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2004 Elementary School Winners


Science / Technology
Celebrate a Century of Flight
The project is to acquaint students with man's dream of flight using models and powered vehicles.
George Legg

Arts / Language Arts
Clowning Around To Build Character
Introduce students to the art and the presence of clowning in various cultures throughout the ages.
Yvonne Wynn-Buckner, Roberta Lakin

Language Arts / Arts
A poetry club that exposes students to the poetry scene in Chicago.
Eugene Booth

Language Arts / Mathematics
Children's Story Book
Advanced writing students will create a children's short story book with concentration on math.
Robert Moreschi, Natalie Lyon

Arts / Life Skills
School Supply Store
Students will run a mobile school supply store to learn math and social skills.
Steven DeGraff

Arts / Language Arts
Serendipities: A Scavenger Hunt!
Students will decipher riddles and go around downtown locating famous landmarks based upon novels read.
Catherine Hellmann

Arts / Music
Sharing The Music Uniquely
The students will learn the ABA and ABC form of music with multi-cultural instruments and create rhythmic pieces to perform schoolwide.
Charlotte Davis

Language Arts / Fine Arts
American Sign Language Sculptures
The purchase of a kiln will engage hearing and deaf students in cultural exchanges and art activities.
Shana Pearlmutter, Julia Bell, Amy Girardini

Language Arts / Social Studies
We All Come From Somewhere
Student book clubs will use a variety of texts to focus on immigration issues and the experiences of students' families.
Maria Ruiz-Blanco

Arts / Social Studies
Student Production, "Annie Jr."
Students will prepare and produce the school production of "Annie Jr.", which deals with: the depression, New Deal, homelessness and adoption.
Candace Harbaugh, Shana Steinberg, Patricia Dempsey

Arts / Science
Performing Arts Teach Science!
The project's goal is to enhance our science curriculum through performance.
Gina Spears

Arts / Science
Budding Botanists Build Friendships
Members of the Horticulture Club will maintain an indoor and outdoor garden. The fully grown plants will be sold to the school community and donated to nursing homes.
Mary Loise, Ruth Kennedy

Arts / Language Arts
Canter Dramatic Players Present
Students will be involved in every aspect of planning and performing a production for the community.
Roxanne Engstrom

Life Skills
Home Arts Room Renovation
With the help of students themselves, the Home Arts room will be renovated to encourage real life learning.
Amy McKee, Bridget Lynch

Say Yes To Chess
Students will be taught the game of chess which they will teach to others to form a community of chess lovers.
Melaniece Abdur Rahman

Language Arts / Arts
Book Buddies
This project will give fifth graders an opportunity to explore children's literature and interact with younger students.
Elizabeth Frick, Debbie Cullen

Arts / Mathematics
Geometry and Nature
Seventh and first grade students will create ceramic tiles based on natural and geometric shapes inspired by the Moors in Spain.
Margaret Koreman, Stacey Shroyer, Ruth Evermann, Candice Stein

Arts / Social Studies
Native American Textiles / Pottery
Students will create works of Native American textile art using nature as a model.
Avery Giuntoli

Language Arts / Social Studies
American Celebrations
Students will celebrate the rich multi-cultural heritage of our nation using PowerPoint presentation, songs, and dances.
Yollande Gottlieb


Science / Technology
A Tale of Two Gardens
Students will test and analyze the chemical composition of soil and use this analysis to create gardens.
Ann O'Brien, Diane Papadakis

Arts / Social Studies
Unity in the Community
Students will get involved with senior citizens through pen pal writing, personal contact, art activities, and community projects.
Ruth Sanchez, Laura Lopez, John Polhill

Arts / Social Studies
American Faces / Different Places
Students will make mosaic tiles representing their personal experiences and American history and then create a mosaic tile wall.
Shaker Cohlmia, Mary Bush Port, Christina Ramirez

Science / Life Skills
Land Restoration & Prairie Project
Parents, community members, and students will work together on landscape restoration and planting.
Janice Lombardo, Alan Hill, Mary Nolan, Maria Muhammed, Diane Vaselopoulos, Camille Vena

Drama Festival
Students will write, produce, and perform in a variety of plays in the Drama Festival.
James Jana, Jelena Shanahan, Jack Matsumoto, Donna Oberhardt, David Barber

Arts / Language Arts
Creative Puppeteering
Students will write their own plays, design and create puppets who will be characters in performance.
Cynthia Levin

