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2001 High School Winners


History/Performing Arts
Oral History Sound Art Project
Students, including Special Education, will interview senior citizens in their communities. These interviews will be edited into sound collages, put onto compact disks and made available to the seniors and other students
Eric Markewitz, Joe Shoffner
History/Fine Arts
A History Garden
Students will research and construct an historical representation of the school's place in the community. This research will be reflected in the creation of African totems and rejuvenated gardens in an unused school courtyard.
Tracy VanDuinen, Catina Robinson, Peggy Bonaparte, Steve McInrath, Lindora Harrell, Deb Sondall, Marcus Wright
Gage Park
Gage Park River Study
Students, teachers and parents will work as a team to solve problems in a real world setting by observing, sampling, collecting and analyzing data gathered through water quality testing in the Chicago River.
Patricia Parsons, Richard Brazier, Matthew McDonald, Mary Leggett, Miguel Davis
Gallery 37
Fine Arts
Photographic Sculpture
After taking pictures in all parts of the city, students will produce images of the urban landscape along with portraits of friends, families and neighbors with the intent of layering images on surfaces such as gatorboard, fabric and paper
Thomas Cinoman, Miriam Socoloff, Corinne Rose, Susana Erling, Sonja Henderson
Fine Arts
Ceramic Plates-
Students will individually design and create ceramic dinner plates which will be used in an International Luncheon, the culminating event of an International Festival. These plates will be kept at school and used as the
Maggie Roche, Mary Lee, Rochelle Stinson
Fine and Performing
Paris Caf
Students will research French artists and musicians and create a painted backdrop for a French caf
Samanatha Godden-Chmielowicz, Kristin Oversmith
Fine Arts/Writing
Hirsch Multimedia Quilt
Students will interview family members, write their biographical ancestry narrative and illustrate this narrative. These images and texts will be scanned into a computer, transferred to fabric and sewn together into an ancestral quilt.
Audrey Weissler, Laima Panek, Keva McGee, Eugenia Daniels, Michael Blake
Fine Arts
Fused Glass Mobiles
Students will research the historical background of functional and decorative glass. They will then design and create a fused glass mobile to be displayed at school.
Daniela Bylaitis
Symphony and the Soul of Hope
Students will be involved in all aspects of creating and producing a school yearbook (The Symphony Project) and school newspaper (The Soul of Hope).
Melanie K. Wilbourn
Hyde Park
Performing Arts
Production - A Mid-Summer Nights Dream
By participating in this Shakespeare's play, students will explore various careers available in the fields of theater and communication arts. The grant will provide student-created sets and costumes.
Marilyn Rogawski
Hyde Park
Fine Arts
Hanging in the Balance
Students from English, physics and art will study the mobiles of Alexander Calder and design, construct, and install mobiles which reflect contemporary society.
Katherine Braggs, Susan Dardar, Alexander Kravitz
Fine Arts
Logic and Beauty: Geometric Designs
Incarcerated students will study the work of the artist, Sol Lewitt, who created wall drawings. They will then use drawing and writing materials to conceive of and create a piece of art which will become part of a mural to be hung in the school
Mary Rebello
Chicago River Project
Students will observe, conduct water sampling, collect and analyze data to increase their knowledge and understanding of important issues and concepts related to the Chicago
Brian Agustin, Nicole Lowery, Soo Parra, Olivia Harvell, James Wojiechowski
Science/Adventure Education
The Ropes of Physics
Students will design, research and develop physics experiments, while participating in a ropes course at an adventure center.
Alisa Bredensteiner
Performing Arts
Medieval Fair
Students will experience medieval life through a festival that will explore literature and culture of an historical period through research and hands-on activities. They will recreate aspects of the feudal, ecclesiastical and urban groups
Sharon Daly
Fine Arts
Art Inspires Art
Art students will participate in a furniture and found object painting workshop in which they will create painted furniture inspired by original works of art found at the Art Institute of Chicago. They will organize and present an art show and sale of their furniture.
