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2000 Elementary School Winners


Fine Arts
Weaving Works Wonders
Weaving presents an opportunity to integrate multiple intelligences in a task-oriented, hands-on, engaged learning model for fourth and fifth graders
Performing Arts
Santa and the Solar System
Body microphones and other stage equipment for an all school musical
Carolyn Lutgen, Heather Huges
Fine Arts
Birds of Chicago
Increasing student awareness of birds in the urban setting with the creation of a tile mosaic showing urban birds, to be hung in a school garden
Kerry Nowicki
Social Studies
All Wrapped Up in Ancient Egypt
Students will be immersed in an interdisciplinary study of ancient Egypt while constructing desserts in two classrooms
Susan M. Howey, Jennifer M. O'Hear
Mars Millennium Project
Collecting and interpreting data from NASA and using the information via the Internet to construct a model of the first colony on Mars
Vasiliki Valkansas, Jack Kramer, Michael Repkin
Fine Arts
Printing Across the Millennium
Students will create art work reflecting printing innovations, which span seven centuries including the printing press, lithography, photography and personal computer
Phyllis Burstein
Literature/Performing Arts
Yo, Ho, Ho and Away We Go (The Treasure Island Adventure)
Exposing students to classical literature and offering them a musical/drama experience through reading the novel and performing the musical, Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson
Richard Schlichting, Peter Walton, Natalie Nash, Elizabeth DeMarco
Project ENABLE
Creating a school garden as a part of a horticultural therapy initiative, which provides multi-sensory experiences for physically challenged students ages 3-7
Barbara Freely, Nancy McDermott, Laura Whitehouse, Nancy Javior, Pauline Carmickle
Footprints and Bones and Teeth and Stones
An interdisciplinary project to increase students' knowledge of paleontology through the study of dinosaurs
Jacqueline McLaughlin
Burroughs To Scale
Students will create an authentic model of the Burroughs school building to 1/25th of its scale through the use of math concepts
Omar Gpnzalez, Margaret McCaffray
Performing Arts
Puppet Theatre 101
Developing language skills in limited English proficient students by allowing them to engage in dialogue and to express themselves through role-playing with puppets
Danielle Payne
Social Studies/Art
Opening Windows
Fifth grade and kindergarten students will gain an understanding of various cultures and demonstrate their knowledge through music, art, writing, and speaking
Kim Edwards, Carlos Borges
Writing/Performance Art
Writing to Read and Perform
Students, working in groups, will write a story based on character values, bind the stories into books and perform them using self-made props/costumes
Cafrolyn D. Chatman-Walls
Social Studies/Performing Arts
A Fashion Show of Past Historical Figures of the Millennium
Students will research an historical figure using the Internet, recreate the clothing worn by that individual and present him/her in a millennium fashion show
Mary Norinne Cl;ark, Charlotte Shelby
Getting to Know Sue, Two
Students will research what a paleontologist does and how new discoveries are made, participate in a "dig", and write a newsletter on the life and times of their favorite dinosaur
Angela Tagaris, Lia Tomoleoni, Lynn Wasserman, Ann O'Connell
Service Learning
Baskets Y2K
Students will make gifts that will be placed in baskets and delivered to patients in hospitals for children where mutually beneficial relationships will develop
Yollande Gottlieb, Donna May, Sonya Malinowski, Carolyn Williams
Social Studies/Performing Arts
Disney Zoological Society
Students will research, discuss, create and present activities on the animal of their choice through classroom presentations, created videos, and a large scale zoo
Mark Gruntzel, Estella Roustain, Loretta Westley
Social Studies/Art
Experience Spanish Culture
Students will become familiar with the Spanish speaking cultures around the world through the study of geography, art, and music including mask making and the Spanish language
Ana Castillo, Ben Jaffe, Christine Hauville
Turning Points: Chicago- Two Centuries of Radical Change
Interweaving technology, language arts, theatre arts and artistry into a performance for the school and the public
Mary Bonnet, Sidney Guillory, Sharon Madison, Gary Rebbe
Put Your Head in the Clouds
Students will construct a weather station as part of demonstrating their knowledge of weather and climate
Athena Columbus, Mumtaz Shah
Literature/Performing Arts
Buzz Caf?
