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1999 Elementary School Winners



The Empty Plates Project
Clay plates, created using themes from Junior Great Books, will be auctioned off and the proceeds donated to The United Way
Ann Vogt, Julie Soble

Ancestral Linkages
Family genealogical projects will be produced and displayed on Heritage Day
Saundra Brown, Thoms E. Giblin, Kathy Cain, Claudia Ingram

International Banquet II: A Feast in Sculpture and Prose
Clay sculptured ethnic meals, reflecting descriptive writing, will be exhibited at an International Banquet
Phyllis Burstein, Joan VanderKieft

Exploring of Ancient Civilization through Fine Arts
Cultural plays, derived from mythological readings, will be presented to the entire student body
Michele Sanborn, Omar Gonzalez

The Christopher King "P.I.N.S." (Participate Independently N Successfully)
Bowling teams will be trained to compete in the Special Olympics at Marazano's Miami Bowl June 5, 1999
Jane Klunk, Carole O'Brien, Theresa Benande, Jackie Johnston

Growing Partnerships: From Seeds in Our Classrooms to Vegetables in Our Garden
Classroom gardens will be nurtured and prepared for transplanting into the schools outdoor garden at "Vegetable Garden Kick-off Day"
Edith Lange, Dana Reinglass, Pat Walsh

Our Perfect World
Architectural models of a perfect world will be displayed at the "New World
Atoya Holman, Barbara S. Luster, Larry McCarthy, John Roper

Getting to Know Sue
Models and casts of fossils will be constructed and Paleontological research will be published and distributed to all participating students
Angela Tagaris, Lia Tomoleoni, Ann O'Connell, Lynn Wasserman

Disney Dollar Store
A Dollar Store created will
Bob Foote,Victoria Hawkins, Nancy Ryan, Rick Seybold, Rosa Mcdowell

Funston Art Club 1999
Scratch art, muralwork, sculptures, and mosaic chair decorations will be created and displayed throughout the year
Ken Klopack

Dance and Instrument Sculpting Project
A multi-disciplinary project that includes dance, sculpture and music will be presented to students, parents and community members
Cynthia Chico-Rodriguez, Caren Sherman, Joan Crowder, Terese Kopec
Hanson Park

Tic Toc
Paper, pencil and computer generated clocks will be constructed and displayed
Ed Clement, Frank Friedman, Dolores Kazuk

Technology on Wheels
Unique motorized wooden vehicles will be constructed and then 8th graders will assist 6th graders in constructing motorized cars
Dennis Dandeles, Marvin Nochowitz
Irving Park

Irving Park Fine Arts Gallery
A permanent rotating art gallery will be created to provide for on-going display of student visual art work
Raymond Wohl, Mariola Pik, Elive Estreda, Marci Lazar, Gladys Zavala

We The People?.
A variety of historical projects including dioramas of historical events, historical games, map models of early settlements, will be displayed during the Colonial Day festival
Nancy Lazaris, Diana Santos, Ann Broxterman, David Taylor

Ducktails and Bobbysox: The First of Many Marquette Community Theatre Arts Projects
An ensemble drama will be produced and performed bringing together students from diverse cultures and backgrounds
Lorraine Sims, Sharmon Heim, Theresa Heard, Kathryn Sindelar, Abby Hagg

A Musical Production of The Wizard of Oz
Students, teachers, staff and parents will work together in putting on a full length musical which includes dancing, singing, acting, music, painting, sewing, business, and publicity
Barry Norton, Imelda Souchet, Margaret McGregor, Linda Stone
Ninos Heroes

Milestones of the Millenium
Ceramic tiles, reflecting the milestones of the millenium, will be the collaborative project of senior citizens and classroom students
Susan Hardison, Carolyn Brown, Francine Brown, Miriam Perez, Crystal Cherry, Laura Senteno, Lynnise Gool

