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2001 Elementary School Winners


Social Studies/Arts/Writing
Renaissance With A Twist
Students will study and experience the world of the Renaissance by analyzing Shakespearian plays, researching English history, hosting a Renaissance Ball and publishing a newspaper.
C. Maragh, V. Wynn-Buckner, M. Knight, C. Johnson
Fine Arts
Proclaiming Our Place 2001
Students will engage in an academic and hands-on exploration of the Pop Art Movement in America.
Cheryl Gold
Arai Middle
Social Studies
Global Village- Around the World in 180 Days
Students will undertake an imaginary journey around the world to discover the geography, customs, arts, and technology of each country
Ana Timbers, Sharon S. King, Deborah Hopkins
Social Studies
An "Intelligent" Look at Japan
Students will study and explore Japanese culture while engaged in many activities including a tea ceremony, calligraphy, origami, Gyotaku, singing Japanese songs, and tasting Japanese food.
Catherine Ditto
Life Skills/Career
Micro Society
Students will engage in various entrepreneurships. They will actively participate in real tasks that take place at post offices, banks, law offices, police departments, and other businesses
Shirley Stevens, Karen Peterson, Theresa Brown, Jackie Martin, Steven Davis, Charles Davis, Beryl M. Bennett
Outdoor Learning Environments
Students will design and construct an attractive natural environmental garden in a self-contained atrium space.
Gerlinde Fleischhaker
A Night At Bright
Faculty, parents, and students will focus on space science, space exploration, and astronomy. The culminating activity will be an overnight space
Stacie Cronin, Lisa Healy, Joy Reeves, Joan Smyth, Jackie Bernero, Tina Chalifoux, Alicia Lopez
Social Studies
Far East Cultural Museum
Students will research various Far Eastern cultures and learn how ancient civilizations have contributed to our modern world. They will create hand puppets, design origami, construct and decorate kites, retell Japanese folk tales, and figure out solutions to tangrams
Joy Reeves
Tornado Preparedness in Northern Illinois
Students will explore fundamental concepts and principles of meteorology. They will visit the National Weather Station in Romeoville, Illinois and learn about various weather patterns and conditions
Yvette Bennett
Quilting Our Lineage- Ties To Africa
Students will learn about their roots through the creation of a beautiful African quilt
Erika D. Brooks, Larry K. Barnes
Local History and Patriotism Through Photo Art
Students will use various photographic techniques to learn about local and natural history to promote patriotism. Their photographs and essays will be showcased at several exhibitions at school and in their community.
Mark Haynes, Cara Kranz
Chase Kids News
Students will take a tour at the Chicago Tribune to learn about newspaper production. They will write, design, publish, and distribute several newspaper publications for their school.
Katie Sullivan, Eric Runyan, Judy Montanez
Music M.A.K.E.R.
Sound beam equipment will be used to enable severely physically challenged children to compose music. Through the use of sonar beams, students will be able to convert their simple physical movements into musical notes, chords, and phrases.
Jane Klunk, Tricia Meyers
Fine and Performing Arts
The Firebird
Students will learn about music and the orchestra in collaboration with the Ravinia Music Festival. They will put on a musical production of The Firebird.
Cynthia Frazier, Shelley Suttner, Lynnae Jenkins, Stacie Shepich, Jeanne Harkins
Performing Arts
Puppet Construction Workshop
Students will design, build, and operate large hand and rod puppets to be used for numerous theatrical performances at their school.
Kenneth Raabe
The New Detectives: Cases in Forensic Science
Students will use scientific and forensic techniques to solve fictitious crimes
Jeanette Bartley
Riparian Investigations: A Study of Water Quality
Students will examine aquatic habitats of the Chicago River and the North Park Nature Center pond. They will evaluate data of macro invertebrate life and water quality.
Edith Lange
De La Cruz
Physical Education
Face Off
Students will be introduced to floor hockey skills and strategies. They will engage in various intramural competitions and tournaments
Carol Armel
Service Learning
W.E.C.A.M.E.D. (We Each Can Always Make A Difference)
Students will participate in community problem solving projects by providing assistance and valuable resources to various homeless shelters in their school area.
