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2007 Elementary School Winners


Performing Arts
Agassiz Goes Into the Woods!
While creating a production of "Into the Woods Jr." students will fine-tune proper vocal, dance and acting techniques. The experience will further enhance life skills such as critical thinking and problem solving.
Jenni Caruso, Nicholas Hall
Social Studies / History
Living Histories
Through communicating with residents in a nursing home as pen pals, and through the creation of living histories of the residents, students will improve their writing skills and forge stronger ties to the community.
Michelle Knight, Yvonne Wynn-Buckner, Elena Turczeniuk
Life Skills
Multisensory Experiences
Students will learn to use information received through the senses in order to function smoothly in daily life. Sensory Processing Disorders can affect a child in how they move, learn, behave, play and make friends.
Andrea Smith, Kate Woodrow, Stacy Kalish
Armstrong, G.
Fine Arts
Art As Life Along The Silk Road
A caravan of creative lessons designed to introduce our multicultural school and community to the art & culture of the Silk Road. This project is a compliment to the Chicago Silk Road project 2006 -07.
Patricia Rain Gianneschi-McNichols, Alyese Fabisoff, Aileen Cornbleet, Amy Bernstein, Alison Mays, Amy Berenz, Xavier Martinez
Performing Arts
Blaine Does Broadway
In this school-wide event classrooms research and select a favorite song or dramatic piece from a Broadway musical to present in this end of the year arts event.
Eileen Cutler, Shana Ryback, Colin McGeehan, Carlos Juarez, Pat Dempsey, Maureen McCarthy, Nubia Pumerajo, Kristin Pagel, Sandra Wrencher
Performing Arts
Passports to Asia
Students will learn about Asian traditions and cultures through dance.
Gina Spears
Language Arts / English
Petit Poets: It's Never Too Soon!
Petit Poets is a language arts unit where the first grade students will enhance their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. We will culminate with a Coffee House Poetry Day in our classrooms.
Rebecca Zimmerman, Jameel Sultana, Roberta Sered, Kara Blinn, Margie Rogasner
Performing Arts
Shadow Stories of Indonesia
Students will explore the Silk Road and learn the stories and traditions of the diverse group of peoples. They will then create their own stories and present them in puppet theater form
Gail Locke, Judith Joyce, Colleen Schultz
Rocket Science...Math...and Art!
Groups of students in 5th and 6th grades will meet after school on a weekly basis to discuss rocket design, build and paint their own model rockets and eventually launch them.
Gavin Creaden
Performing Arts
Tap Roots
Students with disabilities will learn the art of tap dance. To learn to tap dance, children become familiar with music, math, memorizing and accessing body knowledge.
Avon Walker, Janice Ransom, Darries Johnson, Victoria Jackson
Language Arts / English
Write! Write! Write!
Fifth grade students will write and publish works of fiction and nonfiction for younger students.
Craig Johnson
Performing Arts
Tip Toes to Dancing Feet
Natalie Davis, Barb Domiani, Jackie Berger, Betty Swan, Debra Tammeling, Beverlie Cobbs, Bonnie McCarthy, Rita Rodriguez, Amy Cohan, Shawna Chavez
Chicago Academy
Fine Arts
From Mud to Masterpiece
Students will create clay sculptures and a tile mural utilizing different clay techniques such as coil building, slab construction and pinch pots. Students will view and discuss ceramic arts from around the world.
Heather Walters
Chicago Academy
Newspapers and Education
We will start a school wide newspaper with the fifth grade that will include writing, editing, graphics, animation and circulation.
Pamela Scala, Kathleen Barbaraz
Chicago Academy
Performing Arts
Once Upon a Time
While engaging in a full scale dramatic performance, second grade students will improve their critical thinking, reading, writing and their team building and problem-solving skills.
Terri Gierke, Sunshine Kapp
Fine Arts
Capturing Christopher's Uniqueness
The students of Christopher School, with and without disabilities, will work together to create a school yearbook that captures highlights of the 2006-2007 school year.
Joey Kelly, Amy McKee
Growing an Enabling Garden
We will build an enabling garden that will be used now and for many years to come by students with various disabilities.
Amy McKee, Theresa Benande, Joey Kelly, Pat Moran
Service Learning / Character Ed.
Together We Can FIX-IT
This project will teach disabled and non-disabled students to work together to care for and repair wheelchairs.
Erin Moody, Ann Muszynski, Joan Balark, Heidi Owens, Maureen Buending, Kathleen Meyer, Theresa Benande, Patrice Morrin
Comets Among the Stars
As part of our Space Month celebration, the 4th and 7th graders will participate in space science activities. They will then teach the activities to the younger grades and to their parents.