Sounds of Music
A music and drama production of "Grease" will be presented to the school and community with the help of a multi-microphone and public address system
Terrence McCarthy

Sculpture Madness
Sculptures, signifying unique traits and expressions, will be created and unveiled in the Onahan Sculpture Garden
Betty Ellis, Mary Jane Warden, Joyce Lipner, Kathleen Calumet

The Art of the Retablo
Portable Peruvian Wooden Alters, incorporating a secular or spiritual theme, will be created and displayed at Callesy Suenos Culture Center
Edward Pino, Tara Howleit, Felipe Reyes, Dalia Tapia, Tim Canavan, Amalia Garcia, Victoria Turbov

Facing the Edge
A video and scrapbook will be assembled to reflect activities designed to improve team building skills including indoor wall climbing, down hill skiing, among others
Robert Reznar, Connie Amon, John O'Connell, Peter Morrison

A Look Into The Dark Ages
Medieval projects such as designing a garment, building and designing a knight's shield and building a medieval stage setting, will be used in a production of Romeo and Juliet
Ms. Carr, Ms. Hilton

Publishing Perspectives' first yearbook and newspaper
The first year book and newspaper will be internally designed, published and distributed with students providing the writing, editing, reporting, picture taking, software research, layout and design
Kevin F. Heraty

Poetry books will be published, and students will host a poetry reading session in a coffee house setting
Susan Kukielka, Ellen Struck

Putting Together the Pieces of History: A Mosaic Wall
An art history mosaic mural will be designed onto two sixteen foot cement planters to be placed in the school playground
Catherine Conde

School Supply Store
A student-run business will facilitate employability skills through the learning of financial, managerial, and interpersonal skills
Camille Melee, Linda Culberson, John Fitzpatrick, Ron Burleson
Recovering the Gifted Child

City Building through Geometric Shapes
Geometric shapes will be used to design future cities using recyclable materials
Dawn Christensen

Geodesic Greenhouse/Butterfly Garden
An icosohedral dome structure will be designed and constructed as a greenhouse/outdoor classroom space and integrated into an ongoing gardening and landscaping program
David MacWilliams, Leanne Lyons, Dana Butler, Mireya Mata-Donnely, Laura Nanesta

Benches for Peace
Benches will be created and designed to reflect topics such as human rights, respect, diversity, bigotry and war. In addition, conflict resolution skits based on these themes will be performed and presented to the school and community
Anna J. Waywood, Maureen Fruhwirth, Dawn Lies, Rebeca Zambrano, Keith Kareiva, Cecilia White

Our Gallery
Bead making, mask making, painting, drawing, origami, and stained glass creations will be the basis of an Art Gallery
Adam McCullough

Streaming Park
Artwork, including media for architecture, sculptural waste-mold casting, earthworks, cement/brick assemblage, metal sculptures and mosaic embellishment, will be permanently installed outside the school, creating a small park
Gayle Snulligan, Joyce Mathis

Future Shock
A futuristic mural, focusing on sky, land, and water depicting the future of the earth without recycling, will be created and displayed
Anna B. Y. Stein, Donald, Catherine Hellmann, Bob Finn, Karen Coney

Jaue Mate! Checkmate!
Creative chess boards and pieces will be designed for in-school and interscholastic chess tournaments
Alfredo Nambo, Erin Roche, Guillermo Delgado

Mosaic Me a Historian
Paper mosaics, representing an ancient civilization or country of study, will be created through graphic organizers and presented at a formal gathering
Vicki Trinder, Alfredo Nambo, Guillermo Delgado, Patricia Martinez

Challenge by Choice
A slide show presentation and narrative will be collaboratively created to document team building activities experienced in the rugged outdoors
Frances Dudek, Mary Ann Kadow, William Nielsen, Joanne Sullivan Jarvis, Julia Margaris

Fleeting Feet/Track and Field at Ward
Track and field graphic posters will be designed by special education students to promote their participation in track and field meets
Walter L. Crawford