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2002 Elementary School Winners


Albany Park
Science / Biology
Exploring the Dunes
Students from Albany Park and Von Steuben will take a trip to the Indiana Dunes to experience field-based science activities
Jill Byrne, Barbara Zweifel, Wayne Schimpff
Music: Learning to Play the Recorder
Third grade students will integrate music into their curriculum by learning to read music and play recorders for a recital.
Bess Smyrniotis
LA / Art
Honoring Chicago's True Heroes
Students will create a fabric wall hanging to honor the firefighters in their community. Engine Company #106 will be presented with this wall hanging upon its completion.
Andrea Kamerman, Marlene Doukas
Reading / LA
Big Book Celebration
Through a collaborative effort, teachers, parents and grandparents will work with students to create big books for each child. A big book celebration will honor these young emerging writers.
Colleen Carroll
Daytime Astrophysics
Students will collect, analyze and share scientific data with other students and scientists from local universities. They will be involved in the Sophia and Globe Project and visit Yerkes Observatory.
Vasilike Valkanas, Jack Kramer, Mike Repkin, A. Harper, Dr. Sanja
Career Education
210 is Now Open for Business
Students will be involved in every aspect of running and managing a school supply store. They will have the opportunity to order merchandise, make deposits, prepare statements and track profit levels.
Marcie Byrd
Life Skills / Social Skills
Creating Zones for Cooperative Play
Play zones will be created to upgrade the school playground. These zones will be painted with a variety of stencils to make playground activities more fun for all students. Additional equipment will make recess enjoyable for all.
Julia Rowe
Joffrey Ballet Club
Portable barres and mirrors will be installed to support an after school ballet club. Students will enjoy trips to the Joffrey Ballet and learn many ballet techniques in the classroom.
Gina Spears
Visual Art / Physics
Bridging The Chicago River
Students will participate in a Chicago River Project. They will create scale models of historic river bridges and draw panoramic paintings of the Chicago River. They will meet with architects to learn about bridge design and engineering.
Reuven Robinson, Deborah Campbell
Starlight Night at Bright
Parents and students will participate in an overnight space experience. They will eat space food, construct and race balloon-powered cars, paint space shapes, make constellations and learn about space exploration
Nancy Clarke, Maria Paniagua, Lisa Healy, Joy Reaves, Marie DeGregorio, Camie Gamino
Career Education
The Worker
Students will participate in a career awareness program. They will be exposed to real job training centers and publish their own periodical entitled, "The Worker".
Gloria Clancy, Susan Natale
Mural Painting
Mural Painting
Students will have the opportunity to sketch, design and paint murals in their school auditorium. They will also reframe, restain and renovate thirty framed pictures in their hallway to beautify their school.
Amy Ficaro, Maureen Barham, Kathy Kjeldsen
Getting To Know Their Environment
Students will create and design a diverse and naturally balanced ecosystem. They will also participate in an exciting Chicago River Project. They will have an Earth Day celebration.
Jeanette Bartley
Environmental Science
Chicago River Action Project
Students will participate in an exciting Chicago River Project. They will develop a sense of stewardship toward the environment by participating in a River Rescue Day. They will install plants with the guidance of Chicago Park District Dept. of Natural Resources.
Edith Lange
Social Studies
Time Travelers' Club
Students will become members of the Time Travelers Club. They will receive "Past Ports" which will enable them to journey back in time and discover what civilization was like.
Lynn Wasserman, Lia Marvucic, Jennifer Mitropoulos, Ann O'Connell, Angela Tagaris
Dewey / CPC
Fine Arts
Upgrading the School Stage Area
Faculty, parents and students will construct, design, draw and paint three-sided stage flats to be used for plays and musical performances. Ceiling microphones will be installed to improve the sound of all school performances.
Juanita Duff, D. Gallenger, C. Devers, S. Miller, K. Polk, M. McKee
Sculpting Art Into The Classroom
Students will learn about Chicago Loop Sculpture. They will research famous artists and sculptors. They will draw, sculpt, design, photograph and create art pieces based on their experiences.