Joy Reeves, Jonathan Meeks, Ayesha Curtis, Wilbert Francis, Mary Maloney, Lexie Coffee, David Berkson
CSI: Claremont
The Case of the Missing Millionaire is a who-done-it in the style of Sherlock Holmes with the added touch of modern forensic science.
Julie Scott, Lexie Coffee, Joy Reeves, David Berkson, Mary Maloney, Javier Velazquez, Jonathan Meeks
De Diego
Physical Education
Drums Alive
This physical fitness project is a fun and energetic way for children to combine aerobic movements with the powerful beat and rhythm of the drums. It's a workout for the body and mind.
Jennifer Wolf, Maraliz Salgado, Rick Lopez, Lacora Rogers, Pam Alexandroff, Lisa Clemente
De Diego
Language Arts / English
Storytelling In DVD
Students' storytelling will be recorded for use as visual learning tools. Student CD's and books will be included in classroom libraries.
Ruth Evermann, Stanley Gajewski, Michael Nuccio, Lisa Clemente, LaCora Rogers, Molly Hayes, Danielle Reiner, Jeremy Lee
De La Cruz
Language Arts / English
The Circuit - Historical Panel
While reading the historical novel, The Circuit, by Francisco Jimenez students will research the lives of immigrant children and compare the immigrant children's lives to their own.
Monica Guerrero
Language Arts / English
DNN: Dever Network News
The purpose of this grant is to introduce teams of third and sixth grade students to the process of developing a broadcast news station and the impact it has on their every day lives.
Nicole La Maka, Deena Carroll, Michael Rosentiel, Robert Bialk
Performing Arts
A Salute to Broadway
The students at Dirksen Elementary will collaborate with Taft High School. They will work on a musical theatre review to be presented for the school and local community.
Barry Norton
Disney Magnet
Alternative Energy Exploration
Students will design models of technology that use alternative energy sources in order to collect data and form conclusions based on their uses as relevant fuel sources.
Ann O'Brien
Disney Magnet
Social Studies / History
Fair Exchange
Students will learn about the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 and create their own inventions and numerous art projects at their own Disney Fair of 2007.
Yollande Gottlieb
Disney Magnet
Performing Arts
Pen Pal and Multicultural Exchange
We will create a multicultural pen pal and folkloric dance exchange between Disney and Whittier schools.
Ruth Sanchez-Schlachter, Laura Lopez
Edison Regional Gifted
Performing Arts
Performing Arts and Film Fest
The Performing Arts/Film Fest features music, dance, drama and films from the 4th through 8th grades.
Deni Drinkwater
Fine Arts
Monday Afternoons at Edwards School
Students will replicate Seurat's "A Sunday on La Grande Jette" on the same size canvas that Seurat used.
Maura Walsh
Fine Arts
Mosaic Murals & Individual Mosaics
This project teaches the history of mosaics, including contemporary ones. Students will create four hands-on mosaic projects.
Mary-Claire O'Neill, Michael Noonan, Jaime Armstrong-Esquivel
Performing Arts
Ease on Down the Road to Evers!
Evers will purchase lighting and sound equipment for the student production of "The Wiz."
Monique Whittington, Anthony Jones, Barbara Peck
Fine Arts
Artistic Expressions
Kindergarten and first grade students will be introduced to a variety of art materials and techniques to create original pieces of art.
Melissa Auer, Catherine MacRae
Social Studies / History
The Road East: Unwrapping the Past
Students will learn about three Eastern cultures: Mesopotamia, Egypt and China. They will be archaeologists building a picture of the past based on culture, buildings, writings and traditions
Lillian Degand, Kathy Pozniak, Christine Kowalski
Fine Arts
A Reflection of Ourselves
Seventh and eighth grade students will work with community artists to design, create and install exterior mosaic murals.
Margaret Koreman
Fine Arts
Schoolhouse Rock Revisited
Students will create a "Schoolhouse Rock" video of grammar lessons for English language learners, their teachers and parents.
Nicole Coy
Gallistel Lang Acad
Performing Arts
Fairy Tales in French and Spanish
Students hone foreign language skills through a hands-on project in which they perform a fairy tale in French or Spanish, according to their selected language of study.
Margo Martin, Patricia Villa, Diana Avila, Kristina Beck
The Gray Line Delivers the News!
A cohort of 35 students will publish a school newspaper. Students will write, revise, edit, publish and distribute The Gray Line to over 1350 students, their families, the staff and the community.
Jamie Annunzio
Fine Arts
A New Esthetic
Hedges is in the midst of a transformation, integrating the arts into the curriculum. Students will create murals and mosaics all over the school.
