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1991 Elementary School Winners


Student Motivation
Encouraging positive behaviors and improved academic skills by offering coupons that may be redeemed at the school store for merchandise
William Pales
Bryn Mawr
A Study in Weaving, Construction, and 3-D Art
An after school art experience emphasizing shape, form, texture, design, balance, color using clay, wire, plaster, paper Mache, wood, found objects, yarns and cloth
Jennifer Locke
Play, Language Arts and Parental Involvement
Come Play with Me
Parents are instructed in the use of the materials in a Toy, Games, and Book Lending Library which will promote learning at home on the part of the child and increase interaction between parents and their children
Jessie Hamlet
Social Studies and Language Arts
The Holocaust
A study of the Holocaust to teach students history, the roots of prejudice, and the role of civil responsibility in government
Louise Marie Lewis
Fine Arts
The Diamond Inside Me
A pre-performance workshop and professional theatrical presentation which promote self-esteem by examining the lives of five eight grade students as they face problems such as destructive family life, peer pressure, prejudice and drugs.
Jeanette Applewhite
African-American Awareness
African oriented art, music, literature, language, drama, and dance to develop a respect for and appreciation of the students' heritage and themselves
Bernice E. Robinson
Play and Parental Involvement Early Childhood Education of the Handicapped
Be-Wise Kiddiecize
Incentives to promote attendance at an exercise and activity called “Kiddie Gym” which creates parent and child inreraction
Marcia A. Carrillo
Multicultural/Fine Arts
Sensitive Reflections/Fulfilled Karma
Helping American Students understand their Asian classmates through the art and music of the Orient
Dorothy McDaniel/Judith A. Cobb
Fine Arts
Hands in Clay
To purchase the materials need for a kiln in order for students to be able to create ceramic projects
Eleanor Clough
Language Arts
The Bookbinders of Woodlawn
Students will write and illustrate their own stories which as a class they will edit, proff and produce a final copy to be bound with the help of parent volunteers
Lynn Cherkasky-Davis
Language Arts and Teacher Training
A Write to Learn/Dumas Publishing Company
Videotaping the teaching methodology employed in the model bookmaking program in which students are encourage to write and illustrate their own stories which are then used to help other students develop their reading skills
Patricia Beckwith
Language Arts
Improving Speaking Skills through Videotape Feedback
Using a videotape camera to enable students to demonstrate and increase their speaking skills which will make them more effective participants in various contests such as Math Counts, Young Authors and the Academic Olympics
Shirley Boyd
Self-esteem and Career Education (TMH)
Promoting Self Concpt through the Inclusive Education Program with Dunbar H.S. Cosmotology Dept.
A program combining handicapped and regular high school students in the study of all aspects of cosmetology to develop personal skills and promote self-growth of the handicapped students while giving them technical skills in the beauty care industry
Maureen Greco, Sandra Morrow
Language Arts and inter-generational
Friends Bring Books
A book club will be developed in which students will read stories to seniors citizens living near the school to encourage good reading habits
Jennifer Carswell
Hanson Park
Language Arts
Valentines for Vets/Desert Shield
Making and sending cards to our soldiers in Operation Desert Storm
Anna Heery/Barbara Keer
Parent Involvement
Hibbard School Parent Service Corps
Recruiting parents representing every ethnic group in the school to assist in the communication process between the school and home to increase parental knowledge and participation
Rose Chen
Language Arts
Challenge: What's Your Viewpoint?
Topics such as AIDS, alcohol, the death penalty and gun control will be subjects of debates to promote critical thinking, reading comprehension, oratory and research skills
Rene Thomas
Social Studies
Living the Dream
Examing the impact of the life and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King on a society through a series of intensive and integrated activities
Ruth McDonald
Language Arts
"It's a Cultural Thang"
A literary project designed to foster awareness, understanding, and respect through reading culturally diverse books and studying the many cultures represented in their school community
Patricia Beardon
Social Studies
Law Related Education: The Criminal Justice System and the Adolescent
The us of peer teaching, cooperative learning, role playing, mock trials, simulations and outside resource people to create an understanding of how the law and the criminal justice system affect the students' lives
Paul E. Punkay
Language Arts
Creating Communities of Writers
Creating publishing centers in 3 classrooms to encourage writing
Barbara Kent
Language Arts
Read with a Partner
Providing double copies of books to encourage children to read together
Deanna Seltzer
Thinking Skills
Games and Brains
Playing sophisticated board games to develop higher order thinking and problem solving skills
Thelma Karson
Science on Wheels
Providing supplies and materials for a Science on Wheels mobile unit from which science is taught from room to room
Ana Espinozo/Gloria Roth
Fine Arts
A multi-media and multi-cultural theatrical production written and performed by students
Donald R. Beck
A Science Club
An after school science club to allow more in-depth hands-on approach to science to provide students with the necessary skills for success in high school laboratory sciences
Kathryn D. Poocher
Fine Arts
Read with a Partner
Students will research and paint a number of murals in the school representing Hispanic, American and World Cultures
Jose Barrera
Language Arts and Art
The Fair in Reynosa (La Feria en Reynosa)
Students will read a book about an author's childhood memories of her family life to motivate them to write, paint and draw events in the lives of their own families
Mary Grey/Jane Svitak
The Mystery of Microorganisms
Using high powered microscopes to make slides and study microorganisms in an enhanced science program
Helen Pavichevich
Fine Arts
Performing Arts Project
Students will receive dance instruction to increase their technical skills and creative expression which they will demonstrate throughout the year, culminating in a full length theater production in conjunction with the music department
Carolyn Zachary-Benson
Language Arts and Drama
Appreciating African and African American Literature
Reading, discussing, writing and performing African and African American literature to increase student awareness of the contribution of Black authors and to motivate them to express themselves as authors and illustrators
Jay Rehak
Language Arts
My Book is at the Library
Students will write stories, plays and poems which will be bound in double copies and delivered to the local public library, one copy for circulation and the other non-circulating
Joy Herbert