Yollande Gottlieb
Steel Drums: An Exploration into Caribbean Music
Students will learn to play traditional steel drums used in Trinidad. A professional musician and steel drum builder will provide workshops for students to enhance their learning of steel drums.
Aldo Mazzotti, Christina Daly
Science / Math
Fall Into Mathematics
Students will be introduced to kinematics. Their math skills will be enhanced by building air cars and using hands-on experiments to analyze rocket design. They will explore experiments devised by Galileo, Newton, and Einstein.
Pamela Persons
LA / Performing Art
Multicultural Exposure and Appreciation
Students from Whittier and Disney will participate in a multi-cultural exchange. They will write letters, exchange e-mail, learn multi-cultural dances, produce monthly newsletters and perform multi-cultural dances.
Ruth Sanchez, Laura Lopez
Social Studies / LA
Integrated Curriculum
Students will engage in a multitude of activities to learn about China: the use of abacus and tangrams, counting in Chinese, growing bean sprouts, creating a scrapbook, retelling Chinese stories and listening to Chinese music.
Christine Bonkoski, Mark Neidlinger
Language Arts
Speak out Earle A Student Newspaper
Students will publish a monthly newspaper. They will hold interviews, take pictures, learn about layout and develop stories. They will also go on field trips to local newspapers.
Daisy Rhodes, Tamara Cooper
Exceptional Children - Exceptional Talent
This project will develop, promote and showcase the talents of children with disabilities. They will participate in a musical review with music from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. They will sing, dance and choreograph their own dances.
Laura Ann Burke, Gloria Bielecki, Linda Legac, Kathy Markham
Farren Fine Arts / CPC
LA / Fine Arts
Intergenerational/Intercultural Exchanges
Special Ed students will visit the Dawson Nursing Center where they will create color and light art projects with the seniors. They will also develop pen pals with students in Japan.
Dorothy Kramer
Wild About Weather
Students will learn about the weather by making class barometers and other weather instruments. They will collect and measure weather directly with a weather station and visit a NOAA station.
Lillian Degand, Kimberly Johanson, Lourdes Martinez, Yesenia Flores, Les Nagy
Social Studies / LA
Our Lives Our Community
Students from Telepochalli and the Foundations School will participate in an interactive cultural exchange. They will write letters, create photo essays, videotape interviews and learn Spanish and Swahili.
Liz Goss, Nadine Dejonette, Karen Sabaka
The Orff Approach
Students will be introduced to Orff instruments. They will create rhythmic compositions, play a variety of instruments and sing. They will showcase their talent at a Spring performance.
Deborah Kays
Fine Arts
Discovering Orff
Students will learn how to play Orff instruments. Orff orchestras will be formed in each class. They will play short compositions and perform at school concerts and special functions.
Ilona Bibrowicz, Fran Perlman
Performing Arts
Weaving Our Heritage
Students will study multiculturalism in an after school program. They will be involved in a drama and folkloric dance program that emphasizes the history, customs and traditions of native countries.
F. DeDahlia Burciaga
Social Studies / LA
Mini Mummy Museum
Students will create a museum of Egyptian artifacts.
Alexis Staryk, David Dunlap, Michael Metz
LA / Family History
Enhancing Character Education
Students will participate in a family history project. They will make pedigree charts, interview family members, research web sitesand write family history reports.
Eltha Wong
Video Production
After-School Video Club
Students will learn about the video-production process. They will create public service announcements, video letters, opinion interviews, school news productions commercials, video reports, video pen pals and news reports.
Ryan Rezvani, Harjit Singh, Althea Teamer
Science / LA
Beautiful Butterflies
Students will learn about the characteristics of butterflies, their habitats, life cycle, predators, defenses and feeding habits by raising their own butterflies. They will create books and artwork to document their learning experiences.
Lourdes Danaher
Fine Arts
Rainstick Musical Sculpture
Students will research rain sticks and other simple instruments found in the native culture of South America. They will create, design and decorate their own rain sticks. At a spring assembly they will showcase their new instruments.
Anita Kallman
LA / Publication
Creating A School Newspaper
Students will participate in the production of a comprehensive school newspaper. They will serve as reporters and photographers at all school events and outside activities. Students will also visit WBEZ.
