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1998 High School Winners


Art/Community Service
Collaborative Murals
ACORN students will guide Telpochalli elementary school students through the process of creating a mural on the outside walls of Telpochalli
William Olson, Silva Villa, Patricia Buennostro, Gina Ponce-de-Leon, Josephine Gomez, Juana Rivera-Vidal, Erin Roche, Maria Nava, Vicki Trinder, Alfredo Nambo, Patricia Martinez, Guillermo Delgado
Ecology/Social Studies
Identity Project: Prairie State Environmental Journey
Amundsen's multiculturally diverse student population will tour Southern Illinois for an experiential lesson on Illinois state resources, wildlife, land formations and cultural issues
Connie Grabeck, Jane Wang Moy
The Beauty of Physics: Artistic Interpretation of Physical Phenomena
A collaboration between several art and physics classes resulting in posters that graphically illustrate and explain the physics principles associated with the phenomena presented by the physics students
Mark Vondracek, Camille Johnson
An Architectural and Historic View of Chicago
Students will study various bridges, buildings and architectural layouts, view them on a boat tour, and construct their own bridges, buildings or transportation models
Kathleen King Buck, Marian Wray, Maureen Toner, Liz Wagner, Patrick Palmer
Students Monitoring Our Lakes and Streams - Saving Our Environment I
The students will participate in a program that will educate them about the environment and teach them methods of detecting pollution in various lakes and streams
Donna Kerr, Bernard Newcomb
Chess Team
Students will have the opportunity to learn the game of chess, prepare for and participate in several tournaments, including the state finals in Normal, IL.
Robby Singer, Manuel Montes, Carolyne Singer
Indoor and Outdoor Gardening
Hydroponics Horticulture: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Incarcerated students will participate in hydroponics horticulture in the classroom, growing plants both in soil and in nutrient solutions before going outside in the spring to plant and tend a garden in the prison yard
Barbara Horwick, Myri Pearson, Harold Thomas, Geri Harden, Dianne Sauls
Chicago HS for Agricultural Science
1998 Flower and Garden Show
Students will implement all aspects of landscape design for the garden they are growing at the 1998 Flower and Garden Show at Navy Pier, and share their experience with others
Tina LaPierre, Wende Lane, Steve Horvath, Maria Byrd, Bill Erklin
Radio Broadcasting
Clemente's Daily News Program
Students will be responsible for writing a news format script and broadcasting it to the entire school
Mildred Amador, Seth McCormick, John West, Axel Massol
Writing/Play Production
Cities of Stone and Blood
Alternative School students at Clemente will create a multimedia performance/assembly which will focus upon the interaction between culture, community and ecology in their lives and the lives of students in Yucatan, Mexico
James Ansaldo, Danielle Stocco
Student Consignment Art Gallery
Students will have a place to display and sell their artwork while learning all the financial and artistic aspects of how a consignment art gallery operates
Bonnie Kondor, Yolanda Blake
An Entrepreneur Workshop: Teen Patrol Records Presents the CD School Days
Students desiring to enter the music business will gain hands-on experience working in the music and entertainment industry
Harvey Burton, Vernon Lloyd, Jose Roman, Jackie Darlene, Linda Therriault, Lillian Commons
Family Creations
Saturday art workshops for students, their families and community members to promote family unity and enhance communication between parents, guardians, teachers, and students
Lori Real, L. Green
Rivers Project
Students will monitor the quality of the water in the South branch of the Chicago River and share the results with the Illinois EPA
Robert Kusler
F-177a Nighthawk
Students utilize math, design and construction skills in designing, building and flying a scale model of the latest weapon in the Air Force arsenal
Stanley McConner, Duane Lewis
Grass: A Community Environmental Restoration Project
Students will clear vacant lots in the Grand Boulevard community and then plant the lots with Illinois native grasses
Dr. Emil Hamberlin
Beautification With Pride
Students will propagate, grow, and transplant plants to be used in classrooms and offices, and plant flowers in the outdoor school/community garden
Guinevere Miller-Oliver, Mary Smith, Dorothy Sanders, Wyvette Johnson
Drama Program-Working Together
The creation of a pilot drama program to become an elective class providing experiential learning and creative expression opportunities in the arts
Kerry Catlin, Cheryl Daniel, Sue Geuder
Family History
Ancestral Linkages
A student family history project to promote genealogical research and bring history alive through personal involvement in order to discover the answer to the question "Who am I and where do my ancestors fit into the history of our nation?"
Saundra Brown, Audrey Scott-Kelley, Mary Greer
Is the Little Calumet River Healthy?
