  

Stone Fine Arts / Science Sculptures In Space Students will investigate, explore and create kinetic sculpture pieces that are three-dimensional. Mark Nelson, Keshia Korman 

Stone Science Wearing DNA Students will make 3-D models of DNA by making personalized key chains and earrings that represent DNA molecular structures. Anna Kong  

Stowe Fine Arts DaVinci And Me…Printmaking Students will be introduced to drawings made by Leonardo Da Vinci.   They will be taught by professional printmakers to learn the dry etching process.   Their drawings and prints will be displayed in a school gallery. Abby Brennan, Deborah Clarke 

Stowe Social Studies / Language Arts Hunab Ku Folkloric Ballet Students will form a folkloric ballet and perform several dances to honor Latino heritage. Gustavo Barrios 

Sumner Science Sumner Family Loan Through a loan program students and parents will be able to experiment with science activity boxes on numerous topics.   Students will record observations and data and document information in their journals.   In June they will create a mini-science museum. Oscar Newman, Aretha Lucas, Stella Porter, Irene Turner 

Swift Science Rocketry And Flight Students will explore the fundamentals of flight and the properties of air. They will learn the Bernoulli principle, construct model rockets, paper airplanes and kites and hot air balloons.   They will launch rockets as a culminating activity. Patrick Van Zyl 

Tilton Social Studies What's Cooking? Students will prepare cuisine from various African countries.   They will select their favorite recipes and create their very first cookbook to be shared by families and friends. Tobi Friedman, Susan Kriesman 

Tonti Social Studies / Language Arts Roaming Theatre Students will participate in a comparative study of ancient civilizations.   They will create mosaic art pieces, design masks, and present a play based on mythological stories. Richard Kabialis, Julia Margaris, Michael Magada 

Trumbull Service Learning / Fine Arts Inter Generational Students will visit senior residents and take pictures, sing songs, make floral arrangements, and create art projects together. Theresa Demling, Nancy Valles, Bruce Cuscadan, Maebelle Dompke 

Turner-Drew Langauge Arts / Social Studies World Language Fair Students will participate in a World Language Fair where each classroom is transformed into a specific country. Students will travel from classroom to classroom to learn about the language, history, art and culture of that country. Kay McDuffie, Cassandra Washington, Maureen Keating, Danica Vidljinovic, Shelia Williams, Barbara Ginsberg 

Washington Science Field Of Greens Students will plant flower and vegetable seeds in growlabs to learn the effects of gravity on sprouting seeds. They will visit the Botanical Gardens and also plant a garden at their school. Conmeka Parker 

Waters Fine Arts Our Story: Oral History Students will install a large wooden and paper mache family tree, that will hold vignette "leaf boxes." Each leaf will represent monologues that the students have recorded about their family history. Amy Vecchioni 

West Park Language Arts / Fine Arts The Fabrics Of Fairytales Students will create a quilt based on fairytale stories that they read in class. Maggie Johnson, Laura Povsner 

Whittier Science / Social Studies Celebrating Xochiquetzal Garden Students will create a peace garden in three locations at their school. Claudia Greene, Martha Pedroza, Martha Zepeda, Hedy Helfand, Susan Stone, Kimberly Alamar  

Whittier Social Studies / Language Arts Multicultural Appreciation Students at Whittier and Disney will continue a multicultural experience. Students will write letters to each other, send video messages, take field trips together, and learn about each other's cultural backgrounds. Andrea Schlachter, Leslie Gordon