Roquel Landsman, Phyllis Wooddell, Bernadette Buchholz
Music / Dance
The Cultural Arts of Latin America
In an after school program students will learn Latin jazz, dance and art from professionals. They will learn basic dance steps to the Salsa, Mambo, Meringue and Cumbia. Their talents will be showcased at their Pan-American Assembly.
Gisele Ramilo, Craig Segal
Nature Center On Wheels
Students will have plant and animal habitats in their classroom. They will exchange nature centers with other classrooms. They will also have the opportunity to see chicks hatch in their classroom and release butterflies outside.
Heather Dunn, Cammy Anderson, Alicia Calderon-Reyes, Norma Barron- High
Irving Park Middle
LA / Performing Arts
Drama, Poetry and Puppetry
Students will make 3-D puppets, design scenery, write scripts and perform puppet plays in their new puppet theater. They will also produce a portfolio of their favorite poems.
Raymond Wohl, Greta Graham, Norine Riley, Elizabeth Michals, Christina Kohl, Nancy Endre, Slavka Fager
Reading / LA
Bookmaking Editing Acting Reading
Students will participate in a bookmaking project related to character education. The books they create will be donated to La Rabida, Wyler's and other children's' hospitals.
Carolyn Chatman, Betty Williams, Janice Harvey, Michelle Harris
Social Studies / Performing Arts
Family Culture Nights
Teachers, parents and students will work together to prepare for family culture nights. Craft projects, murals, collages, diagrams, quilts, musical instruments, ethnic games, songs and dances of each culture group will be performed at these events.
Rachel Hogan, Ziomara Perez
Social Studies / Fine Arts
Celebrating Our Multicultural Heritage
Students will participate in a ceramic tile installation project to beautify the school entryway. They will design tiles with authentic motifs from their personal cultural heritage.
Diane Franco
Jordan Commnity
LA / Art
Personal Pals
Second and 6th grade students will participate in a pen pal exchange. They will write letters, take pictures and accumulate biographical information. They will design tee- shirts for their pen pals and make a large quilt.
Elyse Martin, Carol Schaeffer, Suzanne Schaefer
Jordan Community
Social Studies / Fine Arts
Playing Pioneers
Students will create projects that highlight different aspects of pioneer life. They will create pioneer alphabet books, dip candles, make rugs, quilt squares and visit the Naperville Settlement.
Gretchen Collins, Debby Topp, Marge Rappe, Rochelle Wooding, Elyse Martin
Art / Character Education
Stepping Stones To Nature
Students will design and create a stepping stone walkway to an existing garden. The theme of the mosaics will center around the nature of friendship.
Pat Jonikaitis, Millie Molesky
Take Flight
Students will learn about the history of aviation. They will create flying crafts, write poems and essays about famous astronauts and invite a NASA specialist to their class. They will use the FOSS Module to investigate electrical currents in space.
Venita McDonald, Mary Brown
Word On The Street
Students will be introduced to the history of photography. Through their knowledge of documentary photography, they will go out into their community and capture images that they will develop, scan and exhibit at a school fair.
Jennifer Oleff
Marquette West
Art / Social Studies
Rowing to America
Students will perform a dramatic play that addresses issues of immigration, emigration and migration to the U.S. They will also participate in a social studies art fair exhibit.
Gladys Faulkner, Sharmon Heim, Jacquetta Snoddy, Kathy Branigan
Social Studies
We're Going To Make It
Students will participate in a marionette presentation through the assistance of Red Moon. This project focuses on conflict resolution strategies that enable students to deal with stress and crisis situations.
Lisa Monegain, Emeree Martin, Evelyn Frazier
McCutcheon Branch
Creating a Monarch Habitat
Students will learn about plants and animals. They will study the life cycle of seeds, sow seeds and care for plants. They will raise caterpillars, create a monarch habitat and finally release the butterflies.
Patty Doyle, Maria Escutia, Pam Lichterman, Vicki Nissim
Poetry Slam Society
Sixth grade students will write, interpret and publish their own poems. They will tutor 3rd graders and recite poetry at their poetry slam.
