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2003 High School Winners


Butterfly Garden / Pond
Students will plan, plant and maintain a butterfly garden, design and install a pond and create mosaic stepping stones for the garden.
Connie Gaberik, Jeanne Dallinghaus, Jennifer Hadded


Career Ed
Two-Tier Patio / Deck
Students will design and construct a two-tier deck/patio for the Hospitality Cuisine Lab as well as chronicle the process.
Thomas Konopasek, Paul Grabs, Cassandra Ray, Clevan Tucker, Richard Ritter, Rhonda Davis, James Jones

Chicago Agri - Science

Science / Fine Arts
Time Will Tell: A Sundial Garden
Students with severe disabilities will create a handicap accessible garden and construct an "Analemmatic" sundial.
Jane Klunk, Sue Schlitz, Daniel Martin, Julie Reynolds, Ronald Wolford

Chicago Military
Service Learning
Intergenerational Celebration 2003
This project will expand and deepen the intergenerational relationships between cadets and the greater elderly community started with last year's grant.
Teresa Knight, Alice Bratko, Antoinette Barnes

Fine Arts
Celebrating Community
Students will photograph and write about events, people and places in Humbolt Park. They will develop their film and present visual and oral documentations of their community.
David McKoski

Curie Metro

Service Learning
Senior Citizen Prom
Students will become involved with senior citizens which will be documented in written reports and photos. The project will conclude with a Senior Citizen Prom.
Sue Schierholtz, Carmen Trinidad, Mary Anne Cannon

Curie Metro
Performing Arts
Spring Dance Show
Students will participate in Curie's Spring Dance Concert in the uniforms this grant provided.
Melinda Wilson

Critical Thinking
Developing Critical Thinking Skills Through Chess
This project will incorporate a tutorial chess program into the classroom designed to improve critical thinking, problem solving, academic and social skills.
James Hilton, Charles Brooks, Joseph Oswald, William Taylor, Carmen Lemons, Harry White, Clouia Wray

Exploring Aeronautics
Students will construct various types of model aircrafts and determine how the forces of flight act on the aircraft to produce flight. They will demonstrate applied math and science.
Claudette Terry, Marty Block

MSTA Newsletter
Students will research, write and publish a MSTA Newsletter highlighting the achievements of Fenger students to be distributed throughout the community.
Brenda Taylor, Mecca Murphy

Performing Arts
Music Keyboard and Performance Lab
This grant will expand the Keyboard Lab which was funded last year by providing more equipment to enable more students to create, produce and perform musical compositions.
Adrian Jackson

Fine Arts
Photography Club
Students will learn how to use a camera and develop film and prints in the darkroom.Their pictures will be submitted to the yearbook, newspaper and be publicly displayed.
Monika Shams, Donn Simon

Gage Park
Gage Park's and Morrill's Water Quality Project
Students from Gage Park and Morrill Elementary along with their teachers devise actions to raise the quality of the environment through water quality testing in the Chicago River.
Patricia Parsons, June Jones, Yacoub Al-Ubaidi, Barbara Musial, Johathan Keith, Therese Dawson

Gallery 37 AAEP
Fine Arts
360 Photographic Sculpture
Students will take pictures in all parts of the city and produce images of the urban landscape which will be printed on various materials. These images will then be mounted on structures viewable on all sides in the Gallery 37 galleries.
Thomas Cinoman, Miriam Socoloff, Jennifer Murray, Sonja Henderson, Mark Nelson

The Graham Garden
Students will learn about soil preparation, seed germination and garden care along with basic carpentry and cement skills while building, planting and maintaining a raised vegetable garden and flower bed.
Louise Johnson, Fosest Vaughn

Social Studies / English
"Under Our Ribs": A scrapbook
Students will create scrapebooks based on individual identity, family heritage, neighborhood and community using photo essays, personal artifacts and written reflections.
Megan Lawlor, Nora Strong

Fine Arts / Performing Arts
Myth By Image - Whole Body Puppets
Students will write a folktale and design and make masks and costumes for full body puppets. They will then construct a set and produce a puppet play.
Audrey Weissler, Laima Panek, Keva McGee, Dwayne Fields

Fine Arts
Reverse Cast Concrete Sculpture
An artist will instruct students in the usage of various concrete relief mosaic techniques after which they will create individual sample pieces in preparation for the creation and installation of a large outdoor sculpture.
Daniela Bylaitis, Melanie Wilbourn

Hyde Park

Social Studies / Music
Cultural Music Exposure
Students will research the basic characteristics and socio-cultural influences of music from various Spanish-speaking countries. They will then write and perform an original song in Spanish.
Catherine Tracy

Performing Arts
Taking the "Camino Real" Onstage, on DVD, and on the Web
Students will be involved in every aspect of putting on a theatrical production from building sets, operating as a business entity and publishing a program to documenting the play on a student-made DVD linked to the school's website.
Robin Bennett, Sandra Reed, Linda Newsome, Julie Achettu, Jim Malebranche


Fine Arts
Students will explore the idea of bookmaking as original fine art as they build and bind a hardcover book. They will design and construct the book based on their own writings.
Christine Ruch

Kelvyn Park
Kelvyn Park Garden Renewal, Tour and Reception
Students will landscape the school grounds which includes designing, planting and maintaining a garden as well as making a video to provide a video garden tour.
Cynthia Wojcieszek, Grant Phillipp, Darlene Ruiz

