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2004 High School Winners


Science / Arts
Amundsen Community Garden
Students will plan, plant and maintain Amundsen Community Gardens including the Butterfly Garden and the Shade Garden.
Connie Gaberik, Jennifer Haddad, Jeanne Dahlinghaus

Language Arts
A Radio Documentary
A radio documentary will be created based upon the statement that high school is too boring and bureaucratic.
Eric Markowitz, Bill Spain, Maureen Juskaitis

Best Practices
Arts / Life Skills
Crafting Compassion
Students will create or refinish arts or crafts objects, sell them, and donate the proceeds to a charity of their choice.
Tina Peano, Aiko Boyce, Carla Mayer

Science / Technology
EcoWatching / Chicago Wilderness
To improve the quality of ecosystems students will participate in an ecosystem monitoring program.
William Smith, Vyjayanti Chauhan, Myra Fletcher, Brittany Kinser, Angela Sykes, Salvador Velasco Jr.

Art / History
Publict Art / Mosaic Mural
Student will design mosaic mural for school grounds.
Kristin Oversmith

Mathematics / Life Skills
Deck/Patio Furniture and Storage
Build furniture for deck/patio and storage shed.
Rhonda Davis, Thomas Konopasek

Chicago Agri-Science
Life Skills / Mathematics
G.R.O.W. Therapy
Students with severe physical and cognitive disabilities are involved in accessible gardening.
Jane Klunk, Robert Bush, Julie Reynolds, Susan Schlitz

Chicago Vocational
Language Arts
School News Letter
Exciting vocational learning through the graphic arts.
Danielle Faulkner, Latasha Bell, Christopher Clark, Aaron Selmon, Eugene Tesdahl

Arts / Language Arts
Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner
Incorporate ceramics into language arts and social studies activities during Black History Month.
Marian Zeidman, Gloria Price

Technology / Language Arts
Chicago's Chinese Diaspora
Chinese Diaspora -- understanding the diversity within the Chinese community in Chicago.
David McKoski, Tracy Van Duinen

Arts /Technology
Picturing the Family Album
Students will make a hand bound "alternative" family album containing prints.
Socorro Mucino, Lissette Rosa

Arts / Social Studies
Senior Citizen Event
Introduce high school students to seniors to recognize the needs that arise with age.
Carmen Trinidad, Mary Anne Cannon, Sue Schierholtz, Karen Girod

Life Skills
Spring Dance Concert
Spring dance concert to showcase dance students.
Melinda Wilson

Arts / Language Arts
Puppetry on the Go
Read and transform fables into plays -- perform puppetry for young children, peers, and seniors.
Audrey Olsen, Nancy Biederman

Language Arts / Technology
Scrapbook Discovery Journal
The scrapbook is designed around storytelling and their personal lives.
Darlene Ruiz, Marcela Viguera

Photography Club
Photography club to provide an opportunity to learn photographic skills.
Donn Simon, Monika Shams, Joan Saieva, Rita Anaya

Gage Park
Arneson Style Clay Heads
Familiarize students with the work of Robert Arneson, and his contemporaries, while creating clay heads.
Lynn Bailey, Alexis Leventhal

Gage Park
Story Quilts
Familiarize students with the work of Faith Ringgold while creating fabric drawings.
Lynn Bailey, Alexis Leventhal

Gage Park
Mathematics / Science
The Chicago River Adventure
Run water quality tests in Cal Sag Creek to study sources of water pollution.
Patricia Parsons, Yacoub Al-Ubaidi, June Jones, Jonathan Keith, Barbara Musial

Gallery 37 AAEP
Arts / Science
Students from mixed media and sculpture will collaborate to create human "chia" figures.
Jiwon Chun, Susan Dardar, Patrick Miceli, Shoshanna Utchenik

Science / Technology
Bench & Vegetable Garden
Construction and maintenance of a vegetable garden and wooden bench in honor of Lois Buenger.
Louise Johnson, Forest Vaughn

Do Not Judge a Man
Explore one's path in life and how it relates to achieving harmony in the world.
Audrey Weissler, Laima Panek, Keva McGee, Dwayne Fields, Rex Ray

Hyde Park
Arts / History
Shaking American History
Reconstruct American history as accounted by ordinary people.
Susan Dardar, T. Vanko, G. Springs, P. Garrett, J. Jones, J. Mulliken, M. Knoepke, C. Spudville, C. Price, R. Clark, J. Snoddy

Arts / Technology
Electronic Story-telling
Using the mass media to teach the art of storytelling to tell content-rich stories.
Robin Bennett, Istvan Baksay, Julie Achetu, Amy Fritsch

Language Arts
Latino American Students Festival
Students to use the arts to present their cultural heritage and diversity.
Diego Giraldo, Marcos Camacho, Grace Moody

Arts / Social Studies
High School Opera Showcase
Student perform several famous opera scenes.
Gaye Klopack, Michael Beck, Christine Malebranche

Garden Sculptures
Students will build large-scale mosaic sculptures based on folk art in the school courtyard.
Karen Stolzenberg

Science / Life Skills
Oliver's Garden
Students will learn how to design and build a landscape garden.
Debbra Hardy-Nze

Arts / Life Skills
Symbols of Excellence
Students will assemble a mosiac featuring symbols of excellence in the arts, academics, and community service.
Cheryl Osby, Michelle Feit

"Shades of Color" Mural
Students will create a mural showing their understanding of an African presence in Spanish speaking countries.
Sherri Reeves, James Settani