Students will develop an awareness of environmental justice issues in southeast Chicago by collecting and reporting data to the Illinois Rivers Project web site
Mary Greer, Gyzelle Watkins, Barry Jennings, Kara Lenfesty, Brenda Taylor, Mathew Boffoe, Karen Baker, Williamethra Davenport, Eugene Rodriquez
Gender Study/Writing
Sisterhood: Communication, Empowerment and Solidarity Among Young Women
A forum for the discussion of race, gender and feminist ideas, especially of women of color, leading to the publication of a student magazine
Kristin Kutzner, Dina Cole
Harper - FACETS
Food Service/English
Foods, Traditions and the Family: Recipes for Success
Students will prepare ethnic meals and write a cookbook based on their family traditions as part of the 'school to work program' focusing on careers in the food service and hospitality industry
Francine Ex, Mary Ann Pitcher, Matt Olson, Jimmie Bell
English/Social Studies
Conversations with Teens of the 90's
Students will discuss current social issues on such topics as teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and gangs using a TV talk show format based on the book "Makes Me Want To Hollar"
Michele Strong, Delores Randolph, Charles Lucky, Vernell Drummond
Healy Alternative
Student Mural
Students involved with the Juvenile Justice System will create a mural made of ceramic tiles to be installed in the lobby of their new facility
Mary Rebello, Delores Randolph, Charles Lucky, Vernell Drummond, Oscar Pagan
Writing/Family History
Family Portraits
Students will produce a multimedia project featuring student writing, interviews, photography and videos based upon their own family stories
Heather Cristol, Karen Sabo
The Shakespeare Festival
The production of a week long, school wide celebration of the life and work of William Shakespeare including a costume parade, trivia quiz, and an art, play, and sonnet writing contest
Robin Williams, C. Posey, R. Wickliffe, E. Batie, R.Wright, J. Cooley
School Site Development-Test Gardens
Students will set up test gardens in front of the school to serve as a vehicle for community service, environmental education and enhancement of the school grounds
Aurelia Mniszewski-Wilk, Pat Conroy
El Nino: Ecology and Economy
Students will conduct experiments with real scientific significance and will share the results with schools throughout the world, via the Internet, as part of the Global Program
Marilyn Zimny, Patricia Parsons, Tim Tuten, Rosalynn Anderson
Student Leadership/Character Education
First Class (Behavior Modification Program)
Julian will adopt a character education program utilizing student leaders who will serve as role models and as teachers to convey the tenets of the program to others
Margaret Simmons, Cynthia Ragan, Wyonella Rux, Mildred Fields, Roger Battles, Talmadge Milan, Peter Thanos
The Arts/History
Grand Boulevard Document
Students will document the life and times of the Grand Boulevard community through images combined with recorded and written commentary to be displayed at school, libraries, and businesses
Thomas Cinoman, Linda Mohr, Phil Cotton, Monica Haslip
The Arts
The Day Kwanzaa and the 7 Principles Were Almost Destroyed
Students will re-enact the principles of Kwanzaa through story, song and dance
Lawaune Moorman, Phil Cotton, Miles Hill
Lake View
Measuring Lake View's Health: An Environmental Study Using CBLs
Students will move about the school, campus, and neighborhood with Calculator Based Laboratories (CBL) to collect, manipulate and graph measured data to analyze the health of the school community
Michael Lach, Marc Siciliano, Steve Starr, Terri Cobb
Latino Youth
Arte De Vida: Art From And For The Community
Students will take art classes, learn about the history of Latino artists and prepare works of art for display at exhibitions
Victoria Bianco, Jaime Alanis, Lupe Martinez, Kate Thomas, Georgina Alejos
Lincoln Park
Community Service/Literature
Lion Hearted Reading
High school students will read stories, ask questions pertaining to those stories and develop an arts activity for the day care students at St. Vincent DePaul Center
Robin Robinson, Sister Angele, Esme Codelll
Community Service/Culture
Manley/Telpochalli Bi-Cultural Leadership Project
African American high school students will "adopt" a 7th and 8th grade class at a Hispanic elementary school and together they will design and create a community service project
Charisse Neal, Kathleen Kanis, Lois Jackson, Erin Roche, Lila Leff
Health/Career Education
North Lawndale Health Fair/Exhibit
Students will plan and create exhibits for an area wide health fair that will involve elementary schools, community organizations and medical institutions
Bob Clapper, Rick Johnson, Lolita Hardiman
Speech/Performing Arts
Speak Up Chicago: Promoting Speech and Performing Arts Clubs in Chicago Public High Schools
The speech team will enter 7state competitions, produce a video for distribution to 10 high schools and host a drama/poetry reading workshop for an elementary school
Lynn Przyborski, Diane Mugnaini-Munoz
Cultural Understanding
Establishing Relationships Between Urban and Suburban Schools
Multicultural urban students will meet with suburban students to promote mutual understanding and appreciation among people from different backgrounds
Pratiksha Joshi, Azra Simunac, Theresa Wong
Morgan Park
Writing/Community Service
Project Empowerment
High school students in creative writing and art classes will mentor wards of the state by writing stories with them which will be illustrated and published
