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2002 High School Winners


Biology / English
Old Fashioned Remedies From Around the World
Special Ed students will interview other students, family members and health practitioners concerning old-fashioned remedies used in a variety of countries. These interviews will be compiled into a radio documentary.
Eric Markowitz, Willa Thomas
Amundsen / Global Village School
Biology / Art
Amundsen Community Garden
A small school will establish a native plant and butterfly garden for the entire high school.
Connie Gaberik, Shane Hagene, Courtney Poan, Nicole Malos
Chicago Military
Economics in the Marketplace
Students will create and present business proposals which will be turned into a school store. They will report its activities at shareholder meetings.
Michael Biela
Chicago Military
Service Learning
Intergenerational Celebration
The project is to establish and nurture intergenerational relationships between cadets and the local elder community utilizing computer skills on the part of the cadets.
Teresa Knight, Alice Bratko, Gretchen Wilferth, Dina Morelli, Antoinette Barnes, Carol Moran, Tammi Garcia
Flower Vocational
Fine Arts / Music
Music Keyboard Lab
Through the purchase of additional electronic keyboards, students can learn how technology is used with music.
Adrian Jackson
Gage Park
How's Your Water?
Students will increase their scientific literacy through the hands-on study of water quality to improve the environment.
Patricia Parsons, Richard Brazier, Yacoub Al-Ubadi, Barbara Musial, June Jones, Maryann Stancik
Gallery 37 AAEP
Fine Arts / Photography
Non-Traditional Photographic Surfaces
Students will learn to produce original photographic digital images on a variety of surfaces.
Thomas Cinoman, Miriam Socoloff, Susana Erling, Jennifer Murray, Sonja Henderson
Graham Training Center
Special Ed
The Price is Right
Students will create and operate a school store after researching local groceries and dollar stores as well as other school stores.
Elizabeth Edohen, Patricia Marshall, Elizar Rodriguez, Juliana Adeleke
Music / Music Business
Generation 911: Our Lives & Times
Students will create a recording that expresses how they feel about the lives and times in which they live.
Vernon Lloyd, Paul Carter, Camille Davis, Lillian Commons, Jana Crane
Music / Video / TV
Harper's High School Voices of U.N.I.T.Y. Choir
Students will create the music and the lyrics of the songs along with a storyboard for the development of a video.
James Taylor, Vernon Lloyd, Jana Crane
Computer Science
School Web Site Creation
Students in the computer club will create and maintain the school's official web site.
Ross Anzalone, Luis Ingelmo, Crystal House
I.D.O.C. / Healy
Special Ed / Career Ed
Culinary Arts and its Career Possibilities
This project will empower students with the knowledge and significance of healthy food consumption. They will learn how to prepare food correctly and eat properly.
Dolores Randolph, Geraldine Jackson, Charles Lucky, Charles Rankin, Michelle Strong
Physics / Architecture
Go, Go Gadget Mind
Students will be given raw materials and asked to design, develop and build their own task oriented "robot." The robots will be tested in a school competition.
Alisa Bredensteiner
Kelvyn Park
Earth Science
Weather Spotting - Influences on Our Lives
This is an experiment in interdisciplinary instruction for students with special needs. Students will determine weather patterns and make analogies to weather conditions and their personal lives.
Annette DeAngelis
Environmental Ed
Teaching With Canoes
Canoes will be provided to start a canoe club whereby students can learn about rivers and communities.
John Heffernan
Art Inspires Art II
Art students will once again participate in a furniture and found object painting workshop in which furniture will be painted based upon original works of art. The furniture will be sold to raise money for a scholarship fund.
Deborah Ryder
Grand Boulevard Document Revisited
Students will document the past and project into the future of the historically significant Grand Boulevard Community using art, graphics and photography along with written commentary.
Thomas Cinoman, Phil Cotton, Linda Mohr, Dorothy Trenholm
Lake View
Writing / Publication
Lake View Literary Magazine/Publication
This is the second year of a school-wide literary publication that provides students in grades 9-12 with a forum for individual literary and artistic expression.
Kevin Holohan
Lane Tech
The Art of Diversity and Unity
Art classes will research and design banners to reflect the various ethnic groups represented at Lane. The banners will be permanently displayed in the halls.