Judith A. Cobb
Fine Arts
Art In The Park
Students will be introduced to ethnic art. They will design a large multicultural mural, paint benches, and create freestanding sculptures to be displayed in their community
Ann O'Connell, Shaker Cohlmia, Angela Tagaris, Lia Tomoleoni, Lynn Wasserman
WDMS Multimedia Studio
Students will be engaged in a multimedia campaign to promote their school. They will create ads, brochures, and a video showcasing the success of Disney.
Cassandra Washington, Sandra Bradley, Larry Page, Stephanie Davis, Anne Hollenbeck
Photographic Impressions
Students will create a multimedia video based on several photographic projects
Yollanda Gottlieb
Performing Art
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Students will interpret, write and perform their own skit/play based on Book 1 of the Harry Potter series
Dorothy Berry
Doolittle East Middle
Current Events Productions (CEP
Students will engage in a multi-media project. They will write and produce television newscasts focusing on currents events, careers and community improvement.
Mary D. McNair
The Times, They Are A-Changing
Students will study changes within nature and the community. They will learn about the life cycle of plants, butterflies and frogs, will interview elderly members of the community and create a mural depicting Chicago history.
Jane Viccellio
Social Studies
Integrated Curriculum
Students will engage in a multitude of activities to learn about China. They will use an abacus, create a book of facts about China, read various Chinese and American folktales, play Chinese games, listen to Chinese music, and learn phrases in Chinese.
Renee Gilliat, Christine Bonkoski
Performing Arts/Puppetry
Let's Take An Interactive Journey
Students will create life-size puppets in their drama theater class. They will write their own skits, create and design costumes, produce their own music, and write songs for the theatrical performances at their school featuring their puppets.
Danita Howze
Social Studies
Japanese Journey
Students will engage in a cultural investigation of the customs, traditions, folk tales, music, and food of Japan. They will play traditional Japanese games, write Haiku, create Kabuki masks, design origami figures, and dramatize traditional folk tales
Monique Whittington, Sandra Long, Barbara J. Peck
Fine Arts/Service Learning
Intergenerational Colors and Lights
Students will participate in a color and light art experience. They will create art projects, take pictures, write letters, design floral arrangements and interact with residents at the Dawson Nursing Home.
Dorothy S. Kramer
Cultural Awareness
Two Schools in Location/ One School In Spirit
Students at Fermi will correspond with another school via the internet. They will explore each others customs and traditions.
Jereece Sutton, Terry Convington, Lori Dodson, Pathia Williams
Fine Arts
Cultural Exchange
An international exchange will take place between Mexican students of Orozco and African-American students from Fiske. Through the arts, Fiske students will enhance their knowledge of Spanish while those at Orozco will improve their English.
Ana Castillo, Ben Jaffe
Discover The Piano
Students will be provided with keyboards so that entire music classes will be able to learn basic music theory and how to play the piano. They will participate in a piano recital and area school competitions.
Deborah Kays, Eric Peters
Funston Art Club 2001
Materials will be provided for an after school Art Club which meets weekly over the entire school year.
Ken Klopack
Let's Explore Ecosystems
Students will learn about the different types of ecosystems and the roles and relationships of plants and animals within the ecosystems. They will setup a greenhouse, terrarium, ant farm, butterfly garden, and tadpole pond.
Maria L. Perryman, Rhonda S. Fryman
Performing Arts
Spring Arts Awareness and Recital
Students will be involved in all aspects of production including the band, choir, dance, color guard, musicians and technical aspects. They will create scenery, backdrops, sound, lighting, and costumes.
Cynthia Chico Rodriguez, Kathleen Tyderek, Caren Sherman, Alan Cuppciotti, Rosalie Mancera, Esther V. Garay, Susan Shneider, Deb Magyar, Liz Sturm
The Energizer Kids
Students will study various types of energy, with a focus on alternative energy sources. They will produce different types of energy using a variety of materials.
