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2000 High School Winners


Performing Arts
Collaborative Theatre Project
Developing a drama curriculum to introduce beginning students to the dramatic arts
Douglas S. Van Dyke
Performing Arts
The Struggle for Respect - Building a New Society
An interdisciplinary unit which examines how historical, political, and economic situations play a major role in the culture of a people, culminating in the creation of a "Wall of Respect" and multimedia presentation
Dennis Zygadio, Tracy Van Duinen, Shelley Samuels, K. Williamson, Denise Barrons, Cheri Monik
Best Practice
Social Studies
Face to Face in Chicago
Using primary research skills to interview members of various communities to gather and present information on the following topics: education of Spanish speaking cultures, social history and leadership in the city
Michael Myers, Jenny Cornbleet, Laura Linhart, Michael Cannon
Physics Rocket Project
Students will use physics formulas and trigonometric equations in predicting the flight paths their model rockets will take
John Bozovsky, Roxana S. Del Real
Career Education
Furniture Refinishing and Restoration
Developing students' interest in the carpentry and furniture refinishing trade/business by repairing damaged furniture
Thomas Konopasck
Career Education
U.N.I.T.Y. Youth for Peace Music Recording
Providing hands-on training in the artist development and music business through the production of an album promoting peace among peers
Harvey Burton, Vernon Lloyd, Cinda Forsyth, Lillian D. Common
Future Commons
Career Education
Project SALES - Students Acquiring Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skills
Establish and manage a school store and an Entrepreneurial Club to work in conjunction with the school store
Mariagnes Moran, Paulette Jones
Gallery 37
Fine Arts
The Chicago Community Photo Quilt
Students will document their urban environment through photographs reproduced in a variety of formats integrating the resources of the photography, studio art, graphic design and sculpture
Thomas Cinoman, Corrine Rose, Miriam Socoloff, Susana Erling, Sonja Henderson, Julia Avalos
Gallery 37
Fine Arts
Chicago and the Return of the Birds
Students will study birds that live in Chicago and the history and techniques of mosaic art, then create a concrete public sculpture
Sonja Hensderson, Susana Erling
Life Skills
Multicultural Sewing
A multi-ability sewing program which will enable disabled students to learn how to sew and become more independent
Elizabeth Edohen, Elizar Rodriquez
Fine Arts
One-derful World
Students will create individual ceramic plates to be used as the table setting during the International Luncheon
Maggie Roche, Mary Alice Lee, Rochelle Stinson
Performing Arts
Step Back
A student performance highlighting the 20th century will include 10 acts, one for each decade, consisting of musical and dramatic presentations
Mattie Lewis, Scott Voigt, Ruth Marcanti, Steve Traylor, Josephine Jablonski
Hyde Park
Fine Arts/Science
The Art and Physics of Kites
Students will learn the art and science involved in constructing and flying kites
Alex Kravitz, Peggy Garrett
Writing/Fine Art
The Art of Poetry: A Collaboration Between English and the Visual Arts
Combining the art of writing with the art of bookmaking while creating a book of their own original poetry
Christine Malebranche, Karen Stolzenberg
Chicago River Project 2000
Students will increase their scientific literacy by testing the water quality of the Chicago River in the La Bagh Woods
Patricia Parsons, Ernest Garrison, Davinder Chhabra, Mary Leggett, Olivia Harvella
Fine Arts
Who Are We? Where Do We Go? - A Reflection on Identity
A photographic documentary of the school, neighborhood and family environments with a focus on identity, assimilation and acculturation
Patricia Sotarello
Cultural Enrichment
International Focus Group
A support group for Kenwood's international students
Yukaka Hatakeyyama, Madeline Curry, Linda Swift
Fine Arts
Exploring American Surrealism
The creation of a catalogue of works of American artists based upon in-depth student research in conjunction with the Smart Museum of Art
Deborah Levinson
Lake View
Literature/Fine Arts
Writing, Reading, and Art Connections
Writing and designing personal journals and contributing pieces to the publication of a class anthology literary magazine
Pamela Glynn, Carol Hudson
Latino Youth
Fine Arts
First Art Salon - 2000
A student art exhibit to be held at C&C Contemporary Art highlighting fashion design, papermaking projects and handmade books
Yarima Ariza
Latino Youth
The Workings of Women's Bodies
Female students will learn about menstruation, ovulation and the female reproductive system by creating a videotape and showing it to younger students
Kate Thomas
Hall of Natural Science
The investigation, creation and presentation of displays of atoms, plant and animal cells, DNA and RNA, molecules and Biomes
Debbra Hardy-Nze
Writing/Fine Art
Journal Designs and Writing
ESL students will design and create their own journals to encourage self-expression and daily journal writing
Eileen Campe, Jennifer Krauser
Science/Fine Arts
A River Runs Through

