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1999 High School Winners



How Do People Change?
Writings and retablos will be created to reflect an understanding of how people are able to radically alter their lives, and will be presented to the school and community
William Olsen, Claudia Bravo, Erin Roche, Vicki Trinder, Robert Kausal, William Campillo, Efrain Gonzalez, Roberto Valdez, Guillermo Delgado

Motor Efficiency
Go-carts will be designed, constructed and raced to test the carts' efficiency
Josephine Gomez

The Harlem Renaissance
A multimedia presentation will document Harlem Renaissance projects including a painted mural, multimedia art, dramatic presentations and an urban musical ensemble performance
Tracy Van Duinen, Dennis Zygadlo, Brian Johnson, Cheri Monik, Robert Vostal, Denise Barron, Shelly Samuels
Best Practices

Create Own Island
Geographically correct islands will be created in physical form, along with maps and published writings related to the identity of the islands
Jenny Cornbleet, Arthur Griffin, Aiko Boyce, Tom McDougal, Peter Thomas
Best Practices

Creating Art and Writing Magazine at BPHS
An art and writing magazine will be published including original examples of visual art and student writings
Aiko Boyce, Kathy Daniels

Collins Renaissance Atrium Garden
Winter bird water stations, a butterfly garden, Clump Birch tree trellises with roses and vines, and a mosaic bird bath will enhance the existing Atrium which will be in the Mayor Daley Garden Competition
Lynn Chaloupka, Au'Rallahi, Ms. Jones, Ms. Schaeffer, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Buy

"Unity" The Music Video
A music video based on the theme unity, involving camera work, editing, script writing, will be recorded and marketed
Harvey Burton, Vernon Loyd, William King, Lilliann D. Common

Sites from Historic Pullman Today
Tempera batik paintings illustrating existing buildings from the Historic Pullman area will be created through the use of digital photography
Linda Therriault, Leslie Brevard, Ida O'Neal-Reed, Lynn Hughes, Connie Sawyer, Corrine Bruce

Hidden Messages
African hidden message quilts will be designed and displayed in the school
Patricia A. Stewart, Arlene Johnson

Bringing Francophone Africa to Harper
Francophone plaster masks will be made using African methods of decorative design and a mini conference will be held to study dance, poetry, history, art and music of Africa
Samantha Godden-Chmielowicz, Chris Popowski

The Hirsch Stock Market Exchange
Stock portfolios containing charts, graphs, research, newspapers and magazine articles related to specific investments will be created, monitored, and presented to friends and family
Barbara Cook

Hirsch Mural Project
A mural and video will be created expressing the similarities and differences between Spanish and African culture
Audrey Weissler, Laima Panek

Connecting Through Art
Thematic tile mosaics will be designed for school columns, and the mosaic models will be exhibited
Christine Donna, Michael Durr, Derrick William

Stairwell Murals: Resolving Change - A Legacy and a New Beginning
Stairwell murals, depicting role models and historic events impacting students' lives, will be presented at the Opening Stairwell Ceremony
Karen Stolzenberg

How Kente Cloth Got Its Color
A fashion show, readings, a reenactment and displays of African crafts and arts, will be celebrated at the Reading Fair
Dorothy Trenholm, Rochelle Sims-Alexander, April Hurt, Henrietta Whitaker, David Richards, Pamela Greyer

King High School/School Store Entrepreneurial Training Initiative
Supporting an existing school store will allow students to gain entrepreneurial training in sales techniques, inventory, stock work, and promotional product display
Phillip M. Cotton, Joan Scott-Tabb, David Richards, Francelia Heron
Lake View

The Smallest Flower Has Split Through Rock
A ceramic relief mural, incorporating physical, intellectual and spiritual poetic themes, will be cooperatively designed with Ravenswood Hospital and community, and posted outside the clinic's entrance
Jim Dee, Donna Terry
Lake View

Using PASCO Scientific's Science Workshop in Physics and Calculus
Hands-on science workshop will allow students to simulate abstract mathematical and physical concepts, in order to experience the connection between abstract and real life applications
Michael Lach, Hector Morales, Andrew Brantlinger
Lincoln Park

The Lion's Roar
A school and community newspaper, exclusively run by students, will include articles and photo layouts covering such topics as conflict resolution, sports and college information
Katherine Shea

