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2006 Elementary School Winners


Performing Arts
Junior Broadway Stars
While creating a Broadway musical, students will learn proper vocal, dance and acting techniques. The experience will also enhance life skills such as critical thinking, team building, and problem solving.
Jennifer Caruso, Nicholas Hall
Albany Pk
Performing Arts
Cultural Exchange
Using the Albany Park community as a resource, students will learn cultural understanding through ethnic folk dances.
Ana Retamal, Mark Bennett, Rick Rizzo
Language Arts
Renaissance With a Twist
The Renaissance with a Twist unit is a cross-curricular unit, enhanced by the arts, designed to foster cognition and creativity through the development of applied learning competencies using Renaissance literature.
Carolyn Maragh, Elena Turczeniuk, Yvonne Wynn-Buckner, Shante Wynn, Jennifer Prieur, Eugenio Escriba, Michelle Knight, Rodney Stapleton
Fine Arts
Sixth through eighth grade gifted students will learn the art of printmaking through hands-on projects and also study the works of famous print-makers like Toulouse-Lautrec and Andy Warhol.
Catherine Hellmann
Running on Sunlight
Students will learn the value of solar energy by building solar ovens, solar cars, hot boxes, solar collectors, a solar greenhouse, hot air balloons and solar balloons
Barbara Thomas
Fine Arts
Illinois Native Prairie Stewards
Students will research and grow native plants and create mosaics that illustrate the prairie ecosystem, all of which will be represented in a native prairie garden at Bell School.
Shana Pearlmutter, JoAnne Groshek, Suzi Gantz
Latin Jazz: School of Salsa
The project provides an opportunity for young musicians to progress musically and to demonstrate their culture to the school community as part of our Latin Jazz Orchestra.
Craig Segal
Black Middle
RAB Science Expressions
Students submit science fiction, creative writing and editorials or news reports to our science journal for publication. 7th graders meet weekly to promote, design, edit and publish a periodic journal of student work.
Pamela Breitberg
Fine Arts
Blaine Does Broadway
In this school-wide event classrooms research and select a favorite song or dramatic piece from a Broadway musical to present in the end of the year arts event
Eileen Cutler, Carolyn Price, Shana Ryback, Pat Dempsey, Colin McGeehan, Nubia Pumerajo, Sandra Wrencher
The BullDog Press
Students will produce a comprehensive student run newspaper that provides them with valuable journalism and photography skills, as well as a voice for their generation.
Joyce Yang, Gavin Creaden
Fine Arts
Artist Shining Bright
The students are inspired to work on this project because they feel it is important to beautify their school. It will also to teach them the cultural importance of various artworks.
Arturo Barrera, Joseph Roberson
Language Arts
The Art of Poetry
The "Art of Poetry" helps students become lifelong readers of poetry by having them perform it and create artworks in response to it.
R. Steven Renfro, Kate Schick, Maryann Noonan, Todd Medintz, Jay Annadurai, John Kuijper
Reading Fun From A-Z
Second grade and Kindergarten students will work together, using a hands-on approach to create a professionally published book entitled
Rachel Christlieb, Sara Nonneman
Students Achieving Literacy Through Technology is a project that integrates technology into the curriculum to increase student learning. SALLT encourages teachers and students to work collaboratively.
Patricia Johnson, Joyce Anderson, Catherine Gatlin, Maureen Tucker
Fine Arts
Rainforest Mosaics
Students in 5th, 7th, and 5-8 Special Education will work together to create a large scale rainforest mosaic for the main foyer of Carpenter.
Stacey Shroyer, Liz Tamayo, John Hillier
Fine Arts
Christopher's Corner Cafe
To refurbish our often-used 70 year old cafeteria with a fresh coat paint/new background and create an inviting environment for the students to be able to enjoy their meals.
Amy McKee, Kathleen Eklund, Salley McGrath, Carole O'Brien
C.S.I.: Claremont
This project is a who-done-it in the style of Sherlock Holmes introducing the students to the modern technology of forensic science.
Joy Reeves, Lexi Coffee, Jonathan Meeks, Julie Scott, Javier Velazquez, Kate Pfeifer, Mary Maloney, David Berkson
Fine Arts
Solar Powered Sculpture
Students will build a solar powered sculpture/mobile that will publicly and permanently display arts and science integration.
Lexi Coffee, Joy Reeves, Kate Pfeifer
Language Arts
Joust Read
Our students will learn about the Middle Ages and master the game of chess. They will become better critical thinkers, problem solvers and strategizers.
Feme Pacilio, Geri Morris, Joyce Howard, Nicole Martinez
American Music Project
This project will raise students' awareness of American Music and its significance in our society.
Kathy Escamilla-Zielinski
Solve This!