Athena Columbus
Life Skills
An Ounce of Prevention
Students will learn about first aid and safety involving autos, railroad crossings, and fires. They will build exhibits and put on a health and safety fair.
Eileen F. Cabrera
Come Rain or Come Shine
Students will be reading and interpreting daily weather conditions through building their own weather stations. They will give a daily weather report, broadcast, live to the entire school.
Roberta L. Oliver
Fine Arts
Grant Community Art Center and Museum
A special school-wide, year round art center and museum will be created to house art materials, equipment and supplies. Students will study artists, model illustrators and create works of art. They will mount and maintain exhibits and displays in the museum.
Grant Community Art Center and Museum
Geometry, Symmetry, Scale and Frank Lloyd Wright
Students will study the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright through books, video and taking a tour, in order to expand their knowledge of math concepts, including geometry, symmetry, and scale. Their new found knowledge will be showcased in a Power Point presentation.
Kathryn Lee Jones, Katrina Riley
Gardening Around The World
Students will study gardening, landscaping, plants and climate in countries represented by the students. They will then design and create gardens on school grounds.
Molly Reed
Literacy/Performing Arts
The Bard is Back!
Students will read works of William Shakespeare prepared for younger students. They will develop their comprehension, skills and creativity while producing his plays for the school and parents.
Susan Jardien, James Oehler, Fran Perlman
Fine Arts
How Do I Find "La Cartuja"?
Students and parents will combine computer technology with other subject matter when creating ceramic address plates for their homes
Drew Pandel, Carol O'Connell, Mary Beth McDermott, Constance Walker
Mardi Gras Hendricks Style
While hosting a school-wide Mardi Gras celebration, students will utilize their knowledge of French and display their artwork as well as work samples from all academic areas.
Mary Beth McDermott
Let's R.O.C.K.
This project will enhance a newly installed Japanese rock garden and allow students to experience first-hand the customs and traditions of the Japanese people.
Elaine Steiner
Irving Park Middle
Performing Arts/Character Education
Now That's Entertainment: Singing and Dancing That Builds Character
A Performing Arts Program (the Happiness Club) will be inaugurated which incorporates music and dance to promote positive pro-social behavior.
David Temkin, Raymond Wohl, Linda Miranda, Christina Kohl, Ersi Rivero, Elizabeth Michals, Greta Graham
Performing Arts
A Tribute to Vernon Johns
Students will research the life of Vernon Johns, the civil rights leader for whom the school is named. They will write a script for a play, create costumes, props and background and put on two performances.
Linda Comminos, Ruth Booze, Christopher Bruggeman, Tina Curry, Tonia Humphrey
Performing Arts
Alice and the Victrola
Students will perform a play, an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, in which Alice will go through a maze, following a white rabbit. The different stages of the maze will represent different eras of music and the history of that music.
Kristin Appiah, Tonia Humphrey, Florida Banks
Performing Arts
Once on This Island
Students in the school's theater production company will undertake all facets involved in the production of a play which combines the disciplines of theater arts, technology, history and music.
Gaye Klopack, Robin Bennett, John Loehr, Linda Newsome
Fine Arts
The Dinner Party
Student will study the elements of design as expressed by various artists. They will research, present their information and create original designs on kiln fired ceramic plates and canvas placemats.
Elyse Martin, Suzanne Schaefer
Traveling Out of This World
Students will study technology in space, from weather satellites through the history of spacecraft. They will learn the basic and practical terms, the scientific, mathematical, and technological concepts encountered in flight.
Regina Biros
Students will learn signs and symbols used on a weather map and how they are used to predict the weather. They will create their own aneroid and liquid barometers, record daily weather patterns and develop a safety plan for severe weather conditions.
Pat Jonikaitis
Someone You Should Know
Deaf students will be involved in a Technology Infusion Planning Project which enables classroom teachers to develop web-based projects for infusing technology into curriculum, instruction and assessment.