These Genes are Not Levi's
Students will use hands-on experiences to develop understanding of genetics and DNA.
Roberta Oliver

Arts / Language Arts
A Celebration of Life
Students will explore the connections between language arts, music, drama, and visual arts to promote literacy and artistic performance.
Monique Whittington, Gloria Oden, Barbara Peck

Language Arts
Kid's Story Network
This project is to link students in different areas of our city through the love of writing.
Carol Gaul, Elizabeth Strode, Linda Kateeb, Andalib Khelghati, Kathy Newport

Arts / Social Studies
Mexican Arts and Artists
This project is to educate students on Mexican art and artists to make art in that vein.
Mary-Claire O'Neill, Robert Schlachter

Language Arts / Science
Animal Activities
Students will conduct research about an endangered animal, write a book, and produce a public service announcement about it.
Liz Goss

Language Arts / Life Skills
English Movies 101
English language users will create an all-English film based on their lives.
Nicole Merryfield Coy

Art and Artists
This grant is to purchase art supplies to provide students enriching, cultural, and artistic activities during the school year.
Ken Klopack

Arts / Science
Gallistel Galaxy Gamut
This project is an evening dedicated to learning about the solar system and NASA space programs through hands-on activities.
Nancy Clarke, Pedro Coronel, Suzanne Fitzgibbons, Cindy Stull, Christine Raymond, Joyce Condon

Arts / Social Studies
Women With Many Faces
Students will use puppets to become familiar with the many roles of women in our society.
Juanita McClendon

Language Arts / Social Studies
Exploring History Thru Ourselves
The project is to create and publish a book/portfolio of student work on explorers, encounters, and exchanges in history.
Heather Anichini

Arts / Science & Technology
Ecosystem: Threats and Survival
This project is to build awareness in students of their local ecosystems using photography.
Amber Kleeschulte

Arts / Mathematics
Nuturing Dreams; Building Futures
Students will deepen their understanding of math as they design and construct their dream homes.
Molly Reed

Language Arts / Arts
Storybook Publishing
Seventh graders will write and illustrate storybooks to be given to a kindergarten class for their library.
Kathleen Dunne, Deborah Cottonaro

Arts / Technology
Channel H
Using our school's website to "broadcast" information about what is going on in school as well as student-created projects.
Duone Brown

Arts / Science
Coral Reef Oceanarium
Students will create a three dimensional coral reef while learning about the ocean's ecosystem.
Alexis Staryk, Jennifer York, Courtney Vollan, David Dunlap

We Share the Earth
This project provides opportunities for children with special needs to engage in art-centered, earth friendly activities.
Jesl Xena Rae Cruz


Arts / Language Arts
The Most Interesting Day
This project will allow students to display writing, performing, and artistic skills in a school production.
Denise Gillespie, Milton Gardner

Social Studies / Language Arts
The Many Faces of America
Students will research their own family history and background and also learn why other ethnic groups immigrated to the U.S.
Jessica Schubert

Language Arts / Arts
Hibbard News Gets the Scoop
A newspaper will be created by and for the diverse students of Hibbard to improve language arts and visuals skills.
Phyllis Wooddell, Tara Welch, Bernadette Payne

Arts / Music
Creating Jazz and Joy
This project will expose students to the works of musicians and visual artists influenced by jazz.
Shelley Freeman, Maria Di Fiore

Social Studies / Life Skills
Neighborhood / Career Education
This project is a hands-on adventure in which students explore the communities in which they live and attend school.
Lucille Jancaric, Meredith Saad

Arts / Social Studies
Cross-Cultural Understanding - The Arts
Local Mexican artists will collaborate with teachers to design and implement a cross-cultural project that integrates arts and social studies.
Cynthia Chico-Rodriguez, Toi Boseman, Joyce Crockett, Bernice Cannady, Donald Leftwich, Adero Corner, Lamont Simmons, Bonnie Zilberbrand

Irving Park
Arts / Social Studies
Murals / Mosaics
Students will produce murals and mosaics focused on exploring society past and present.
Raymond Wohl, Elizabeth Michals, Norine Riley

Arts / Language Arts
Once Upon A Time
Deaf students will participate in a creative drama program designed to improve reading, vocabulary, and self-esteem.
Gwendolyne Walker-Qualls


Arts / Language Arts
Puppet Productions
This project enables students who have difficulty visualizing and presenting their ideas to improve these skills through puppetry presentation.
Linda Comminos, Ruth Booze

