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1996 High School Winners


Peer Teaching
Advanced placement students will be trained in designing lessons and classroom management before teaching science in Amundsen's feeder schools.
Mark Vondracek, PhD., Larry Perez
Arts of Living Alternative
Parenting Skills
Teen Moms Teach Baby Lit II
Creating video starring teen mom students who will demonstrate how to read to and talk to their babies
Renee Dolezal, Shirley Dean, Don Asher
Community Service
Adopt-A-Friend II
Expanding a program in which students visit residents in nursing homes on a regular basis and keep journals of their visits
Anna West
Physical Education/Sport
C.P.S. Wrestling Club
The high school will arrange for students from feeder elementary schools to participate in an organized wrestling program
Robert Bastyr
Women Studies
Communication, empowerment, and solidarity among young women through reading, writing, and socializing
Kristin Kutzner
Social Studies/History
Civil War Reenactment Project II
Students will make and wear uniforms and costumes of the day and participate in a Civil War reenactment
Virginia Penoyer
Hyde Park
Community Service/Science
Class of '96 Remembrance Garden
Students will plant flower bulbs in a Remembrance Garden and raise funds for LaRabida Children's Hospital
Marilyn Rogawski, Harold Patterson, Joseph Strance
Teaching/Community Service
America's Multicultural Heritage
High school education students will plan lessons and teach multicultural history to students in a learning disabilities class at a nearby elementary school
Barbara Kuntze, William Crawford, Maricelina Figuracion
Our Heritage-Stories From Africa
Students will explore their African-American heritage through storytelling in preparation of a story quilt for the school
Karen Stolzenberg
Lake View
Decorative Mosaic Benches
Art students will create handmade ceramic pieces to decorate benches used by students and community members
Miriam Socoloff, Susanna Erlling, Donna Terry, Rick Ceh
Exploration of the arts/crafts Movement
Students will combine school and studio labor in the production of a project using the collaborative method of William Morris
Dismas Rotta, Alvin Delisle, Beverly Zbin
Lincoln Park
Project G.L.O.B.E.
Students will collaborate with world class scientists on addressing environmental issues using a worldwide computer network
Edwin Mitzl, Carol Widegren, Marlene Slavitt
Community Service
Our Community-Our Future
Students will commit to a community action project of his/her own choosing and photographically document the services they perform in the community
Catherine O'Shea, Randolph Mannings
Speak Up Chicago
Students will form a competitive Speech team and encourage other schools to do the same through the creation and distribution of a video
Lynn Przyborski, Diane Muginani
Simultaneous & Consecutive Interpretation
Students will implement a simultaneous translation program for parents and visitors at school conferences and meetings
Lois Wiss, et. al.
Community Service/Conflict Resolution
Project Common Ground
Students will be trained in mediation skills necessary to help others peacefully resolve conflicts
Danielle Faulkner, Kelsye Wallace
The River Project
Students will learn about and participate in testing the water quality of the Chicago river water
Martha Pedroza, Jose Esparza, Barbara Becker, Sara Echevarria
Writing/Community Service
Writing for an Audience
High School students in a creative writing class will meet with, read to, and write books for grade school students
Babara Parsons
History/Community Service
Hegewisch History Project
Students in an after school gifted program will prepare a project on the history of Hegewisch through oral interviews, a video, a photo contest, and accumulated materials
Rod Sellers, Pam Pugh
Community Service
Intergenerational Program
Students will visit and entertain nursing home residents by singing, dancing, game playing and conversing
Marva Mangrum, Emmera Walker
Somos Mural
Students in a club promoting Latino culture will create a mural showing the beauty and diversity of their culture
Eileen Murphy, Fanny Moy
Interscholastic Policy Debate
Support of an interscholastic debating team to increase critical thinking, and verbal and research skills
Leslie Lynn