Joan Vande Kieft, Jillian Wayne, Leticia Appleberry
Lincoln Park
Space Exploration
Common Ground - Space
Two unique groups of learners from very diverse backgrounds will engage in internet research, evaluate data at a space center, create an oversized galaxy model, write a research paper and present their projects.
Katherine Shea, Carol Widegren
Lincoln Park
History / Art
African-American History Quilt Experience
Regular and Special Ed inclusion students in two African American History courses will research, design and make a quilt.
Juanita Thurman
Lincoln Park
The Lion's Roar School Newspaper
The school's student-initiated and student-run newspaper covers a wide variety of school activities and is sent to the homes of subscribers.
Mary Enda Tookey, Student: Gloria Henrie, Student: Kira Hesser
Lindblom Tech
History / Music / Art
African American Fine Arts Festival
The high school students will invite elementary school students to participate in the first annual fine arts festival in celebration of African-American History Month.
Barbara Crock, Bradley Raymond, Steven Bradley, Mary Murphy, Robert Mishlove
Marshall Metro
Agriculture / Science
This project consists of the development and implementation of an integrated curriculum unit in Hydroponics and Aquaponics. Students will operate a commercial business of vegetable and herbal crops.
Carol Williams, Sandra Payne, Brenda Hartzol
Extracurricular Music Program
The addition of musical equipment to provide students with more opportunities for individual and group musical activities before and after school.
Michael Glenn, Kerry Rea, Michael Glenn, Jim Nelson, Sean Ryan
Noble St Charter
Art / Ceramics
Theatre Bill Extraordinaire
Students will create a ceramic mosaic facade to be placed in a nearby theater for the posting of playbills of upcoming events and performances.
Joellen Desautels, Tom Arvetis
Noble St Charter
Biology / Community Service
West Town Community Health Fair
This project will teach students to become effective health educators in the local community. They will gain an understanding of animal organ systems, study human nutrition and complete and present a health-related research project.
Jim O
Northside College Prep
Celestial Arts
The students in this Colloquium will focus on the design and creation of the mosaics that will be placed on the council circle which is part of the celestial garden on campus.
Joanne Minyo, Tim Devine, Dave Vaneni, Neil Koreman
Northside Learning Center
Vocational Training
Tunnel of Roses
A select group of students and staff will construct a tunnel-like structure near the main entrance of the school. Climbing rose bushes will be planted to surround the tunnel.
Steve Kotis, Arthur Takaoka, Tomas Rodriguez, Jose Martinez
Partee APC
Fine Arts / Writing
Honoring Heroes
Students will learn about contributions of African Americans prior to the Civil Rights Movement. They will draw, create posters, construct diagrams, choreograph dances, act in skits and showcase their work.
Sharon Powell, Wanda Lee
Partee APC
Art / History
Root, Route, Roots
Students will learn about African artifacts, traditions and creative expressions which have influenced African American heritage today. They will make diagrams, draw pictures and maps and design masks.
Bobbiette Turner, Beverly Long, Fred Hamilton
Payton Prep
Vocational Arts
Woodworking Classes
Students will draw a design for planters and then build them as part of a woodworking class. The planters will become a permanent part of the school greenhouse.
Michael Blades, Cecilia McGowan, Jennie Amidei, Maggie Folk
Payton Prep
The Great Art Giveaway
Art students will create artwork for the covers of empty sketchbooks which will be donated to teenage patients at Children's Memorial Hospital.
Phyllis Burstein
Payton Prep
Whirligigs in the Windy City
The art club students will design, create and install a sculpture inspired by folk artists, public art sculptors and pneumatics machines, specifically whirligigs. The sculpture will be installed on school grounds.
Paula Thum, Sam Dyson
Perspectives Charter
Pleasant Perspective(s): Campus Beautification
Students will participate in the beautification of the side courtyard adjacent to the school. They will produce mosaic-topped tables, benches and planters along with gaily-painted canvas banners.
Juarez Hawkins
Perspectives Charter
English / Art
Memoirs and Legacies
The first class to graduate as seniors will read memoirs written by others before writing their own memoirs which will be bound into books. They will also inscribe tiles to be installed at school.
Paola Ruocco, Lara LeVoy
Proctor APC
Service / Adventure Ed
Learning to Serve ... Learning to Lead
Students will be exposed to team building opportunities through outdoor classroom learning experiences. The skills learned will be applied to helping others through service learning projects.