Arts / Mathematics
Getting Into Shapes
Students will create designs on ceramic tiles that demonstrate geometric concepts.
Trish Kiefer, Elyse Martin, Debby Topp

Arts / Language Arts
Jordan Book Buddies
Pre-schoolers and fourth graders will bond as they read, write, and dramatize their own stories.
Veronica Levine, Debbie Topp

Life Skills
Special Olympics
Equipment will be provided so that students will be able to participate in after school sports and the Special Olympics.
Mike Roche, Barbara Blasinski, Sandy Felix, Rosa Yepez, Margaret Schumacher

Arts / Science
Myths about Planets and Stars
Students will create a school-wide art and science project about the universe.
Karen Goldrick, Marshall Mitchell, Linda Washington, Pat Ryan

Arts / Life Skills
Chess Mate!
Students will develop a love and appreciation of chess which will lead to improved problem solving skills.
Pamela Pleasant-Gibson, Andrew Clark

Language Arts / Mathematics
Collaborative Cooking
This project is for first and third grade students to work cooperatively to enhance academic and social skills.
Lisa Rudin, Sarah Nichols Wilson

Arts / Language Arts
Urban Heros
This project is a musical documentary through which students will explore urban culture through reading, writing, art, and dance.
Allison Cirone, Sarah Forbes

Life Skills
Conflict Resolution Program
Students will work in cooperative teams to build and apply anger management and conflict resolution skills.
Jennifer Foss

Language Arts
Voyagers Press
Students will edit and publish a professionally printed anthology of their own work.
Susanna Lang

Arts / Language Arts
I Want To Read
Students will create literacy kits which will enable parents to help in their children's education.
Pamela Andrews, Mary Mari Tejeiro

Language Arts / Social Studies
Newspaper and TV news programs
Students will examine, compare, and contrast television and print news stories.
Kim Brasfield

Social Studies / Science
And the River Flows On…
Students will learn about the Chicago River by studying its history, accessing its water quality, and engaging in social action.
Amy Andrews, Roberta Bailey, Lori Anderson

Arts / Life Skills
Bringing Learning Outdoors
During recess, students will participate in activities designed to teach cooperation, problem solving, and community building.
Kim Moore, Megan Hillegass, Kathleen Kelly, Peter DeLaurentis,

Language Arts / Social Studies
Global Families: Global Classrooms
Students will apply the knowledge they have developed during the study of internationalism at a school-wide international festival.
John Sullivan, Donna Morgan, Lynda Gardner, Barry Little, Karen Major, Pamela Sims, Tigger Dunbar, Caitlin Dorsey, Mary Ridley

New Field
Inaugural Tile Project
Students and their families will design and paint ceramic tiles to be installed as a mural inside the school.
Cathleen Andes

Oriole Park
Language Arts / Social Studies
Family History Project
Students will research family history and then fill out a four-generation pedigree chart.
Laura Loken

Arts / Social Studies
Many Places, One World
Students will compare their lives in Chicago and Mexico by creating a photo-documentary of both communities.
Connie Amon, Gila Hernandez, Eduardo Yanez

Arts / Social Studies
Natives of the Americas
This multi-media mosaic project will focus on the cultures of the native Indians of North and South America.
Nicole Lombardi, Ed Pino

Science / Technology
Museum as a Classroom
Students will gain an appreciation of the technology available to help scientists understand the human body.
Margaret McGovern

Life Skills / Language Arts
Self Awareness Thru Self Defense
Visually impaired students along with their sighted peers will take workshops incorporating yoga and self defense.
Elizabeth Valente, Gloria Moyer, Judith Greene

Fine Arts
Our Own Special Tapestry
Kindergarten through third grade students will design and weave a tapestry to be hung in a school.
Linda Norby

Arts / Language Arts
History Comin' Alive!
Students will engage in an in-depth study of the Renaissance period through literature, music, art, and costume design.
Brooke Thompson, Donna Lawrenz, Nora Tesmond, Josephine Sennet

Science / Technology
Chicago River - A Field Study
Students will become involved in monitoring the water quality of the Chicago River, which will increase their interest in science.
Robert Reynolds

African-American History Night
This project is to celebrate African-American history and famous African-Americans.
Derrick Harris, Jennifer Walker, Consuelo Gaines

Language Arts / Fine Arts
Panther News
Students will continue publishing the school newspaper with the addition of digital photography.
Brooke Dierkhising, Diane Novak

