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1995 High School Winners


Towers of Freedom
Students discovering and applying concepts of freedom artistically
Michelle Dinneen, Elaine Foin
Career Education
Students Exploring Career Options Through Mentors
Mentoring of students by professionals reared in the Englewood community to enhance career awareness
Mrs. Ayele, Barbara Cooley, Deborah Grandberry, Mrs. Hagg, Deborah Lynn Hawes, Pamela Parker, Dorothy Thompson
Chicago HS for Ag Science
Aquaculture/Hydroponics Program
Providing students with the opportunity to become proficient in the science, art, and business of cultivating plants and animals in water
William Smith
Chicago Vocational
Poetry in Cavalier Style
Creating a poetry literary magazine outside of the classroom setting
Judith Jankis
Cook County Dept of Corrections Alternative HS
Art/Violence Prevention
Using Art and Creativity
Making art projects using the creative process which will then be applied to resolving conflicts without resorting to violence
Geri Harden, Ethel Robinson
Women Studies
Exploring Women's Issues
Providing a forum for the exploration of race and gender issues through writing
Kristin Kutzner
Outdoor Education
Cooperative Dream Team
Providing Junior R.O.T.C. regular and exceptional students with structured experiences designed to foster teamwork/cooperative learning skills
Dr. Edwina Todd Bryant, Major Phillip Perkins, Sergeant Major Richard Cole
Gage Park
Conflict Resolution
The Peer Mediation Pilot Project
Training in and application of peer mediation by upper classmen with freshmen
Bob Allen, Marilyn G. Beltran, Jennifer Kirts, Susan Miller, Jean Perez
Multicultural Art Activities
Workshops incorporating themes based on African, Latino, and Asian art to increase cultural awareness
Audrey Weissler
Science/Community Service
Mentoring Through Landscaping
High School students teaching Hay elementary students horticultural skills through cooperative learning
Helen Robinson, Wayne Schimpff
Lake View
Decorative Mosaic Entranceway
Making a concrete tile and ceramic frame to enhance the entrance to the building
Susanna Erling, Miriam Socoloff, Donna Terry
Physical Education
Challenge Leadership III
Using Challenge Education to teach students to work cooperatively, trust others, accept challenges, take positive risks, and utilize problem-solving skills
Susan Fosco, Mary Karlov
Lincoln Park
Water Quality Project
Students monitoring the North Branch of the Chicago River and sharing this information with other schools and governmental bodies
Edwin Metzi
Poetry/Performing Arts
Bewildered, Obsessed Over Laura's Everlasting Radiance
Students creating a play using original poems written in a writing workshop in collaboration with poets and musicians
Lynn Fitzgerald
Art Mural
Creating a mural that expresses the multicultural backgrounds of the student body to beautify an area of the school
Michael Healy, Gayle Paul
Community Service/Literacy
Writing for an Audience: A collaboration Between Senn and Swift
The pairing of a high school creative writing class with a first grade class to foster communication and understanding between the two age groups and to promote literacy.
Barbara Parsons
Community Service
Assisting Senior Citizens in the School Community
Students performing maintenance chores in and around the homes of senior citizens
Gerard C. Slania
From Page to Page: Personal Books
Studying traditional and non traditional bookmaking techniques to create unique books and write personal poetry
Karen Stolzenberg
Green Street Art Component
Students working together to remove graffiti and to create a mural that will reflect the diversity of the school community
Anthony J. Abboreno, Ted Dallas, Richard Rager, Jose Santana
Community Service
Today's Youth - Tomorrow's Seniors
Freshmen interacting with and caring for residents of the Casa Central Nursing Center
Marva Y. Mangrum
Interscholastic Public Policy Debate Team
Supporting the operation of a debate program which teaches public speaking skills, argument, rhetoric fundamentals, critical thinking and research techniques
Leslie A. Lynn