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1996 Elementary School Winners


Social Studies, Language Arts, the Arts
Native American Community Living
Understanding Native American culture through written and oral history projects and dance
Renee de la Cruz, Georgianna King
Art/Community Involvement
How to Make an Avondale Quilt
Students will decorate a quilt square and host a quilting bee for parents and community members to help sew the patches together into a quilt
Donna Wolin, Christine Murphy
Flying High
Constructing and launching hot air balloons, model rockets, parachutes, and helium balloons
Barbara Thomas, Judith Trammel, Linda Ori, Ernestine Andrews
Conflict Resolution
Conflict Resolution
High school students trained as peer mediators will visit Beidler to demonstrate peacemaking process
John Funk, Rochelle Hemphill, Anthony Aarons, William O'Connell
Art/Social Studies
An International Banquet
Creating ceramic replicas of utensils and meals from different countries
Phyllis Burstein, Joan Vande Kieft
Art/Social Studies
A Ladle Full of Stories
Telling stories both inside and outside of school
Dorothy Chambers-Malewig, Lucy Klocksin, Ruth Seidner
Physical Education/Community Service
Logan Square Running Club
Creating a neighborhood running club involving students, parents, and community members
David Comrov, Thomas Horn
Environment/Community Service
Recycling Tradition
Turning recycled classroom trash into holiday greeting cards and contributing profits to a conservation group
Mary Ellen Robbins, Al Voitech, Carolyn Thurman, Lillian Holmes
Physical Education/Communication Skills
The Cameron Circus
Producing a mini-circus using cooperative learning and gymnastic skills
Mary Ann Magano, Ellen Komie, Ada Santiago, Nancy Edison
Physical Education
Look At Me! I Can Juggle!
Students will learn how to juggle as a means of increasing their coordination and concentration skills
Nancy Edison, Jo Richards, Josephine LaPlace, Beryl Kaiser
Language Arts, Arts/Parental Involvement
Students creating personal histories and a photo album with their parents
Cathy Doyle, Jean Pate
Arts/Community Service
The Spirit Well
Students working as a team to create a mural in the new school walkway
Chris Meenaghan, Bede Swisher
Physical Education/Community Involvement
Rolling Into The future
Physically and cognitively impaired students will participate in the life of the community through bowling
Shannon Leyden, Jackie Johnston, Pat Morrin, Maureen Barham, Sue Natale, Hillary Jennings
Art/Social Studies
Traditional Motifs of the World
Students to design and paint motifs of different cultures on staircases
Jacqueline Salinas
Community Service/Language Arts
We Do Fit In!
Students will provide services to other children in a community hospital by reading, writing, art projects and conversation during visitations
Martha Williams, Cheryl Pitts
De Diego
Art/Community Service
Sculpture By Kids
Students will collaborate on designing and creating a public sculpture for the school's garden
Margaret Koreman, Marlena Furch, Ruth Evermann, Teresa Laslo
Nutrition/Community Services
Decatur Dinner-To-Go III
Planning menus, purchasing food and preparing lunches for a local homeless shelter
Judith Cobb
Forest of Feelings
Students will expand a sensory garden, a natural prairie and bird habitat
Ann O'Connell, Mary Starr, Lonnie Kordik
Reading/Parental Involvement
The Weekend P.C.
Projects sent home for parent/child interactive learning
Mark Gruntzel, Cindy Friedman
Math/Community Service
Student Authored Math Tutorial
Creating interactive math multimedia CD ROM to tutor other students
Robert Jaffe, Linda Smentek
Social Studies/Community Service
Our Heritage-Our Lives
Kindergarten and third graders adopting grandparents to write and illustrate their personal histories
Elaine Rosenberg, Sandra Miller
Language Arts/Fine Arts
Fairy Tales, Parables and Folk Tales
Viewing and performing folk and fairy tales from various cultures
Marcy LeMaster, Lucy Padilla, Kathy Randolph
Science/Community Service
Earhart Earthwatch
Studying the environment, writing a newsletter and beginning a school wide recycling program
Maria Shay, Karen Miles
Social Studies, Language Arts, the Arts
It's Greek To Me
Studying Ancient Greece in all its facets and then writing and performing a Greek drama
Tracie Jenkins, Shelley Rosenstein
Language Arts/Community Service
Deeds Over Dollars
Eight grade students will tutor fourth grade students after school
Cynetha Douglas
Social Studies, Language Arts
Family History Inclusion Module
Genealogy used to help students develop pride in their heritage
Curtis Brasfield, Linda Thompson, Lorraine Sims, Jose Rodriquez, Gloria Cheers
Worms Recycle Gale's Food Scraps
Vericomposting - using worms to reduce the amount of organic waste sent to landfills
Valentina Halliday, Rhonda Fryman, Stephen Brown, Michael Durrah
Physical Education/Sport
Galileo Futbol Club
Students will learn all aspects of playing soccer and participate in a soccer league
Julia Hernandez, David Villaroel
The Arts/Theatre
After School Drama Club
Students will be exposed to the world of theatre and will work on the technical aspects of a stage production