Deborah Jay Ryder
Science Club Network at Kenwood
Students will learn how to plan, design and construct electrically generated cars, skyscrapers, bridges and bowling ball towers using geometry, physics and the metric system
Naeem Karriem, Steve McVeigh
Fine Arts/Career Education
Jaguar Cards
Students from fine arts, English and business classes will work as a team to create, produce and market original note and greeting cards. Proceeds from the project will be used for senior class expenses.
Louise Johnson, Joan Scott-Tabb, Amon Taylor, Thomas Cinoman
Lake View
Lake View Literary Magazine/Publication
The purpose of this project is to create a school-wide literary publication that provides students from grades 9-12 with a forum for individual literary expression. The magazine will be organized, edited and published by the students.
Kevin Holohan, Ray Peternell
Performing Arts
Club Espana-Dancing The Flamingo
Costumes will be purchased for students participating in flamenco dancing as part of Club Espana. They will perform in International Days and Nights and for an elementary
Jill Wayne
Fine Arts
Tradition, Technology and Diversity: An Ethnic Heritage Quilt
Students will design and produce a quilt that celebrates ethnic diversity and explores the variety of quilting, sewing and embroidery embellishment techniques used around the world.
Joan Vanderkieft
Lincoln Park
The Lion
The Lion
Mary Enda Tookey
Performing Arts/Poetry
Sounds from the Soul
Students will attend mini-workshops conducted by consultants to learn how to create and deliver poetry. They will then write and perform original poems at an evening
Tina Ward, Cynthia Brunswick, Mary Murphy, Michelle Thomas, Steve Bradley, Brad Raymond, David Vaughn
Career Education
The purpose of this project is to design and create a flower shop in the Agricultural/ Horticulture Academy at the high school. The students learn valuable skills needed to succeed in the world of work through the sale of flowers throughout the year.
Carol Williams
Noble Street Charter
West Town Community Health Fair
Students will study human nutrition, learn how they can better treat their own bodies and complete health-related research projects. They will then organize a community health fair where they will present their research projects and help nurses administer health screenings.
James O
Reading Buddies
High school students will write books and present them to pre-kindergarten students as well as read aloud to them on a weekly basis. The little ones will improve their reading and vocabulary skills by being read to.
Holly Hogan, Mary Anne Kessler
Social Studies/Performing Arts
The Future of Our Past
Students will be recruited to research and investigate American history of the past century. Using stage production, dance, video music and fashion, students will chronicle major events that have impacted our society
Elizabeth Ester, Joanne Glass, Paulette Curry, Larry Lynn, Joseph Murphy
Science Garden
Biology students will plant a variety of perennials, herbs and vegetables in a garden which will also include a bird bath, bird feeders and a rock garden dedicated to the memory of a beloved teacher.
Stella A. Muir
Performing Arts/Career Education
Madrigal Dinner
The student body and faculty will host a Madrigal Dinner for which Culinary Arts will prepare and serve the food. English classes will create poetry. Business classes will advertise and promote the dinner and art classes will create center pieces.
Mark Soltis, Katie Walsh, Debra Sukenic, Debra Poncher, Gayle Paul, Gloria Bailey
Performing Arts
International Percussion Ensemble
Students will form a percussion ensemble using instruments from Africa, Asia and Latin America. They will study the commonalities between the percussive music of varied cultures and develop musical performances that showcase those cultural connections.
Theodore Brown
Performing Arts/Puppetry
Titerers Para Ninos/Puppets for Children
A special education class and a bilingual English class will turn folk and fairy tales into a puppet show which they will present in both English and Spanish to elementary school children.
Patricia Bulsok
South Shore
Architecture and Geometry
Students will discover how mathematics, science and art are connected and to appreciate the aesthetics of architecture.