Geometry / Special Education
Build Your Dream Home
Students will research styles of homes in Chicago, design their homes of choice using computers and then build model homes based on their designs.
Willie Mae Witt

Fine Arts / Social Studies
Japanese Cultural Immersion
Students will study the language, art and culture of Japan.
Benjamin Jaffe, Joy King


Matrix Literary Magazine
The Matrix Literary Magazine is student produced and includes short stories, poetry, essays, plays, photographs and other student created art works.
Stauroula Sparagis, Benjamin Jaffee

Lake View
Fine Arts / Social Studies
Jomon Ash and Flash
Students will study the artistic and cultural history of ancient Japan, conceptualize and build ceramic vessels reflecting that period of Japanese history, learn to use a wood-burning kiln to fire their pots and display their ceramics in a professional gallery setting.
Kate Sanford-Garcia, Jay Strommen, Fumihiko Yuki

Lake View
Performing Arts
Lake View High School Drama Club
This grant will be used to begin an after-school drama club which will include developing a production from conception to completion, learning improvisational games and exploring theater history.
Jennifer McGee, Lauren Biegert

Lake View
Lake View High School Literary Magazine
This is the third year we are supporting the school literary magazine which includes student writings and art works. The students collect the contributions and organize the works for publication.
Kevin Holohan

Lane Tech
Performing Arts
In-School and Out-of-School Performances
We are providing costumes for the Lane Tech Renaissance Show Choir which is new this year.
Dawn Kerzisnik Carne

Lane Tech

Fine Arts
The World in Black and White
Students will study the typical use of mosaic tiles in different countries, design a panel in the style of their selected country, make and install their panels in the school.
Joanne Vande Kieft, Jill Wayne

Lincoln Park
"The Lion's Roar;" LPHS Student Newspaper
We are continuing to support a student-run publication which showcases the writings of the students including editorials, international news, opinions, poetry, movie reviews, photojournalism and sports.
Mary Enda Tookey

Lincoln Park
Social Studies / Performing Arts
Music - Maestro
E.S.L. and history students will learn the history of African Folk Music, design and create a pair of "shakere," write a research paper and present topics with a musical score accompaniment.
Katherine Shea, Chris Kean

Science / Service Learning
Garden Under Glass
Students in the Peer Mentoring Program will work to restore Lindblom's green house. The plants grown in the greenhouse will be placed in the surrounding community.
Donna Flanagan, Linda Miller

Science / Horticulture
The Oasis Landscape Garden Project
Students will design and install a Gazebo as the focal point of the garden already in place.
Carol A. Williams, Sandra Payne, Brenda Hartzol

Fine Arts / Science
Sculpture Garden
Students will create an outdoor space where they can sit and be surrounded by art and landscaping beautified by seasonal plantings. They will paint two benches and create mosaic stepping stones.
Pam Glynn, Roberta Moya, Peter Zimmerman

Industrial Arts
Construction of a Pond With a Fountain
Students will construct a formal pond with a fountain inside the school's greenhouse.
Steve Kotis, Arthur Takaoka, Jose Martinez, Tomas Rodriguez

Fine Arts
Art Peace
Students will create ceramic tabletop fountains and give them to others as gifts of peace and tranquility.
Phyllis Burstein

Math / Sewing
Sew Your Own seminar
Sewing machines will be provided which will allow students to learn basic sewing skills and use geometry to design and make garments.
Rebecca Jackson

Fine Arts
Historical Quilt
Cognitively disabled students will design and complete a pictorial quilt, depicting the historical achievements and accomplishments of the school's previous students. The quilt will be framed and displayed in the school.
Mamie James, M. Fisher, S. Wells, C. Johnson, A. Young, K. Coupet

Fine Arts
Peace Exhibit
Students will design and create twelve quilts based on different aspects of peace. The quilts will travel to public exhibit spaces belonging to the Peace Museum.
Cassandra Hale-Daoud, Rebecca Williams

Fine Arts / Performing Arts
Rocking Chair Stories
Students will create puppets, a puppet stage, write scripts and put on a puppet show.
Alison Bergman

Fine Arts
Feeding Folk Art
Students will study Folk Art and create hand painted soup bowls inspired by their favorite folk artist. They will then organize a chili feed using their bowls to raise money for charity.
Dara Gannon

Career Education / Service Learning
Senior Citizens / Refinancing Previous Grant
Once again, students will continue to service the homes of seniors and continue the community beautification program.
Gerard Slania, Patricia Bonness

Career Education / Service Learning
Vaughn Homeless Program
Students will bake cookies for the homeless from scratch. They will write and read recipes and follow directions in the preparation after which they will deliver the cookies to the Night Ministry.
William Weeks, Catalina Fernandez

Von Steuben
Science and Engineering Club
The Science and Engineering Club will develop a buzzer system for teachers to use with students when playing games based on the Jeopardy! game show.
Michelle Klein

Von Steuben
English / Performing Arts
Von Steuben's 4th Annual Film Festival
This grant will provide funds for a video projector which will enhance the school's Film Festival. The Festival is the result of coming together of creative writing, videography and drama.
Kerry Catlin, Carlo Trovato

Fine Arts
Quilt Project
This grant will provide a quilting machine that students will use in creating quilts in the school's Quilt Club. The quilts will display the family history of the students and be showcased around school.
Beverly Matushek, Sarah Marhevsky, Ann Moffat, Mrs. Woodbury

West Side Story
Students from two Environmental Science classes will research, design and install a pond in the formal garden area of the West Atrium at school.
Nancy Kusler, Eva Aseves