Introduction to Aquaculture
Commercial fish will be bred and raised with appropriate mechanical maintenance of the Aquaculture system, and will be documented daily
Carol Williams, Sandra Payne
Northside Learning

Senior - Share and Care
Students work in partnership with nursing homes and senior centers, providing seniors with home made gifts and plants as well as personal attention
Patricia McMahan, Mark Pristop, Wanda Young, Maryann Dardugno

Hope for the New Millennium
A mural, depicting hope for the new millennium, will be inspiration and pride of students, educational leaders and community representatives
Jodi Smith, Laura Levoy

Bronzeville Ceramic Mosaic
Ceramic mosaics will be designed, reflecting the Bronzeville neighborhood of Phillips High Scholl, and installed on the outside walls of the school
Joanne Minyo, Aaron Boelter, Jemeria Bedford, Sean Clayton, Erin Kavanagh, Euel Bunton

Vocational/Academic "A-mused by Laura's Everlasting Radiance"
A tri-lingual literary magazine, written in Spanish, Polish, and English, will include illustrations and photos as visual renderings of the written word
Lynn Fitzgerald, Carrie Straub, Peter Strelczyk, Jackie Scott, Sylvia Sifuentes, Josie Nocula, Charles Sanders
Ray Graham

The Wheel Thing
Painting, repairing, and learning to ride bicycles are some of the activities TMH students will experience in addition to learning rules of safety and the identification of all bicycle parts
Kimberly Reid, MaggieRoche

Recycling, Heirlooming, Hybridizing, and Varietizing an Organically Grown Vegetable Garden
Installing an underground sprinkler system will enhance an ongoing vegetable garden project, producing organically grown vegetables from recycled seeds, hybrids and varieties
Johnnie Crowder, Eudell McKenzie

Midi-Keyboard Experience via Technology Leading to the Creation and Performance of Music
Individual and group projects in musical composing and arranging via a midi keyboard and computer software will be shared with other classes
George N. George, Lewis Michaels

Service Learning Through River Studies
Students will be trained to mentor other students in stream monitoring and will write and produce a video to promote service learning using the Chicago river
John H. Giles, Michael Rychlewski, Thomas Voegtle, Deborah Ditkowsky

Poetry Alive! (A Cross-Curricular Celebration of National Poetry Month
Poetry will be written, read, and published and performed during an assembly and in a "coffee house" in the school library
Barbara Parsons, Rosetta Tetteh, Sharon Butman, Hanna Przyblyski, Jeanette Vogel, Barbara Singer, Gary Narakas, Ruth Clifford

Butterfly Garden
The restoration of a School Courtyard Garden will provide a habitat for butterflies, and appropriate plants, trees and shrubs will be cultivated to attract butterflies and their larvae
C. Keller, H. Bell, S. Banif

Assisting Senior Citizens in the School Community-Refinancing a Previous Winning Grant
Special education students will continue to cut grass, plant flowers and shrubs, remove leaves and snow and provide small painting jobs
Elizabeth Ester Clarke, Gerard C. Slania

Fair for All
Essays, exhibits and student performances will be presented at the school history fair emphasizing topics dealing with Chicago area history and then entered into the Chicago Metro History Fair
Rod Sellers, Maura Smith, Sandra Koehler, Greg Johnson

Green Streets Design and Landscape Component
The construction of a landscape/ecosystem project will provide vocational and academic training
Anthony J. Abboreno, Ted Dallas, Jose Santana, Richard Fager, Greg Konieczko, Carmen Martinez

Labor of Love Quilts
Computer designed quilt patterns will be cut, hand and machine stitched, and transformed into baby quilts to be donated to needy facilities
Veronica Jackson, Myri Pearson-Jeanty, Pamela Keahna, Freddie Popoola, Parisienne Moore

Multicultural Fine arts
Motivational shows incorporating dance, drama and music will be choreographed and performed
Freddie M. Popoola, Myri Person-Jeanty, Veronica Jackson, Pamela Keahna, Parisienne Moore

Teaching Across the Core Curriculum Utilizing Hydroponics
Hands-on experiential training will provide learning opportunities in science, geography, social studies and agriculture
Barbara Horwick, Joel Rapp, Geri Harden, Dianne Sauls, Dennis K. Naka, Timothy Dalton

Space: Inner and Outer
A model of a glove box, as used on the Space Shuttle, will be designed and constructed to incorporate concepts of Space (outer) and space (inner physical) into the geometry classroom
Anne Marie Sherry