John Beven, Cynthian Chico-Rodriguez, Caren Sherman, Mary Beth Keifer
Physical Education/Science
Accepting the President's Challenge
Students will learn about diet and nutrition while undertaking an individual fitness program
Eileen Cabrera, Victor Green
Let's Try and Beautify
Design, plant, and study a garden
Thea Raedeke, Deborah Borugian
Math/Parental Involvement
Multicultural Family Math
Students, parents and community members working together on innovative math lessons
Karen Holly, Jeanne Vaver, Gail Funk
Physical Education
Bowl for Health and Math
Students will be presented with a physical challenge that promotes socialization and math skills through bowling
Mary Rebello
Arts/Language Arts
How to Make an American Quilt
Students will turn interviews with senior citizens into a multi-media computer program and create a quilt based on their lives
Michelle White, Rick Seybold, Anne Reiman
Physical Education/Community Involvement
Rolling With Success-'96
Students will participate in a bowling league to develop and enhance communication, motor, social, and academic skills
Deborah Pugh, Elizabeth Edohen
Art/Social Studies/Community Service
Switched from the Heart and Soul
Making a quilt based on Black history and sharing quilts with sick children and nursing home residents
Rosemary Balicki, Kathy Gale
Art/Social Studies/Community Service
Stitched From the Heart and Soul
Making a quilt based on Black history and sharing quilts with sick children and nursing home residents
Rosemary Balicki, Kathy Gale
Community Service/Language Arts
Community Connections
Visiting, interacting with and writing about residents in a retirement home
Lois LaGalle, Carlos Rodriguez, Elizabeth Skinner
Irving Park
Murals: A School Beautification Project
Students will research, design, and paint murals as a part of a school beautification project
Raymond Wohl, Cindy O'Brien, Tracey Bliznick
Social Studies/Language Arts/the Arts
Connections: Immigrant and America
Students from two schools learning about their own and each others' cultures and expressing their understanding dances and murals
Linda Voss, Eleanor Ackerman, Bob Tanner
Violence Prevention/Mentoring
A Better Way/Peer Leadership
Peer youth leaders will be trained in leadership skills by participating in a challenge course and then taking leadership roles in schools and community organizations
John Greven, Kharl Walder
Art/Parental Involvement
We're Going To Do It Together
Students and parents sculpting family portraits in clay
Mathia Schergen, Brenda Gold
Mentoring/Parental Involvement
Park It
Older students playing with kindergartners in community center along with their parents
Margie Rogasner, Melinda Hawk-Frey
Music/Community Service
Music: A Vehicle for Expression
The school band and chorus will perform for the Humboldt Park Community
Carmen Rivera Kurban, Ben Stoller
Community Service
Observe, Judge, Act
Turning students into agents of transformation working with seniors and children in the community
Carmen Rivera Kurban, Ben Stoller
Language Arts/Intergenerational
To The Elderly With Love Phase II
Students reading about, writing to, and interacting with seniors
Eloise Kelly, Bertha James, Thomas Gawne
Great African Americans
Students will paint a mural on the school library wall depicting great African-American men and women
Diane Walsh-Franco, Gary Giesmann, Patricia Ladd
Performing Arts
Jazz: America's Heritage II
Students will study jazz origins and styles and perform with musicians and dancers in a show devoted to jazz
Gayle Klopack
Social Studies/Community Involvement
Bronzeville: My Neighborhood
Students will compile a Bronzeville Book made up of illustrations, photos, and text including interviews with community residents
Kay Volk, Evelyn Frazier
Social Studies/Language Arts
The Harlem Renaissance-Revisited
Students will produce The Harlem Renaissance Reader and Video to increase awareness of the outstanding contributions of early African-American artists
Gya Patton, Johnetta Jackson
Science/Community Involvement
The Greening of the Community
Students germinate seeds in school and then transfer seedlings outdoors to beautify the school, local parks, and boys and girls clubs
Laurie Kaeser, Pat Ryan
Students and their adopted grandparents will exchange weekly journals and work on projects together
Julia Saalfrank, Barbara Young, Ruth Crawford, Jacqueline Mink, Earl Saltzberg
Language Arts/Parental Involvement
Turn About Is Fair Play
Hispanic students will teach their parents to speak English with the help of the school psychologist
Mary Beth Grill, Sylvia Grace
Ninos Heroes
Art/Social Studies
Let's Put Some Her Into History
Students creating a quilt dedicated to American women who serve as role models
Carolyn Sullivan, Laura Senteno, Susan Hardison, Crystal Cherry
The Arts/Community Environment
Performing Arts Experience
Students, staff members, parents and community members will have roles in a musical
Barry Norton, Pamela Scala
Northside Learning
Music/Community Service
Pop, Rock, Rhythm & Blues Singers
Students in the singing group will entertain at senior centers, do crafts and play games with the residents.