Kelvyn Park
Science / Social Studies
Centennial of Flight
Cross subject instruction and activities revolve around the science and history of aviation.
Steve Applebaum


Kelvyn Park
Language Arts / Arts
Kelvyn Park Student Zine Conference
Teach students how to self publish magazines.
Jesse Senechal

Language Arts / Arts
An Evening of One Act Plays
Students will produce, rehearse, and perform a series of one act plays.
Jamie Buell

Lake View
Language Arts / Arts
Midsummer's Night Dream
Stage a production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night Dream.
Lauren Biegert, Jennifer McGee, Kate Garcia

Lake View
Science / Technology
Survey of Environmental Toxins
Students will conduct a survey of environmental toxins in their homes and communities.
James Glynn

Lake View
Arts / Life Skills
Voice of a Potter
Students will explore what it means to communicate through text on pottery.
Kate Sanford-Garcia, Ronald Thomas, Jay Strommen

Lincoln Park
Language Arts
Schools Writing Schools
Develop a creative writing program at an elementary school and create a printed anthology.
Francisco Borras

Lincoln Park
Japanese Woodblock Printing
Students will learn the art of traditional Japanese woodblock printing.
Katie Roeck

Lincoln Park
Language Arts
Lion's Roar Newspaper
Students will expand editorial content in the school newspaper.
Mary Edna Tookey

Language Arts
Poetry Performance Club /Journal
Students will write poetry, create a literary journal and perform.
Molly Spooner, Etta Walker, Emily Zink, Carol Williams, Dolores Dowling

Science / Life Skills
Honey Production / Beekeeping
Students will learn beekeeping and honey production.
Carol Williams, Brenda Hartzol, Sandra Payne, Molly Spooner, James Webb

Noble St Charter
Develop Creativity in the Darkroom
Provide darkroom opportunities to high school students.
Joellen Desautels

Northside College
Speedy Motor
Students will learn about and create electric motors.
Nathan Harada

Northside College
Arts / Life Skills
Sew You Can Dance!
Students will create a dance, learn how to sew, and construct costumes for their dance performance.
Martha Mulligan

Northside College
Science / Life Skills
Schoolwide Paper Recycling
Students will implement a paper recycling program at their school.
Ana Vites, Mary Mark

Northside Learning
Mathematics / Life Skills
Northside Bake Sale Shop
Students will learn to bake, promote, and sell baked goods.
Maria Gandara, David Vincent

Northside Learning
Mathematics / Arts
Construction of a Garden Gazebo
Students will design and construct a garden gazebo.
Steve Kotis, Chris Pellikan, Jose Martinez, Tomas Rodriguez

Life Skills
Ticket to Independence
Blind students will learn skills relating to basic food preparation and cooking.
Doug Anzlovar, Michelle Quinn, William McCloskey

Arts / Social Studies
Payton/Byrd Learning Exchange
Students will create and implement project-based lessons for middle school students.
Phyllis Burstein, Brian Schultz

Perspectives Charter
Social Studies / Language Arts
The Meaning of Life
Students write and perform a short play in which the beliefs, differences, and similarities of major religious and philosophical traditions are highlighted.
Andrew Johnson

World Music / Drumming
Students will study music and culture through percussion instruments and perform.
Carolyn Washington

School of the Arts
History / Arts
A Taste of Africa
Students to erect an African Village which will showcase African cultural life.
Twumwa Grant, Lawrence Moore, Zoe Touloupis, Lawaune Moorman

Second Chance
Science / Mathematics
Bridge Building
Teams of students will design and construct model bridges.
Matthew Moran, Shelly Bender

Students will collaborate to create a "Totem" pole sculpture.
Jeanne Ehrich

Arts / Life Skills
Festival of the Wall
Students will design and paint a mural at the 11th Annual Festival of the Wall in Loyola Park.
Jean Sheppard, Cassandra Hale-Daoud

Arts / Life Skills
Tap Into This
Teach cognitively delayed students tap dancing.
Enid Chesler

Arts / Life Skills
Assisting Senior Citizens
Teach special education students landscaping skills as they help senior citizens in the community.
Gerard Slania, Patricia Bonness

Von Steuben
Language Arts / Technology
Fifth Annual Film Festival
Students will write and film their work which will be performed at a school film festival.
Kerry Catlin, Carlo Trovato, Lauren Bell, Jessica King, Tim Toner, Ellen O'Keefe

Von Steuben
Science / Special Education
Initiatives in Environmental Activism
Students will monitor water quality and pick up garbage at a local beach.
Carol Lynn Chmielewski, Shannon Goodwin, Lourdes Guerrero, Wayne Schimpff

Washington High
Mathematics / Arts
Quilt Club
Student quilting club.
Beverly Matushek, Carolyn Petry, Nancy Kus, Rose Tenorio, Louise Catron

Life Skills
Wildlife Garden
Students will design and build a raised planter bed.
Jack Frazer, Ted Dallas, Kathy Marino, Greg Konieczko, Jose Santana, Carmen Martinez

Language Arts / Arts
Not My Child
Teach encarcerated fathers that they are important to their children.
Ann Ferguson-Walker

Language Arts / Science
Interdisciplinary Horticulture
Teach core subjects through horticulture, hydroponics, and aquademics.
Barbara Horwick, Myri Pearson-Jeanty, Brent Hanchey, M.D. Price, Peter Hayden, Larry Newell