Students will develop their problem solving abilities as they participate in solving real world problems, organizing a problem solving game, and creating a display for a math fair.
Manuel Gregory
De Diego
Fine Arts
De Diego Circus
The circus will enable the students to learn how to build a 3D figure in a creative way.
Maureen Barry, Lee Jeremy
De Diego
Fine Arts
Marking a Legacy
Working cooperatively, 5 eighth grade classes will design and create 6 murals on the outside front entrance to the school.
Veronica Nava, Maureen Barry, Zabrina Diaz, David Hernandez, Antonio Rivera, Eric McCabe, Dan Gray, William Chrobak-Prince, Ruth Evermann
De Diego
Fine Arts
Restructured and Wearable
All seventh graders will make two unique pieces of art that will be the result of teamwork and an integrated curriculum.
Ruth Evermann, Aaron Borjon, Carmen Brazy, John Navarro, Mariliz Salgado, Jennifer Wolf
Keep it Simple
The 5th grade students will mentor the 3rd grade students to identify simple machines and create their own simple machine.
Nicole La Maka, Deena Carroll
Language Arts
Adventures in Nature
Students will learn about butterflies, their lifecycles, and their role in nature. They will create a butterfly gallery in their classroom.
Yollande Gottlieb
Physical Education
All the World's My Playground
Children will become junior Olympians participating in games from around the world to increase their physical fitness, peaceful play and knowledge of global games.
Liz Ostman, Felice Madda, Maria Cervantes, Leonie Deutsch, Christine Shaw, Jackie Crawford
Get a Grip!
This project teaches students the engineering design process to successfully design and build a prosthetic arm.
Michael Valente
Social Studies
Multiculturalism in Action
Students will be enriched by learning different cultures and establishing relationships with students from other ethnic backgrounds. They will also appreciate the similarities and differences of other ethnic groups.
Ruth Sanchez-Schlachter, Laura Lopez, John Polhill
The Physics of Roller Coasters
Students will design and construct a working roller coaster that exhibits Newton's 3 Laws of Motion. Students will use the roller coaster to collect/analyze data.
Ann O'Brien
Fine Arts
Back To School: Chairs In The Hood
Students will decorate designer chairs & write reports to describe Chicago neighborhoods, create stage scenery for a school play, and paint a bench dedicated to Alexandre Dumas' swashbuckling heroes.
Reuven Robinson, Joseph Oswald, Gloria Benford, Gail Lee, Berry Melissa, Mrs. Powell
Edison Gifted
Performing Arts
Spring Performing Arts/Film Fest
The Spring Performing Arts/Film Fest features music, dance, drama and film projects from the 4th through 8th grades at Edison Regional Gifted School.
Deni Drinkwater
Fine Arts
The Evers' School House Rocks!
Schoolhouse Rock Live! Junior is a hip, entertaining and educational musical that shows young people that learning can be as fun as you choose to make it.
Monique Whittington, Anthony Jones, Barbara Peck
Fine Arts
Glass Art in the United States
This project teaches the forms and colors of two epochs in American glassmaking: colonial and the contemporary studio glass movement from 1960 until now
Mary-Claire O'Neill
Performing Arts
Consider Yourself...Oliver Twist!
The students will study the life of poor children in Charles Dickens's England through the novel Oliver Twist, compare literary styles of a novel versus the musical script 'Oliver' and perform the musical version.
Mary Bonnett, Paula Clark, Abby Whiteknight
Fine Arts
Audio-Visual Club
After school Audio-Visual club whereby students create a short film, play, commercial, news program, or talk show.
Nicole Merryfield Coy
Science Through the Alphabet
This project is an event for 1st graders who are partnered with parents to visit A to Z science stations that have hands-on activities on such topics as volcanoes, trees, plants and animals.
Nancy Clarke, Leticia Corona, Lynn Bosko, Elaine McGowan, Ana Rentmeester, Barbara Salas
Social Studies
Lift Every Voice!
This project encourages students to utilize African-American history to know who they are, to grow and be motivated toward positive goals.
Benita Whitfield-Shanklin, Jonathan Love, Nicolette Ferst
Fine Arts
Children's Book Illustrating
After reading and analyzing award winning children's books, students will create their own stories and illustrate them using drawing, painting, and block printing techniques.
Patrick Waldron
Fine Arts
Art on the Move: Clay Animation
Students will learn how to use clay, digital cameras and computers to create clay animations.
Duone Brown
Penny Wise and Dollar Knowledgable
Students will practice counting and managing money. Students will visit and learn about two local businesses in their area.
Karen Lynch, Eileen Cahill, Linda Jones
Fine Arts
In the Harte of the Amazon
Students will create a mosaic representation in combination with mural painting of the Amazon and all its life forms.