Sheli Hadari
Fine Arts
Quilting Our Collective Histories
Students in the sixth and seventh grades will complete one large quilt which will document important moments within their familial histories. This quilt will be installed in the hall of the school.
Barbara Toczydlowska, Kathleen Penson, Felicia McClain, Tommiezene Miller, Lillian Evans, Carol Zigulich
Fine Arts
Getting Down to the Knitty Gritty
Students will learn to knit and/or become more experienced knitters. They will create handmade items to wear, give as gifts and to donate.
Sue Sessler
Hibbard School Newspaper Club
Our project is the publication of a 60+ page annual newspaper that incorporates all writing styles from poetry to expository, as well the visual arts.
Phyllis Wooddell, Bernadette Payne, Tara Welch
Journey through the Rainforest
Students will study the rainforests' biodiversity, the role of human impact on rainforests and learn how people can help preserve rainforests.
Dolly Tovar, Ivonne Mosquera, Edgar Pineda
Irving Park Middle
Performing Arts
I Am a Poem
Students will research and write poetry, publish their poetry, and perform the poetry for their peers and parents.
Raymond Wohl, Norine Riley, MIranda Waszak, Michael Cobian, Amy Gray, Scott Bischoff, Nancy Endre, Elizabeth Michals
Performing Arts
Multicultural Exploration and Dance
This project will serve to broaden our students' cultural perspective as well as introduce them to the fundamentals of folkloric dance.
Andrea Schlachter, Mahli Wray
Johns Academy
Fine Arts
Art in the Diaspora, Part 2
This project connects the rich heritage of African-Americans with the lost art forms of sewing, knitting and quilting. The project will be integrated into the social studies curriculum.
Brandi Whitfield-Lewis, Katina Brown, Rhonda Walls, Athena Harden
Performing Arts
Puppets and Plays for Proficiency
Our project focuses on English language learners, Kindergarten through Fifth grades. Students will learn to use English authentically while working with English-speaking peers to create and perform fairy tales.
Kerrie Orrick, Juana Resendiz, Belia Darwish, Louisa Pizarro, Anastasia Halicki, Katherine Herrmann, Janice Cowley, Dana Sperling, Elizabeth Lancaster
Life Skills
Microscope Mystery
Students will explore the micro world of plants and animals using homemade microscope slides and compare plant and animal cells from around the world.
Zijada Cobovic
Family History
Smile, You're on Candid Camera
Special Education students will take photographs of their families and write about their lives. The photos and writings will be assembled into a photo journal book.
Esther Honson
Language Arts / English
Signing up to a Good Book
Deaf students will use sign language to tell a story to younger children. Their presentations will be videotaped and shown in the younger classes of hearing impaired students.
Melissa Wojciechowski, David Taylor
Performing Arts
Kipling Dance Club
This club, in partnership with the Joffrey Ballet Middle School Dance Club, will provide multiple opportunities for students to see professional dance performances, learn dances and perform for other Chicago Public Schools.
Eileen Sheehan
Fine Arts
The Thursday Club
This after school art club will focus on creating stained glass jewelry and small stained glass windows for sixth - eighth grade students.
Connie Heimann
Partners in Eco-Exploration
Third and seventh graders will work as partners while conducting inquiry-based investigations into the environment to understand how their actions can make a positive impact.
Amy Andrews, Sue Nutter, Marisa Lopez, Demetrius Sajous-Brady
Fine Arts
Photo Documentary
This will be a collaborative photo documentary project between Marconi and Goldblatt elementary schools. Students will learn photo documentary skills and practice those skills throughout the year.
Ingrid Swenson, Bob Mishlove
Performing Arts
Our Kids Are Performers!
As members of the Medill Dance Troupe, students will learn to dance and will serve as role models for the entire school.
Dalvalie Friend
Fine Arts
Classic Characters Showcase
Using classic characters from literature as inspiration, students will transform the library into a showcase for literature-based art.
Julie Toole, Annemarie Strom
Performing Arts
Community Recorder Club
Students and parents will learn to read music and play the recorder. As a culminating activity, they will give a public performance as an ensemble.
Tiffany Frayer
Mt. Greenwood
School Physics Day
Eighth grade students will design, demonstrate and explain different activities that incorporate physics into each grade level in an elementary school.
Laura Fleming, Mary Bopp, Karen Finnin, Cynthia Morris
Fine Arts
Constructions: Ancient and Modern
Students will recreate an architectural model of an ancient or modern structure with recycled materials.
Edward Pino, Janet Brisenio, Ilene Boyle, Marlene Chavez, Luis Hernandez, Derek Freidheim, Alyssa Dons
Park Manor
Studio Masters
The project is designed to educate youth on the foundations of music production, recording and involvement in the music recording industry.