Students will write poems to be read aloud monthly at the Buzz Caf? where poetry publications will be distributed
Jennifer Carswell, Alesia Franklin
Math/Fine Arts
Mathematics as a Form of Creative Expression
Students will be able to identify examples of mathematical principals in art and architecture and replicate these examples in their own artworks to be displayed in an art exhibition
Molly Reed
Fine Arts
Behind the Lions
Students will learn to appreciate art through visits to the Art Institute of Chicano and to create art including sculptures, African masks, Japanese Kimonos, a Mexican Tree of Life, paintings and mobiles
Maura Walsh
Hansberry CPC
Social Studies/Fine Arts
Knowing Your Heritage Through The Fine Arts
Pre-school children and parents will explore Africa through stories, music, art, language, dance, games, clothing, food, and quilting
Elaine Bannon, Edna Klyce, Rachel Lamden, Debra List, Joal Lucas, Sheila Ozmina
Science/Fine Arts
A Walk Through an Illinois Prairie
Creating eight murals depicting the Illinois Tall-grass Prairie as part of a study of the prairie as the pioneers first found it and the need to reestablish prairies
Anita Kallman
Art Therapy
Art With Emotion
Getting students to recognize their feelings, own them, and then release those feelings through artistic expression
Natalie Stellato
Writing/Fine Art
The Hibbard News - Edition 2000
The students will produce a school newspaper while serving as reporters, conducting interviews, taking and developing photos, writing copy, and editing articles
Phyllis Woodell, Raquel Landsman
Project P.L.A.N.T. (Plant Living Things And Nurture Them
Students will research and discuss information about flowering plants and then grow plants to take home and plant in a school and community garden
Elaine Steiner
Fine Arts
Beautiful Banners
During an after school art program students will research and decide on themes for banners which they will create and dedicate to the school at the Fine Arts Festival
Daniela Bylaitis
Instruments for Musical Dramas
Musical instruments to be used to enhance an annual musical
Craig Segal
Stories in Music and Art
An interdisciplinary unit of art, music, literature and social studies culminating in a musical performance and several murals
Cindy Pasowicz, Elyswe Martin, Pat Cupp
Social Studies
Keepers of the Earth
Students will study the relationship of various Native American tribes' homes, foods, arts, customs, and beliefs to the natural resources of the region in which they lived
Nancy Lazaris, David Taylor, Jean Riemersma, Diane Santos
Shuffle Off to Buffalo
Special Education students will begin a video-pal relationship with a comparable classroom in Buffalo, NY
Sandra Ross
Building Friendships Through Technology
Technology will be used to enable deaf students in two different schools to communicate and interact with the use of video labs, e-mail, and web sites
Laura Eble, Stacey Hauser
Science/Fine Arts
Discovering Communities
Through photography and writing students will document how customs and traditions have helped shape their communities
Carmen DeVito, Helen Moy
A John A. Logan Prairie Restoration Project
Students, faculty, staff, and parents will work together to beautify the neighborhood with a prairie restoration project while learning about conserving the environment
Peggy J. Wickline, Victor Ochoa, Eva Hidalgo, Michelle Oubre, Todd Frantz, Patricia Hernandez
Marquette West
Fine and Performing Arts
Just Before Sleep
Upper grade students will put on a dramatic performance about homelessness
Loraine Irving, Sharmon Helm, Karthryn Sindelar, Kathy Branigan, Virginia Shorey
Social Studies
Let's Celebrate
Parents and pre-school students from two distinct communities come together to celebrate two holidays - Kwanzaa and Cinco de Mayo
Elma Wee Sit, Veronica Levine
Social Studies/Fine Arts
Insight To Cultures: Mask Making Around the Globe
Student will research masks and their origins from around the world and then create their own masks expressing their own cultural traits and unique expressions
Matthew Levy, Betty Elias
What's Hot? - What's Not?