Language Arts
Panther Press / Anthology
Students will publish a newspaper and a literary anthology for the first time.
Michael McKinney, Tessa Chretien, Whitney Wall, Dorsey Palmore, Helen Boghosian, Kevin Cunningham, Janise Wriddle, Marie Robinson, James Yarbrough

Portage Park
Social Studies
Lewis and Clark 200th Anniversary
Students will examine the expansion of the U.S. in 1803-1804 using math, science, social studies, reading, and writing.
Mary Montefinese, Paulette Stokes, Nancy Schultz

A Little Bit west of Broadway III
Every student in our school will be offered an opportunity to explore the aspects of producing a musical.
Barbara Joseph, Alex Castaneda, Marc Garcia, Catherine Conde, Anne Vanderwel

Let The Magic Begin
The festival of the performing arts will be enhanced by the addition of lighting on stage.
Dan Peterson, Maureen Fruhwirth

Arts / Social Studies
Building the Dream through Mosaic
The students will create a mosaic piece using various selected scenes and famous persons from the civil rights movement.
VonDietra Butler, Margo Harvey

Arts / Social Studies
Sweet Home Sherman
This project uses the applied arts to decorate two fiberglass couches as a means to enhance the school community.
Donald Stahlke

First Grade Garden
First graders learn about life cycles through planting and maintaining a garden on school grounds.
Colleen Chesnut, Katie Peterson

Language Arts / Life Skills
Build a Team / Build Success
Smyser and another school will first meet by e-mail after which each school will play team cooperative games separately and then together.
Margaret Gillespie, Michael Gillespie, Ellen Davidson, Sherry Weinberg, Michal Garlinski, Bonita Spinka

Arts / Social Studies
Cut, Glue and Tear Up History
Learning disabled students will alter a hardcover book to express their feelings and knowledge about a topic in social studies.
Jeannine Hitzke

Science / Life Skills
Solomon School "Buddies Up"
A "buddy system" will be developed between special needs and general education students by working together to build raised planter beds and decorations for a nursing home.
Joan Jones, Denise Edelson, Ellen Shea

Science / Technology
A Festival of Technological Design
Students will learn the fundamentals or bridge building, simple machines, and aerodynamics through experimental activities.
Jennifer Dixon, Katherine Henze

Arts / Social Studies
Palace of Green Porcelain
Students will examine the concept of time through science, history, language arts, geography, music, and visual art.
Mark Nelson, Karen Coney, Anna Kong, Elsa Kitsuse, Debbie Nikokavouras, Gretchen Tate

Arts / Language Arts
Literature & Drama
Students will learn about Mexican history and its influence on the arts and perform Mayan and Aztec legends.
Mary Beth Werner, Karen Sabaka, Laura Flores, Lorena Davila, Maria Reyes, Laura Saenz


Arts / Life Skills
And the Beat Goes On
Students will learn to play in African and Latin style drum circles with the instruments provided by the grant.
Dorothy McDaniel

Arts / Social Studies
The study of origami will acquaint students with another country's cultural values.
Tobi Friedman, Susan Kriesman

Social Studies
World Language Fair
Students will learn and improve oral skills in French and Spanish while experiencing cultural diversity through games, cheers, songs, and presentations.
Cassandra Washington, Maureen Keating, Danica Vidlijinovic, Shelia Williams

Science / Life Skills
Touch & Grow
Special education pre-kindergarten students will create a multi-sensory garden that will encourage sensory development.
Joan Maher, Francine Frieske, Kathleen Heffernan

Washington G ELE
Arts / Social Studies
Cultural Encounters / Connections
Students from two culturally different schools will learn about each other through mural painting, folkloric drama, and dance.
Susan Rangel, Nancy DeLaHuerta, Gloria Vargas

Washington H
Trash to Treasure
This project is for students to learn about natural resources and how they can preserve their land through recycling.
Sharnetta Klyce

Arts / Social Studies
Undercover Quilts
Students' quilts and correlating documentation will be showcased in our garden area.
Maureen Connelly, Amy Vecchioni

Arts / Language Arts
Honoring Our Ancestors In Retablo
This is a book making project focused on the cultural history of retablo narrative painting.
Amy Vecchioni

Science Learning Community
Students will create and present multi-media presentations of their explorations of the natural sciences to their peers.
Claudia Greene, Martha Pedroza, Martha Herrera, Allison Epstein, Kimberly Alamar

Weather Watchers
Students will build a weather station and measure aspects of the weather using science/weather instruments.
Shamiram Badal, Evalyn Klott