Deborah Davis, Elizabeth Clarke, Joanne Glass, Dorothy Richardson
Proctor APC
Social Studies / Performing Arts
The Future of our Past
Using stage production, video, music and fashion, students will chronicle major events that have impacted our society.
Elizabeth Clarke, Deborah Davis, Joanne Glass, Kelly Naughton, Joseph Murphy, Keisha Perkins
Multicultural Mural
Students will research and create a multi-cultural mural in the school cafeteria.
Debra Poncher, Deborah Sukenik, Shannon Scott, Mike Healy, Meghan Gargas, Dave Friedman, Joseph Loisi
Rodriguez APC
Character Education
Character Education Division Banners
Students will research character education traits. They will make banners illustrating the traits that will be displayed throughout their school.
James Byrne, Miles Valles, Laura McLean
International Percussion Ensemble
Students will form a percussion ensemble using instruments from Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Theodore Brown
Senn Metro Academy
Music Production
Students will be introduced to alternative career opportunities in the music industry while conceiving, creating, producing and marketing an original musical score.
Ruth Clifford, Gary Narakas
South Shore
English / Social Studies
Our America Part II
The freshman class of the School of Entrepreneurship will read "Our America." They will interview residents which will be documented in writing, photographs and audio tape.
Bill Gerstein, Seth Patner, Latanya Burke, Steve Guarneri
Vaughn Occupational
Physical Ed
Special Education students will embrace technology while training for the Special Olympics for both winter and spring events using heart rate monitors and pedometers.
Enid Chesler
Vaughn Occupational
Inviting Picasso and Friends to Dinner
Students will research various artists via books and the internet. They will then design tableware in the style of the artist they selected to research and set a table with their works of art.
Dara Gannon
Vaughn Occupational
Service Learning
Assisting Seniors in the Community
Once again, Special Ed students will take care of the outdoor needs of seniors such as snow removal and general cleanup as well as delivering plants to seniors in a nursing home.
Gerard Slania, Barbara Foley
Von Steuben Metro
Drama / Writing / Photos
Von Steuben's Third Annual Film Festival
This grant will enable the school to purchase a new projection screen for the auditorium where the annual film festival is held.
Kerry Catlin, Carlo Trovato, Al Lieteau, Ellen O'Keefe
Math / Art / Social Studies
The Quilt Project
A Quilt Club will be formed where students will learn how to design and sew quilts that represent patriotism, school history and spirit. The quilts will be donated to the needy.
Beverly Matushek, Joan Nammari, Ellen Moffat, Lily Woodbury
History / Sociology
Chicago's Southeast Side: Cultural Institutions
Students will conduct a cross-cultural study of the Southeast Side of Chicago. The results of their study will be published in a booklet
Rod Sellers, Danielle Crown, Sandra Koehler, Michelle Ferguson
Wells Community
Landscape Design
Green Streets Design and Landscaping Pathway
Students will design, install and maintain an interiorscape/ecosystem using an inter-disciplinary team approach.
Anthony Abboreno, Ted Dallas, Greg Konieczko, Jack Frazer, Tony Abboreno, Jose Santana, Carmen Martinez
York Alternative
English / Critical Thinking
Developing Critical Thinking Skills Through Chess
This is our third year supporting a chess program and tournament with both regular and Special Education students in a jail school environment.
James Hilton, William Jones, Ruth Diaz, Evelyn Chandler, Dana Wilson, Al Svoboda, Pat McCullar, Gerald Jones, Michael Fleming, Abraham Watson, James Muhammed, Earl McCullar
York Alternative
Environmental Science
This is a continuing program designed to teach subject matter through horticulture, hydroponics and aquademics to incarcerated inner-city youth.
Barbara Horwick, Geraldine Harden, Evelyn Chandler, Peter Hayden, Myri Jenty, William McFarland, Clovia Wray
Young Women's Leadership
Health / Recreation
Yoga: Promoting Peace and Vitality
Students will be introduced to the ancient practice of yoga which hopefully they will incorporate into their lives to reduce stress and promote harmony.
Kristin Jones, Jane Tuma
Young Women's Leadership
Mosaic Bird Baths
Students will be taught how to design and decorate bird baths using glass and ceramic tiles.
Pat Guizzetti