Joanne Minyo, Tamara Dobrov
Northside Learning
Service Learning
Building Intergenerational Friendships
Handmade gifts, prizes, and birthday remembrances for seniors visited by students for intergenerational activities, conversation and friendship
Mary Ann Dardugno, Terry Annunzio, Patricia McMahon, Wanda Young
Literature/Fine Arts
We, the People
Students will design and construct a piece of public art work based upon their reactions to how Western thought has dominated over the past 500 years
Kevin Heraty, Jodi Smith
Space: The Infinite Frontier
Students will research and plot planets, stars, or constellations and locate them at night via telescope
Christine Teulet-Cole, Janine Douglas, Gervaise Clay, Jelica Spretnjak, Paul Edison
AIDS Awareness Program
Students will read a novel involving teens and AIDS, research the subject, write a pamphlet and design an AIDS awareness button and ribbon for distribution on AIDS Awareness Day

Fine Arts
Richard's Angels: Mosaic Installation
After studying the history of mosaics, each student will design and create a unique version of an angel, the school's mascot, for his or her personal mosaic to be incorporated into a permanent art piece for the new school
Deborah Sukenic

Students will extend and improve their gardening efforts year round by beginning vegetables indoors under lights, transplanting them to season extenders for early harvest and continue to recultivate and maintain an indoor garden
Johnnie Crowder, Eudell McKsnzie, Roy Curry

Students will write and produce a monthly school newspaper and an annual yearbook
Maureen Erickson

Students will study poetry through reading, writing and constructing a poetry book which will include an introductory essay, a researched author biography and an original poem
Tammi Cichowski, Sande S. Skinner, Catherine G. Wren

Students will write a play to be entered into the Pegasus Young Playwright Contest, stage readings in the classroom and prepare a program of scenes from the plays to be performed for students and community audiences
Barbara Parsons

Students will be introduced to the works of opera through reading, watching videos and films, looking at complete scenes, touring backstage of the Lyric Opera and attending a performance of "Carmen"
Rosagitta Podrovsky

Continuing previous winning grant designed for students to beautify the lawns and gardens of senior's living near the school
Gerard C. Slania, Barbara Bernath, Dara Gannon
Von Steuben
Performing Arts

A video writing project involving the collaboration of creative writing, photography, speech, and dramas in the process of creating videos to be shown at a Film Festival
Kerry Catlin, Al Lieteau, Carlo Trovato, Ellen O'Keefe
Gardening/Education to Career

Students will design, install, and maintain an interiorscope/ecosystem using an interdisciplinary team approach
Anthonly J. Abboreno, Ted Dallas, Jose Santana, Alonzo Terry, Greg Konieczko
Values Education

A tutorial chess program designed to engage students in improving critical thinking, problem solving and analyzing skills, will be incorporated into the classroom
James Hilton, Hillary Young, Abraham Watson, Brenetta Glass, James Muhammed, Evelyn Chandler
Performing Arts
Multi-Cultural Dance/Song/Written Poem
Students will create and perform, a complex work of art which integrates dance, drama, music, creative art and writing
Dr. Freddie Marie Popoola, Veronica Jackson, Michael Fleming, Belinda Cross-Livingston, Ariel J. Anderson, Richard A. Pringle
Horticulture, Hydroponics & Aquademics in Correctional Setting
Students will be given hands-on experimental training in hydroponics horticulture
Dianne Sauls, Myri Pearson-Jeanty, Geraldine Harden, Joel Rapp, Jerry Riddick, Peter Hayden, Barbara Horwick
An Assessment of a Section of the Chicago River
Students will explore ecological concepts using mathematical calculations and computer technology which studying a section of the Chicago River
Hortense E. Brice, Anne Marie Sherry