Patricia McMahon, Wanda Young, Mark Pristop, Terry Annunzio, Frank Blume
Norwood Park
Intergenerational Read Along
Seniors will be driven from their residence to the school to tutor students
Kathleen McMahon, Sharon Frost
Operation Mosaic 2,000 Phase V
Students will participate in creating a large mural on the exterior of the school depicting the history and culture of Mexico
Francisco Mendoza
Community Service
Eight Grade Community Service Project
Students volunteer in community agencies and sharing their experience with others
Mrs. Fraga, Ms. Amon. Eighth Grade Teachers
Mentoring/community Service
Young Sisters United
Female students from one school will work with female students from another to encourage academic and personal achievement and avoidance of negative behavior
Denise Duplessis, Senalda Grady
Social Studies/Parent Involvement
African American Saturday School
On Saturdays, students and their parents will create personal living journals integrating their lives into U.S. and world history
Eric Scott, Antoinette Owens, Peggy Williams
Art/Community Service
Professional/Parent Collaboration
Students will make puppets, write a play and perform it in a nursing home
Lorraine Friedman, Sharon Garvin, Olivia Ousley
Community Service
A Bright View of Life
Students do crafts with and entertain nursing home residents on a monthly basis
Barbara Joseph, Dale Phillips, Adrienne Curtis
Science/Community Service
Reinberg Children's Garden
Fourth and sixth graders will work together in designing and planting a flower and vegetable garden
Linda Junker, Fran Baldassone, Jill Bemsen, Marge Marren, Iris Forrester
Theatre/the Arts
Theatre and Me
Students will read, view, and enact fairy tales and classic stories for other students and community members
Patricia Silski, Linda Matther-Kuehn
Be Healthy/Be Safe
Students will conduct a Health and Safety Fair for other students and adults in the community
JoAnn Geijer, Susan O'neill, Eleanore Barich
Community Service/Language Arts
Reach Out to the Elderly
Students will make monthly visits to a nursing home to read stories, sing songs, and make crafts with the residents
Patricia Green, Mattie Epps
Sojourner Truth
Community Service
Me and My Buddy
Students will be paired with seniors with whom they will visit bi-monthly and complete various activities in and out of their residence
David Spearman, Robert Spicer
Sojourner Truth
Social Science/the Arts
Students will study four cultures and illustrate them through art, drama, music and dance
Thaddeus Expose
Community Service/the Arts
Gifts from the Heart
Students will construct a variety of art projects which will be brought monthly to a nursing home
Ellen Shea, April Dahlin
Performing Arts/Theatre
Will "Bye Bye Birdie" Fly?
Students will work cooperately on all aspects of the musical production both behind the scenes and onstage
Catherine Hellmann, Karen Coney, Anna Stein, Deanna Hall
Science/Community Involvement
Operation Green Thumbs
Students, parents, and community members will build a wall of plaster boxes in which students will grow and care for plants
Linda Gaona, Lenore Akhibi, Ms. Orozco, Ms. Valadez, Ms. Bailey
Science/Community Service
Flowers from the Hood
Students will study the growth and development of a seed into a plant and then plant, fertilize, water and weed flower beds.
Karen Trout, Louann Keenan, Jacqueline Porter
Social Studies/Language/Visual Arts
Telpochalli Oral History Project
Students will interview community residents as part of an oral history project using video
Jennifer Klonsky, Vicki Trinder, Tamara Witzl
Gardening in the Urban Classroom
Students will plant an indoor garden, measure and chart growth of the plants, and write their observations in a Vegetable Growth Book
Tobi Friedman, Susan Kriesman
Career Awareness
Vaughn Caf
Students will learn to cook for other people in an employment setting
Kathlene Capone, Al Villa
Language Arts/the Arts/Community Service
Music Helps You and Me
Students will correspond with seniors, prepare tape recordings for the blind and perform a musical for senior citizens
Pamela Steinberg, FayeAnn Fullet, Jodi Roseman
Science/Community Service
Ciencia En El Jardine Xochitlan
Students will design and implement scientific investigations and conduct experiments on a vegetable and flower garden
Kimberly Alamar, Sheila Epstein
Language Arts/Career Awareness
Community Anchor News
Students will learn about the roles of community helpers in the U.S. and around the world and present this information in an anchor news video format
Renee Fishman Oseran, Terri Weinstein
Music/Community Service
Sing a Song!Share a Song!
Members of the school choral ensemble will sing in neighborhood senior citizen and nursing home facilities
Shar Ron Ellis, Merle Dubnow, Barbara Lockhart