Carol Conway, Lenore Lopez, Wilma Williams
Northside Leaning
Community Service
Senior Share and Care
Cognitively disabled students will develop an on-going relationship with nursing home residents, making gifts and providing entertainment for them
Pat McMahon, Mark Pristop, Wanda Young, Maryann Dardugno, Joel Murdy
Peer Mediation/Conflict Resolution
Project Common Ground
To continue the success of the Peer Mediation/Conflict Resolution Program at Orr and extend the principles to the parents of at risk students
Danielle Faulkner, Orlando Routen
School Publications
Students will write, compose, print, fold, collate and distribute a publication once each quarter during the school year
Lawrence Candia
Ray Graham
Cognitively disabled high school students will collect and compost yard and kitchen waste as part of the school's total recycling program
Gayle Ryan, Lois Buenger
Organic Gardening: Producing, Marketing, Investing
Students will plant and cultivate a garden, enrich and condition the soil and sell the harvest from a mini market that they create and construct
Johnnie Crowder, Eudell McKenzie
Straight Talk Drama Program
The creation of an after school drama program to provide students with options that encourage school involvement, promote creative expression and teach life skills
Gary Boeck, Vergil Smith
The Chicago River Project
Students will work in teams to discover the nature of the river in an interdisciplinary human-environmental interactive study
John Giles, Marilyn Colbert-McDowell, Eloise Roche, Michael Rychlewski
The Arts/Video Production
Happy Birthday, Will, (434 Isn't so old): A Cross Curricular Shakespeare Celebration
Students in various classes and after school clubs will celebrate Shakespeare by preparing performances for the stage and various classrooms
Barbara Parsons, Jeanne Reckitt, Rosetta Tetteh, Christine Fransen, John Gans, Barbara Singer, Dan Svoboda
The Arts/History
Connections: Past, Present, Future
Students and community members will take art classes and create original shirts, scenery, dances poetry and music depicting life in Rogers Park past, present and future
Deidre Dawson, Laura Laughlin, Marcia Maltz
Young Poets Project
Students of all levels, including special education, will be encouraged to listen to, read and write poetry to develop thoughtfulness
Ken Gould, Michelle Mendius
Telsa Alternative
Caring for the Person with Alzheimer's-"The Loss of Self"
Students in the Certified Nursing Assistant Program will write a research paper, visit health care facilities and develop and create therapeutic activities for Alzheimer patients
Beverly Cain-Hill
Urban Youth
Peace Education
Creating A Peaceable School
Students will be taught to develop the skills necessary to solve conflicts peacefully and to guide others through the peer mediation process
Patricia Jones, Robert Carr
Cooking/Community Service
Give a Child a Fish
Food service students, in conjunction with the Peer Intervention Program, will cater meals for and offer cooking classes to, homeless women and children
William Weeks, Devorah Davis, Penny Kirkland
Community Service
Assisting Senior Citizens in the School Community
Students will volunteer to: cut grass, plant flowers and shrubbery, trim bushes, pull weeds, shovel snow and do other household chores for senior citizens in need of help
Gerard Slania, Elizabeth Ester Clarke
Von Steuben
Training for Mentoring
Peer Helpers
Upper grade students will be trained by a youth serving agency in skills needed to encourage educational, social, and emotional development in younger students
Eileen McNulty, Peter Kempfer, Phyllis Hodges, Patricia Cherry, Leola Jones
Student Literary magazine
Students will write and publish a literary magazine which will include artwork and photography
Sarsh Marhevsky
Family History
Family History Project
Students will use the computer, reading, writing research and interviewing skills as a means of learning and personalizing their own history
Rod Sellers, Nancy Margraff, Greg Jackson
Art/Community Service
Green Streets Art Component
Special population students will be organized into work teams that will create an Iconographic Landscape mural that is reflective of the diversity of the Westown neighborhood
Anthony Abboreno, Ted Dallas, Jose Santana
Community Service
Intergenerational Program: Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Seniors
Students will visit a nursing home 5 times to participate in games, singing, and conversation with the residents, and then write essays about their experience
Marva Mangrum, Emmera Walker
School Spirit Mosaic Pillar
Students will use ceramic and glass mosaic tiles to implement a design they select on a pillar in the school hallway
Lynn Chaloupka, Tim Jacobs, G. Koutiel, Ms. Ellis, Ms. Hassan, Mr. Herbrick
Midsummer Night's Dream: Building an Integrated Study and Performance of a Shakespeare Play
Students will form an acting company to study, plan, edit, rehearse and perform a work of Shakespeare and form a construction company to build sets and props to be used in the performance
Jane Lucas, Carmella Schifano, Evan Maniates
Community Service/Career Opportunity
The Second Time Around
Cosmetology students will build a relationship with senior citizens in a nursing home, while providing them with hair care, facialsand nail care
Maryella Hart
The Arts
Whitney Young Student Art Gallery
An art gallery will be developed to showcase student art work and serve as a location for music recitals
Barry Bruner, Susanne McCannon-Munday, Lisa Wax, Nancy Klark