Tracie Jenkins, Carla Smith, Lisa Beukelman, Annie Tolbert
Reading / LA
Our Future: Paths From the Past
Students will research, write and present an original play depicting aspects of Afro-American experiences from 1440 to present. Their work will be showcased in a play.
Demetrie Smith, Elaine Watkins, Ora Washington, Betty Arnieri, Dorothy Henderson
Owens Comm Academy
Fine Arts / LA
Art Museums in the Classroom
Through the use of a 36" Magnavox television and an Avery Key 300, students will take virtual tours of many art museums in their very own classroom. They will study Van Gogh, Gaugain, African art and other fine arts.
Linda Skinner
Home is Where the Heart Is
Students will visit a local community nursing home. They will share pictures, create ceramics and make beautiful art projects to brighten the rooms of the nursing home residents.
Abby Hagg, Maryum Collins
Intergenerational Reading
Second grade students will share literature activities with senior residents at the Methodist Nursing Home. They will take pictures and post them on bulletin boards.
Victoria Delgado, Arlyne Cohan
LA / Publication
Peterson School Student Newspaper
Students will be involved in all aspects of writing and producing a school newspaper. They will publish several issues and keep the entire student body updated on all school events and activities. They will also tour the Tribune building.
Jason Austin, Dave Beucher
Music / Performing Arts
Lights Action Musical Theatre
With new overhead microphones and a Midget Follow Spotlight, the students will be ready to get on stage to produce their new musical theater production. They will construct and paint scenery, make costumes, sing, dance and perform.
Michelle Thomas
Blues Guitar in Bronzeville
With fifteen new acoustic guitars, the students will perform a mini-blues fest for the entire student body.
Marilyn Guild
Perfoming Arts
A Little Bit West of Broadway
Students will research, advertise, produce and perform a musical play that will increase their exposure to dance and drama. Parents will be involved in making costumes for the student performance.
Barbara Joseph, Alex Castaneda, Marc Garcia, Catherine Conde, Anne Vanderwel
Recovering / Gifted Child
Spring Music Festival
Fourth graders will learn to play their new flutes and clarinets in preparation for a spring concert. They will learn to read music, play basic songs and perform for their class before their concert.
Gerald Powell, Mary Williams
Safe School Infinity
Students Choose to Sing the Blues
Students will learn about the history of American Roots Music. They will play their new instruments, write their own compositions, sing and record their own CD's.
Cynthia Rodriguez, Bill Finchum, Marlon Lewellyn, Kimberly Dixon, Ernest Pressley, Leonard Strum
Fine Arts / Science
Sawyer Community Quilt
Students, parents, faculty and business leaders will work together on a community quilt/ mural project. Mariachi music, folkloric dance and ethnic food will be a part of their celebration.
Anna Waywood, Norberto Izquierdo, Josie Zamarano
Fine Arts / Science
Brilliance of Color Beyond The Glass
Students will participate in a stained glass project. Mini-workshops will be presented by a visiting artist. Field trips will enhance this project.
Vondietra Butler, Gwendolyn Burks
Science / Environment
Water Quality
Students will engage in activities to monitor the water quality of the Chicago River. They will learn about their local watershed, perform water tests, analyze data and draw conclusions.
Mary Pat O'Connell, Erwin Laskey
Science / Environment
Diversity All Around Us
Students will learn about the environment. They will analyze the barks of trees, examine noise pollution, take pictures of animals, identify microhabitats in the forest and take a trip to Native Lands.
Helena Branch
Science / Gardening
Solomon Goes Native (Illinois)
Students will beautify the grassy areas around the perimeter of their school by adding plants and flowers native to the state of Illinois. A naturalist will instruct them on native plants and habitats.
Denise Edelson, Joan Jones, Ann Reis
Spencer Math & Science
Science / Environment
Biological Survey of Northern Illinois
Students will study wildlife while camping at Starved Rock State Park. They will focus on ecosystem identification, niche and biological diversity.