Alexis Staryk
Fine Arts
Civil Rights Mosaic Murals
Students will create three mosaic murals which will be installed within the school halls. The mural will commemorate three important moments within the Civil Rights Movement
Barbara Toczydlowska, S. White, K. Penson, L. Barnes, A. Reiman
Fine Arts
Crafting up Character Education
Students will realize the power of giving as they learn a variety of handicrafts. Students will connect with local groups to donate some of their handmade creations.
Sue Sessler
Language Arts
Extra!Extra! Read All About Hibbard
This project is the publication of a 64-page school newspaper developed by students in two after school programs designed to improve language arts, visual, and technological skills.
Bernadette Payne, Tara Welch, Phyllis Wooddell
Family History
Many Cultures - One World
The class will do a number of activities such as interviewing and researching their families backgrounds. They will read books that relate to the study of immigration in U.S. History.
Jessica Schubert
Hughes L
Language Arts
Marine Animals of Okinawa
The students will learn about marine animals of Okinawa both in Japanese and English and write plays about them. Students will perform their plays, based on their learned knowledge and skills, on Japan Day in April.
Sundy SaTsu
The Solar System and the Mayans
Our 4th graders will research the solar system and compare and make conclusions about the everyday practices and understanding of Mayan astronomy 1500 years ago.
Christina Korbakis, Norine Gutekanst, Olga Quiroga
Metal Math Mobiles
Students will build a metal mobile with three figures. Each figure will be the same except the figures will be scaled up or down according to a conversion factor.
Trish Davlantes, Elyse Martin
Language Arts
Stories on the Move
Early childhood and 6th grade students share friendships based on children's literature. A permanent display of storybook character banners will be created by the 6th graders for the enjoyment of all.
Elyse Martin, Trish Davlantes, Colleen Landauer, Veronica Levine
Lego League Competition
This project aspires to make science, math, engineering, and technology as cool for kids as sports are today while using real-world context and hands-on experimentation.
Juan Morales
Fine Arts
Poetry and Art through Quiltmaking
Each student will have the opportunity to compose a poem or a drawing on a 6 x 6 piece of material. All of the students squares will be assembled to create a quilt based on a theme of their choice.
Stavroula Sparagis, Jennifer Hey-Lewis
Language Arts
Cinderella in the City
Children will be exposed to fairy tales and other forms of literature to be able to compare and discuss the lessons they teach.
Cynthia Love, Tajuana Patterson, Cynthia Carothers, LIlia Banda
Language Arts
Documenting Success: Portfolios
Students will create a portfolio book that will document their unique growth over the course of the school-year.
Liz Goss, Mary Helen Chappetto, Cristie Bosch, Karen Simac, Jacquelle Hardy, Veronica Jackson, Reema Khetan, LaDonna Turner, Betsy Briskman
Physical Education
Dancing with a Science Twist
This project raises students' awareness of the health benefits of dance as physical exercise. It also enhances the dance program at Madison by providing quality tools to actively engage students during learning.
Natalie Davis, Dorian Mack, Linda Ward, Erin Furgason, Shaunda Partida
My Community
To increase middle school students' awareness of media, they will create a photo and written essay about their community. These prints and essays will be exhibited permanently at Marconi Community Academy.
Ingrid Swenson
Marshall Middle
You Give Me Fever: An Inquiry
Students will conduct an inquiry project into the spread of communicable diseases that integrates technology and content area classes across the grade levels and subject areas.
Deidre Habetler, Yolanda Williams, Pamela Jones, Yolanda Sanchez, Christa Alvarez
Life Skills
Swing into Learning!
Using an adapted swing designed to meet the needs of children with severe and profound disabilities, the students will be able to develop skills needed to better function in school and other educational settings.
Christine Gulino, Mathew Deepa, Carol Coffey
Social Studies
Bread Around the World
Students will bake four varieties of bread found in different cultures - tortillas, challah, naan, and soda bread. Students will discuss the significance of food and eating traditions in these cultures.
Jennifer Ohlson, Sojourner Cain, Phyllis Dunbar, Karyn Major, Lucia Mungai
Performing Arts
Nettlehorst on Broadway Live
From lighting design to set design to the acting on stage, students will produce the Broadway Junior version of School House Rock Live! for our school and community.
Jana Martin, Mary Ridley
Performing Arts
Chinese Opera Promotes Reading
Students will perform a Chinese Opera after they have researched and studied about the culture in China. They will learn the Ribbon Dance for girls and the Lion Dance for boys and perform on stage.
Barbara Conner, Maria Lawrecki, Shereen Tolba, Maxingmillian Gioia
Park Manor
Language Arts
Old School, New School
The project involves an examination of African-American literature, lyrics, and culture during the era of the Harlem Renaissance (circa 1905-1930) and the era of hip-hop (1985-present).