Traci E. Cobb
Social Studies
Pyramids of Learning
Deaf students will expand their multicultural awareness through projects designed to replicate beliefs and customs of Ancient Egyptian Civilizations including authentic experiences, creative activities and field trips.
Nancy Lazaris, David Taylor
Take Flight!
Students will learn the history of aviation and how an airplane flies. They will utilize this knowledge to construct flying devices and share what they learn with others
Venita McDonald, Mary Brown
Fine Arts/Photography
A Picture is Worth
This photo technology project will integrate photography, technology, design, and language arts. Students will study documentary photography, take pictures of their community, add text to the photos and print photos and text on canvas paper to be exhibited at school.
Jennifer Oleff
Logandale Middle
Performing Arts/Puppetry
The Prairie Puppet Theatre
Students will design, produce, script, promote and perform various puppet shows related to the school's environmental education initiative.
Peggy Jo Wickline, Mark Ochoa, Lucille Burmov, Craig Singer, Juanita Loredo, Eva Laczina, Eva Hidalgo
Marquette West
Performing Arts/Social Studies
North Star
Students will put on a dramatic performance of North Star which focuses on the Civil Rights Movement. They will also participate in a Social Studies Fair/Art Exhibit to broaden their understanding of the Movement.
Lorraine Irving
Marquette West
Social Studies/Service Learning
Home is Where The Heart Is
This is an intergenerational project. Ongoing learning activities will take place between residents of local community nursing home and students to foster mutual understanding.
Abby Hagg, Katie Soraghan
Marshall Middle
Fine Arts/Mural
Orbs of Prakash
Students will research geometric shapes, construct geometrically shaped orbs on a large wall space and then paint these orbs in dramatic reflective colors.
Melody Reichart, Saadiq Sajjaad
Performing Arts/Character Education
Love, Honor, Trust in the Great Circle of Life
Students will participate in a theatrical/musical production which emphasizes the establishment of successful personal social adjustments through positive character traits.
Evelyn Frazier, Lorri Powell, Crystal Dixon, Rachel Newbury
Social Studies
Multicultural and Historical Awareness
Students will study the geography, history, culture, and population of a wide variety of countries.
Patricia Green
Our Kindergarden
Kindergarden students, their parents, and community members will work with a landscape architect to design, create and plant a garden. Garden benches, murals, and sidewalk games will be painted for use in the garden.
Alison Harned, Laura Mendoza, Mary Fran Nolan
Social Studies/Art
Multicultural Celebration
Each grade level will choose a country to study. Music and art will be integrated into their presentations on their country at the Market Day Event during Multicultural Week.
Christine Ramos, Sandy Lucas, Jay Brandon, Howard Gans, Christine Zelenka, Monica Medina, Betty Butler
Fine Art
The Art of Knowing Who You Are
In order for Nettelhorst to be more easily recognized as a school, students will design a colorful mosaic which will decorate the front columns of the school and create a mosaic nameplate over the front entrance.
Mary Ridley, Lucille Younger, Susan Kurland
Nicholson Beautification Project
The Heroes In Action Community Service Club will plant flowers and plants in the rock garden. They will also help in painting playground games on the Campus Park sidewalk for younger students to enjoy.
Joycella A. Omercy, Richard Brooks, Helen Arnold Massey, Jean Carter Hill
Ninos Heroes
Performing Arts
It's Fun It's Crazy It's Opera
Students have been participating in the Lyric Opera of Chicago's Opera In the Classroom. The grant will provide costumes, props and scenery for their production of the Magic Flute at the South Chicago Public Library
Carolyn Sullivan, Laura Senteno
Ninos Heroes
Write of Passage
Using journals and computers, students will write, edit, and publish a 50 page literary magazine consisting of essays, short stories, and poetry in both English and Spanish.