Grades one, two and three will learn through hands-on experimentation the scientific principles involving heat and temperature
Julie Reid, Peggy Brander, Ellen Espinosa, beth Shanahan
Social Studies/Performing Arts
A Tribute to Jose Clemente Orozco
Students will create the set design, develop the story line, prepare the props and costumes and perform a play based on many historical events
Edward Pino, Mary Gamboca, Robert Reznak, Louis Coronel, Timothy G. Canavan, John Eros
The Seashore: A SENSE-sational Place to Learn About Life
Special education and general education students will engage in hands-on activities in simulating the environment of the seashore
Roberta Dean, Judith Green, Gloria Moyer, Jean Yates
Social Studies/Fine Arts
Building Our Neighborhood: Recognizing Success
Bilingual students will identify important businesses in their neighborhood, interview the owner/manager and make a 3-dimensional replica of the business
Elizabeth R. Dyrst
Fine Arts
Fossil & Dinosaur Stepping Stone Footpath for Topiary Garden
Students will create a stepping stone pathway through a Dinosaur Topiary Garden by designing stones with simulated fossils
William Salvato, Cindy Cutic, Carol Landrum, Sheri Bivens
Performing Arts
Sawyer's Spring Spectacular
Microphones and walkie-talkies needed to help stage the annual spring production involving a large number of budding performers
Maureen Fruhwrith, David Peterson, Christine Mangin, Sara Libre, Tricia Rafferty, Ellen Nosal, Maggie Torres
Fine Arts
Unity Mural
Kindergarten students and their mothers will paint a mural together
Anna Waywood, Josefina Zamorano
We're On Our Way To Mars
Kindergarten students will engage in an interactive comparative scientific study of dinosaurs
Paula Cuadros, Dorothy Seatrsema
Dinosaurs or Us
A beginning French class will study the city of Paris, France by researching various landmarks
Lenora Akhibi
Social Studies
Creating Paris in Room 109
Planting and Harvesting: A garden in Telpochcalli
Debra Vinci-Minogue
Gardening/Fine Arts
Sambrando y Cosechando: Un Jardin en Telpochalli/Planting and Harvesting: A Garden in Telpochclli
Combining core academic subjects and classes with the artists in residence in the creation of a garden, a quilt and a literary magazine incorporating personal narrative and abstract paintings
Vicki Trinder, Jennifer Klonsky, Guillermo Delgado, Amgelca Ahlman, Alfredo Namo,Oscar Audiffred, Maria G. Nava
Social Studies
The Art of the Chili Pepper: A Portrait of Family Traditions
Students in the primary grades will learn about their Mexican culture, history, and arts through participation in an interdisciplinary unit on the chili pepper
Elizabeth Chase Vivas, Ana Calderon, Irma Jimenez, Laura Flores, Guillermo Delgado
Fine Arts
A Marvelous Extravaganza
A kiln and firing clay will be purchased for students to create ceramic pieces to be displayed and sold in the school store, teaching entrepreniurism
Leatrice Satterwhite, Beatrice Mitchell
Fine Arts/Math
Using Design and Math Concepts to Create Functional Art
Students will transform old wooden furniture into works of functional art while integrating math concepts with design and visual art
Elizabeth Callahan, Janice Eastman
Our History - Pilsen Nosotros
Students will publish a monthly newsletter about the history of Pilsen and themselves based upon interviews with community members
Kim Alamar, Evelyn Perez, Susana Tapla, Pat Sirchio, Ester Terrazas, Susan Kolian
Fine Arts
Chicago River Project 2000
Special education students will acquire basic reading and math skills along with good social habits while constructing a variety of household items
Sharon A. Rawls, Willie Hoskins, Dareen Rydzewski

Students will grow corn seed to study, draw, graph, and recognize the importance of test crosses and hybrids
Janice Lombardo