Ryan Harrell, Debbie Rollins
Science / Gardening
Biology + Garden = Community Pride
Parents, teachers and students will build garden boxes to beautify their school. They will plant a variety of flowers and plants
Gerardo Vivas, Nora Macias, Thomas Schreck, Lynn Osborne- Simmons
Stone Academy
Science / Architecture
Bridge Builders
Students will design and construct their own wooden bridges. They will calculate their bridge's efficiency to determine the best design
Anna Kong, Sonia Johnson, Karen Coney, Donald Jones
Stone Academy
Music / Art
American Renaissance
Students will design and construct a mural in the tradition of the WPA. The Spring choral program will be based on folk songs of different countries.
Gretchen Hargreaves, Mark Nelson
Social Studies / Fine Arts
Spirit of the Americas' Mural
Students will create a mural honoring the legacy of the American spirit linking their past, present and future. Heroes of 9/11, Dr. King's Washington Peace March and United Farm Workers will be included.
Juan Fernandez, Gustavo Barrios
Bacterium Utopia
Microscopes will be provided so that students will be able to learn about bacteria and viruses and how to avoid disease and infections.
Amy Jeffers
LA / Performing Arts
Teaching Puppet Shows
Students will work in teams, write dialogues, create their own puppets, build the set and select the background music for the play which they will present.
Eva Martin
Let's Get Charged Up
Students will learn what electricity is, how it is made and how they can control it. They will do experiments, keep journals, present their findings and construct models.
Yolanda Sanders
French / Art
Journey To The Past
Students will study the French Revolution, choose one aspect of the revolution and create a model of it, such as the guillotine and put on a mini-skit.
Debra Minogue
All Subject Areas
Service Learning: Functional Art
Two kindergarten classes will work cooperatively to design and build a wooden bench and storage chest for the classroom as well as individual projects.
Adell Brock
Social Studies
Designing a Chinese Vacation
Students will integrate many aspects of Chinese culture including the literature, geography, celebrations, language and history. They will design and plan a week long vacation to China based upon their research.
Alison Newberry
LA / Science / Visual Arts
People of the Corn
Primary grade teachers will use the theme of corn to teach a unit that integrates folklore, visual arts, science, language arts, poetry, history and cooking. The unit will culminate in the publication of handmade books.
Laura Flores, Ana Calderon
Vick Early Childhood
Time to Grow and Learn
Pre-school special needs students will learn about plants from planting to harvesting in a raised garden bed filled with perennials, vegetables and herbs.
Marilyn Peterson, Patrice Thomas, Kathy McGarry, Catherine Lawton
Connecting Through Music
Students will demonstrate the ability to play a variety of instruments from other countries. They will also be able to discuss the impact of music and the history of the instruments in their country of origin.
FayeAnn Hirsh
Social Studies / Japan
The Silk Road
Students will explore and experience the cultures of countries along the Silk Road. They will then present their research papers orally in English and Japanese during International Week.
Sundy SaTsu
Science / Gardening
Whittier Garden Laboratory
The school's gardens will be converted into outdoor classrooms/ laboratories which will promote our students' scientific literacy and academic development in both English and Spanish.
Claudia Greene, Hedy Helfand, Martha Pedroza, Rosario Mirales, Martha Zepeda, Allie Epstein, Ruth Solis
Social Studies / Culture
Multicultural Exposure and Appreciation
Mexican American students will experience diversity by creating a buddy system with students at a multi-cultural school on the north side of Chicago (Walt Disney).
Andrea Schlachter, Leslie Gordan
Books Alive
In order to encourage reading, students will learn to produce, direct, perform and film a wide variety of literature based productions including puppetry, plays and videos.
Karen Percak, Evalyn Klott, Patricia Payne, David Wells
Woodson South / CPC
History / Writing / Art
The African Mask
After reading a play entitled, "The African Mask" and visiting an African Museum, kindergarteners will design and create African masks which they will write and speak about.
Linda Barrett
Motor Skill Development
Preschool "Brain Gym"
An indoor physical activity room will be created for pre- school students. This "Brain Gym" will have developmentally appropriate equipment for children to learn key motor skills.
Barbara Bates, Lorelei Emma