Susan Hardison, Crystal Cherry, Francine Brown, Carolyn Brown, Laura Senteno, Lynnise Gool, Angela Adams
North Kenwood Oakland Charter
Fine Arts
Chicago Mural Project
Students will learn about three time periods of Chicago history through a focus on architecture including pre and post Chicago Fire and modern day skyscrapers. Using this information, they will design and paint a mural in school with the help of a professional muralist.
Kimberly Folkening
Norwood Park
Performing Arts
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
The whole school will be involved in this production. Art classes will design sets and props, the music department will play music, math classes will formulate the budget and computer classes will produce spreadsheets of the budget.
Timou Morales
Life Skills/Adventure
Learning Together Through Adventure
The project will utilize activities designed by Project Adventure in which groups of students and teachers will participate in communication exercises, cooperative team challenges and trust elements. The purpose of these activities is to teach children and staff to work with others cooperatively, resolve conflicts and set goals.
David Temkin, Berna Whiteside, Charita Pruitt, Beverley Harris
Fine Arts
Cultural Exchange
An international exchange will take place between Mexican students of Orozco and African-American students from Fiske. Through the arts, Fiske students will enhance their knowledge of Spanish while those at Orozco will improve their English.
Eduardo Yanez, Candearia Guerrero
Fine Arts
Traditional Textile Arts
Students will learn about and create traditional textile arts such as weaving, yarn painting and appliqu
Antigoni Lambrinides-Sofios
Performing Arts
A Little Bit West of Broadway
Students will be involved in the advertising, production, and performance of a play which will increase their exposure to dance and drama. Parents and community members will help with set design and costume production.
Marc Garcia, David Caverill, Alex Castaneda, Barb Joseph, Catherine Conde
In A Three Sisters Garden
Students will learn about the history of the three sisters (beans, squash, and corn) which are part of the culture of the Plaines Indians, develop a worm farm (vermicultural composting), and create and maintain a school garden.
Marie Carr
Social Studies/Fine Arts
A Journey to the Asian Culture
Students will discover some of the unique aspects and customs of the Chinese culture. They will make a dragon for Chinese New Year, boots for the Dragon Boot Festival, lanterns, raise silkworms and crickets and build a Chinese village.
Maria Luisa Gonzalez
Where the Wildflowers Grow
Students will improve the current school garden by making it into a Prairie garden running around the perimeter of the school, recreating the natural vegetation of Illinois.
Rosemary Barilla, Mary Morley, Teri Court, Christine T. Munns
Fine Arts
Unity Mural Phase II
This project is a continuation of the Unity Mural completed with last year's grant. Kindergarten and older students and their parents will paint the gallery/mural walk, further beautifying the school.
Josephina Zamorano, Anna J. Waywood
Performing Arts
Festival of the Performing Arts
In order for the annual Fine Arts Festival to best show off the singing, dancing, acting and instrument playing talents of all the students, equipment will be purchased to enhance the stage including lights and walkie-talkies.
Dan Peterson, Maureen Fruhwirth, Laura Kubitz, Ellen Nosal, Sara Llibre, Dorsey Chambers, Ingia Jackson
Fine Arts
Schmid's Children Designs Inc
Students will participate in an interior architectural design project. Each student will formulate, design, illustrate, and construct a piece of furniture.
Vondietra Butler
Performing Arts
Sherwood Piano Lab 2000
Ten dual student teaching keyboards will be purchased in order to incorporate a piano lab into the music program and to analyze, past and present music in America.
Dianne I. Blocker
Planting Seeds of Community
Teachers at Shoesmith and Bret Harte schools will collaborate in this project to bring their students together to plan, plant, and care for a perennial garden alongside the building that will be their middle school in 2002
Vanessa Corbin, Sheila Coffee, Pearline Scott, Michael Metz, Diane Brakes, Robert Redfield
Fine Arts
Exploring Personal and Social Identity Through Clay
A ceramic kiln and clay will be purchased to enable students to explore aspects of their personal and social identity through the process of working with clay. Students will learn about three-dimensional sculpture and gain experience working in this medium.