Lorita Purnell-James
Performing Arts
Adventures of Hansel & Gretel
Students will create an original musical production based upon two German stories. They will write the script and perform arranged music through singing and playing instruments.
Brooke Thompson, Lianne Fritz, Nora Tesmond, Suzanne Schaefer
Performing Arts
Sharing and Showcasing Shakespeare
Students will engage in an in-depth study of the Renaissance period through literature, drama, music, art and costume construction.
Donna Lawrenz, Maria Perryman, Haneefa Muhammed, Josephine Sennet
Solutions to Pollution
This is a hands-on science unit which teaches students scientific concepts and how they can help improve the environment.
Burton Jones
Pershing West
Family History
Intergenerational Project
This project offers an opportunity for all ages to gather together and share. It is during this sharing that each group learns more about the other, creating an atmosphere of mutual respect.
Cheryl Watkins
Language Arts / English
Starting the Summer Off Right!
This grant will show Salazar's families what resources are available to help their children grow over the summer.
Jamie Downhower, Rocio Negrete, Maria Carmen Gomez, Gerard Kovach
Performing Arts
English at its Best, Wayout West
Second grade bilingual students will learn guitar and singing skills to improve their English while performing.
Mary Ann Fischer, Anna Waywood
Performing Arts
English With Strings Attached II
Fourth and fifth grade students will learn to play guitar and sing. They will perform for parents, teachers and classmates.
Anna Waywood, Mary Ann Fischer
Physical Education
We've Got Rhythm
We will introduce our students in grades three to five to a rhythmic movement unit using folk dances and manipulatives to enhance their physical development and social skills.
Paula Madden, Penny Haritos
Performing Arts
Junkanoo Celebration
This project will motivate students to study the history and culture of the Bahamas through costumes making, instrument making, singing and dancing.
Cecile Savage, Kimberley Easter, Cynthia Troutman, Taisha Manning
Life Skills
Sensational Kids
This project will enhance motor skills, body awareness, play and communication skills for children with severe/profound disabilities.
Andrea Sagen, Sara Schubert, Ann Russell, Julia Joehl, Sandy Dilla-Hammer
Lift Off
Students will explore the principles of flight by building gliders and designing and launching rockets using real-world application of the scientific method.
Anna Kong, Nora McCready, Karen Coney, Mark Laske, Angela Tate
Talking About My Animation
Students will create animations based on their journey to America through art, social studies and science.
Mark Nelson, Karen Coney, Anna Kong
Performing Arts
West African Drumming Ensemble
African-American students will be immersed in the culture and traditions of their ancestors through percussion.
Greg Waggoner
Fine Arts
It's a Small World
Students will learn to appreciate cultural diversity by studying the ways holidays and important events are celebrated around the world through song, dance and craft activities.
Tobi Friedman, Susan Kriesman
Tonti Branch
Growing Good Citizens
Students will establish pride and ownership of their school and community by creating an onsite flower and vegetable garden in addition to planning, designing and building raised garden beds.
Suzanne Bush, Maria Cuevas
Tonti Branch
Tune Into Tonti
Our students will be involved in the preproduction, recording, postproduction and publishing of a school podcast.
Maria Cuevas, Suzanne Bush, Neil Erickson
Life Skills
Improving Students' Sense-abilities
The development of a multi-sensory room will create learning opportunities for students with sensory integration difficulties.
Meghan Jennings
Ward, J.
Fine Arts
Art Along the Silk Road
Third, fourth and sixth grade students will create artwork inspired by traditional techniques that were passed along the Silk Road.
Lauren Preisen
Washington, H.
A Stone Soup Garden
Using the traditional folktale,
Lindsay McGrane, Cassandra Starr
Fine Arts
Recycling Our Way To Global Citizen
This is a garden mosaic sculpture project that aims to improve recycling, raise public awareness of electronic waste in our community and increase students
Amy Vecchioni, Pete Leki
Fine Arts
Quilting: Where Art & Science Meet
Yates will offer an after school Quilting Club that will allow students to learn about quilting by designing and constructing their own quilts to be showcased throughout the school.
Wendy Jackson, Megan Stytz, Joseph Casanovas
Life Skills
An Ounce of Prevention
The project goal is for fourth graders to provide health and safety instruction to younger students and families.
Eileen Cabrera, Nancy Weiting, Jennifer Lozier, Ralph Cabrera
Science In Our Lives
Students submit creative writing and art pieces to our journal for publication. Sixth and eighth grade volunteer students meet weekly to promote, design, edit and publish a periodic journal of student work.
Pamela Breitberg, Daniel Guzman