Lorita Purnell-James, Timothy Mikolay
Science Club
The purpose of this project is to implement an inquiry-based, hands-on Science Club at Peck Elementary School.
Amanda Scampini
A Musical Journey-South Africa
Students will create an original musical based upon a folk tale of South Africa. They will write the script and perform arranged music through singing and playing instruments.
Brooke Thompson, Suzanne Schaefer, Lianne Fritz, Judith McQuire
Fine Arts
Sharing & Showcasing Shakespeare
Students will engage in an in-depth study of the Renaissance period through literature, dance, drama and art. By helping to design and build a set, students will learn about backstage theatrical elements.
Donna Lawrenz, Josephine Sennet, Haneefa Muhammad
Fine Arts
Modular Garden Habitat
The progressive mural uses student scientific and fine arts' skills to enhance knowledge and beautify the environment.
Catherine Tanner, Tenesia Howell, Katherine Prins, Cindy Moser, Howard Ashanti
Social Studies
An International Festival
The International Festival is a culminating event of months of exploring countries around the world. Students will recreate their learning in a multi-sensory way.
Catherine Conde
Look Out, Wallace and Grommet!!
Students will create stop-motion animations using clay and web cams.
Mary Cobb, Jean Clement, Chandra Garcia, LaDonna Pitts, Star Breit
Social Studies
The Motown Era
In this project students will express their knowledge and creativity of the Motown Era. They will understand the political, economic, cultural, social and historical implications that resulted from the Motown movement.
Dana Butler, Maria Hernandez, Mayra Martinez, Yesenia Rodriguez, Franklin Paz, David MacWilliam, Charlease Bufford
Language Arts
Readers as Leaders
Third grade students will practice reading aloud to develop good oral fluency. After mastering these important skills, they will record books on tape to be distributed to younger struggling readers.
Jamie Downhower
Language Arts
Reading is Success
This project helps Special Ed students to increase their fluency and self-esteem and improve their learning behavior by creating their own tape-books. The books will be donated to first grade students.
Katleya Healy
English With Strings Attached
This project will provide intensive English language learners the unique opportunity to learn English while learning to play the guitar and singing American folk songs.
Anna Waywood, Mary Anne Fischer, Maria Coronado
Fine Arts
Story Telling Rainstick
The students will create rainsticks using PVC pipe, instead of the traditional cactus or bamboo.
Amy Manata
Language Arts
Hola! Welcome to our FIESTA!
This project will teach basic Spanish dialogue, expose the students to another culture and enable them to expand their language skills.
Sherry Cohen, Stephanie Keller
Language Arts
Time to Read, Time to Learn
This project will allow students of different cognitive abilities and ages to co-create a performance of a novel. The children will experience the excitement of learning and giving back to a larger community.
Julianne Soble, Debra Liu, Allison Lasner, Christine Kelly
We All Can Make Music Together
This project aims to adapt preschool musical (rhythm) instruments so that children with multiple disabilities can hold them and participate more fully in the school music therapy program with their non-disabled peers.
Julia Joehl, Maureen Griffin-Richardson, Sandy Dilla-Hammer, Mary Dilla, Colette McGrath, Irene Cable, Andrea Sagen, Kristen McManus
Fine Arts
Murals, Memories and More!
Students will construct a classroom mural to demonstrate learned concepts of the language and culture of the Spanish speaking world.
Kimberly Govoni, Areulia Shakir, Ellen Blustein
Performing Arts
Silent Stories
Eighth grade students will write, design, direct, perform, shoot and edit their own video in the style of early silent films.
Mark Nelson, Karen Coney, Lauren Cortesi
Structures Big and Small
Students will create and construct various structures by understanding concepts explored through this project.
Anna Kong, Mark Laske, Nora McCready
Spice Up Your Life
Students will substitute herbs and spices for salt to flavor different dishes in order to promote a healthier diet.
Tobi Friedman, Susan Kriesman
Tonti Branch
Growing Good Citizens
Students will establish pride and ownership of their school and community by creating an onsite garden in addition to planning, designing and building wooden planter boxes.
Suzanne Bush, Maria Cuevas, Michael Magada
Ward J
Fine Arts
Pop Art
Using Pop Art as inspiration, 7th and 8th graders will create prints and large scale sculptures.
Lauren Preisen
Fine Arts
Family Pictures: A Mural In Two Voices
Students, parents and siblings will collaborate to create an interactive mural space that documents family history. Art will include both image and text and works to create a people's history of Waters School.
Amy Vecchioni
Social Studies
Multicultural Exposure
Promoting multicultural exposure and appreciation for the various cultures present in Chicago schools.
Andrea Schlachter, Nora Arroyo, Gustavo Guerra