Sheila Jones, Renita Johnson
Fine Arts
Black Women and Babies
Students will create 10 different mosaic designs and install them as a permanent in-school exhibit. The designs will be based on student research as to how children around the world are carried.
Myrna Manners, Carmen Melendez Rhinehart
Service Learning/Gardening
Assisting Senior Citizens in the Community
Special education students will continue assisting senior citizens in the school community. They will cut grass, plant flowers, trim bushes, provide general yard clean-up and snow removal at no charge.
Gerald C. Slania, Barbara Bernath
Fine and Performing Arts
Crafting Clay Instruments of the Americas
Special education students will design and construct functional clay musical instruments modeled after indigenous cultures of the Americas. They will then use these instruments to perform music.
Vara Gannon, Alan Demski
Von Steuben
Writing/Performing Arts
Von Steuben Film Festival
This video writing project represents a collaboration of creative writing, photography, and speech and drama. Students from these three disciplines will write and produce video productions for a Film Festival.
Kerry Catlin, Al Lieteau, Carlo Trovato, Ellen O
Von Steuben
Experiencing Science in the Community
Biology students will work the staff of the Environmental Learning Center at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore in conducting environmental monitoring activities. They will also install plant materials on the school site.
Wayne Schimpff, Carollynn Chmielewski, Ryan Hawley, Suzanne Ruetter, Suzanne Grace
Performing Arts
Romeo and Juliet-Spanish/English Performance
Students will enrich their study of Shakespeare
Hope Baeza, Joan Nammari
Toxic History of Southeast Chicago
Students will do research into the causes of environmental damage to the community and conduct their own tests to further analyze the status of the local environment. The results of their studies will be published in a booklet.
Rod Sellers, Eva Aseves, Rita Koziarski, Beverly Matushek
Gardening/Career Education
Green Streets Design and Landscape Component
Students will design, install, and maintain a landscape/ micro-climate using an interdisciplinary team approach in order to learn about the exterior use of plants.
Anthony Abboreno, Ted Dallas, Jose Santana, Greg Konieczko, Susan Carlson, Maria Pagan, Carmen Martinez
Performing Arts
I Write the Music!
Students will compose and notate their own original compositions using Finale software and midi keyboards along with computerized instructions.
Robert M. Neal
Fine Arts
Foyer of Fame in Glass Mosaic Tile
Students will gather historical background and visual images to be used in the background of the glass mosaic tile mural to be installed in the school.
Jerry Thigpen
Values Education
Developing Critical Thinking Through Chess
A tutorial chess program designed to improve critical thinking, problem solving, English and math skills will be incorporated into the classroom. Students will compete in a school-wide chess tournament.
James Hilton, Willam Jones, Evelyn Chandler, James Muhammod, Gerald Jones, Sharnette Sims, Ariel Anderson
Performing Arts
Multi-Cultural Dancing, Singing and Poetry
Students will create and perform a complex work of art integrating dance, drama, music, creative art and writing in the men
Freddie Popoola, Geraldine Harden, Ollie Gordon. Daisy Hubbert, Patricia Hardmon, Evelyn Chandler, Ann Simmons, Parasine Moore
Focus on Technology: Exploring Environmental Biotechnology
Students will explore and evaluate real-world environmental problems and the potential of genetic engineering in solving these dilemmas. Topics to be explored include the release of genetically altered organisms into the environment and cleaning up pollution through bioremediation.
Hortense E. Brice
Performing Arts/Writing
Whitney Young Video Magazine
Students will write and produce a bi-monthly news, information and entertainment video magazine. Programming will include in-depth reporting on school-related activities such as sporting events, student panel discussions, student reviews of books and student performances.
Nancy E. Klark, Susanne R. McCannon
Young Women
Fine Arts, Writing
The Poetic Lens
Students will experiment with traditional and digital photography while working on their writing skills. They will create photographic representations of their original poetry that will be put in a student created book and posted on the school website.
Francine Ex, Pat Guizzetti, Jakki Dace