Jennifer Nunez
Enabling Garden Project
Physically challenged students ages 3 to 6 years will plant and cultivate a variety of plants in beds that are accessible to children to children with physical challenges, in collaboration with the Chicago Botanic Garden's Horticultural Therapy Department.
Julia Joehl, Maureen Griffin Richardson, Ann Russell, Irene Cable, Alison Schwarz, Margaret Ward Potts, Kelly Hinds
Students will research, design and construct electric motor powered vehicles. They will investigate the effects of mass, friction, wheel size, and other concepts while testing and evaluating their model vehicles.
Anna Kong, Mary Nolen, Donald C. Jones
Fine and Performing Arts
Integrating African Arts
The purpose of this project is to provide an integrated curriculum of visual arts and music and social studies that explore the rich traditions of African and African-American culture. Works of African and African American art, music and dance will be part of a multi-media performance.
Mark Nelson, Gretchen Hargreaves, Areulia Shakir, Ronke Fakuade
Social Studies/Arts
Regions of France
Students will research the culture, history, geography and other facts about regions in France. They will create an art work that represents their region and perform a creative presentation to demonstrate what they have learned.
Debra Minogue
Time To Dream
Students will receive disposable cameras to take pictures of individuals doing something positive in the community where they live. They will write about heroes in their community, take slides of them and make oral presentations at an assembly.
Michaelene Drechney, Melissa Saxton, Amy Wilson
Performing Arts/Writing
Fracktured Fairy Tales
Students will examine, rewrite, create and perform a live theater 21st century parody of several fairy tales and nursery rhymes including The Little Red Hen, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Humpty Dumpty.
Otis Harris Jr., Armintha M. Morris
Fine and Performing Arts
International Cultural Night
Student performers at the annual International Night/Cultural Fair will design and create their individual costumes from around the world. They participate in an International Fashion Show where they will display their native costumes.
Naseem Umar
Performing Arts
Annie Jr
The purpose of this project is to bring drama, music and dance together in the performance of a musical. Students will learn about the time period of the musical, acting, dancing, singing, costume, and set construction, stage make-up, play bill design and theater management.
FayeAnn Hirsh
Social Studies/Fine Arts
Talking Sticks
The purpose of the project is to acquaint students with the American Indian culture. After visiting the American Indian Center, they will create Talking Sticks. When held by an individual, talking sticks mark that person as "having the floor".
M. Susmarski, M. Connelly
Social Studies/Language
Operation Rising Stars
In order to learn the Japanese language and culture, students will listen to music, watch videos, create Japanese stories and a restaurant, in which students can practice their Japanese language skills and demonstrate cultural understanding.
Sundy K. SaTsu
Performing Arts/Music
Expressing Our Culture in Music-From Mexico to the U.S
Musical instruments will be provided which will allow students to use the rich heritage of Mexican and American Folk music to participate more fully in the culture of both countries.
Irene Krull, Sheila Epstein, Kim Alamar
Gardening Projects in Xochiquetzal Peace Garden
The garden will be used to raise the student's ability to understand and describe in both Spanish and English, the phenomena of growth that take place in the school garden. They garden will be enhanced with the addition of a solar panel and a fountain.
Laura M. Caravello, Hedy Helfand, Alyson Boner, Irene Krull
Art, Math, Architecture
Chicago Architecture
Students will research the history of architects and architecture. They will write reports and create web pages on their research before designing a building using CAD software, creating models of buildings and building a city.
Connie Kalas, Karen Percak
Butterflies-Studying Metamorphosis
Students in kindergarten and fifth grade will partner to study the butterfly life cycle. They will receive butterfly larvae and watch them cocoon and go through the stages of metamorphosis, while drawing pictures and writing journals on the process.
Patricia Payne, Avis Bryant, Karen Percak
Woodson North
The Green Thumb Project
Students will learn about interior landscaping by studying the specific needs of plants, installing plants, growing plants from seed, recording plant growth, drawing scientific illustrations of plants and putting on a plant show and art exhibit.
Annette Davidson Yokozawa, Virgina Scott