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2008 Elementary School Winners


Performing Arts
Agassiz's Golden Ticket!
Students will enhance life skills such as critical thinking and problem solving and will have the opportunity to fine-tune vocal, dance and acting techniques when they create a production of "Ronald Dahl's Willy Wonka Jr."
Nicholas Hall, Jan Heyn-Cubacub
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
The Green Unit
The goal of the Green Team is to raise awareness of energy consumption and alternative energy sources with the creation of a roof top garden.
Akemi Taguchi, Cathleen Fitzsimons, Jenny Heyden-Steinman
Ames Middle
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
Money! Money! Money!
This is a project designed to develop students
Manuel Gregory
Armstrong, G.
Fine Arts
Camouflage: Art Of Disruption
Students will trace the history of camouflage through the cubist movement of Pablo Picasso, through two World Wars, to the current Visual Culture of today. Students will create disruptive paintings, sculptures & fabrics, culminating in a Performance Art Piece.
Patricia Rain Gianneschi-McNichols, Alison Mays, Aileen Cornbleet, Elyese Fabisoff, Caroline De La Rosa
Language Arts / English
Our Stitches: Protest Arpilleras
One hundred eighth grade students from all three Bell departments will create arpilleras, traditional South American textiles used as protest tools in the social justice fight against the Pinochet regime in Chile.
Shana Pearlmutter, Suzanne Saposnik, Peter Barash, Elizabeth Davis
Performing Arts
Blaine Does Broadway
Classrooms will research and select a favorite song or dramatic piece from a Broadway musical to present in this end of the year arts event.
Eileen Cutler, Shana Ryback, Colin McGeehan, Nubia Pumerajo, Patricia Dempsey, Gladys Vaccarezza, Carolyn Price
Performing Arts
Moving with Pazaaz
The students will move and dance, clap and use their bodies as an instrument to understand the fundamentals of music. They will create dances and movement appropriate to the music.
Charlotte Davis
Performing Arts
Latin Fever
This is a project for a seventh grade dance ensemble elective course sponsored by the Joffrey Ballet. They will learn dance standards as well as social emotional learning standards, with an overall theme of Latin dance.
Gina Spears
Family History
Through My Grandparents' Eyes
Students will interview their grandparents to understand their heritage. They will illustrate their heritage through the medium of drawing and painting on canvas.
Soledad Erickson, Gail Locke
Social Studies / History
Japanese Culture Week
Students will research projects on Japanese culture, including a Haiku Poetry Slam, a School Pride Day, an Origami workshop, and a Taiko drumming lecture and performance.
Leslie Lyles
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
Brentano Academy Rocket Club
Students in the 4th through 7th Grades, will meet after and/or before school on a weekly basis to discuss design features, build their own model rockets from kits, paint their rockets with an air brush, and then participate in a field trip where they will launch their rockets.
Gavin Creaden
Fine Arts
Brentano's Cool Globes
Participating students will create their own sculptures of the earth, inspired by the Cool Globes public art display in Chicago. Throughout the construction process, students will learn about climate change and explore ways to use art/images to convey a message.
Jill Boehnke
Fine Arts
The Urban Shoe Project
Students participating in the "Urban Shoes Project" will learn the history, view visuals and discuss the concepts from Tyree Guyton's Heidelberg Project. They will create emulations from the Heidelberg Project with recovered shoes, paint and other found objects.
Sara Simon
Performing Arts
Music to Move You!
Students in an early childhood special education program will use music as a medium for increased body awareness and gross motor acquisition. The program will encourage repetition of therapeutic techniques and transition of learning between school and home.
Melissa Mendoza, Shannon Mueller
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
Young Investors
Eighth grade students will learn about investing in the stock market by researching companies, their brands, and their stock prices. The information gathered through research and surveys will be communicated with graphs, brochures, PowerPoints, portfolios and posters.
Kelly Shepard, Amanda Davis, Catherine Hegwood
Performing Arts
Read My Hips
Through the use of a dance studio and portable mirrors provided by this grant, teachers and students will have the space to collaborate and develop dance pieces to be performed at our Annual Family Literacy Night.
Heidi Stirling, Lisa Macri, Lisa Dimberg, Claribel Padin
Carver Middle
Fine Arts
Carver Collaborates: Video Visions
Students in grades 5-8 will integrate art and media into short films using camcorders, digital cameras and other various recording equipment on topics selected by the students and their teachers, aided by a professional video artist and the Carver Middle Fine and Performing Arts Team.
Shelley Rosenstein, Andrea Guillebeaux, Adrienne Ledree, Kaaron Singleton, Kim Brasfield, Mary Tillery, Clarence Kelley, Robert O'Hara, Josephine Jenkins
Performing Arts
Dancing & Drumming to an Irish Beat
Students will develop skills for playing percussion instruments and dancing percussive rhythms authentic to Irish Dance and Music. Students will learn to play instruments and dance autonomously to accompany peer performances.
Natalie Davis, Heidi Farrand, Danielle Juracka
Service Learning / Character Ed
Buiding Character, Prevent Bullying
Students will resolve conflicts together and to decrease behavior problems by looking at the positive side of situations. Students will have the materials and opportunity to not only be aware of the fact that the things they do or say affect the people around them but also learn how it affects themselves.
Meghan Nolan, Anne Marie Mallon, Gamberg Lara, Kompare Cathy, Stacy Ambler, Pat Quinn
Chicago Academy
Fine Arts
Continuation of Mud to Masterpiece
Students will view images of ceramics from around the world and discuss ceramics in our lives. They will then create clay sculptures and tile murals using different clay techniques such as coil building, slab construction and pinch pots.
Heather Walters
Chicago Academy
Performing Arts
Musical Styles of the World
Students in grades 5-8 will learn to read musical notation by playing xylophones provided by this grant.
Carolyn Williams
Chicago Intl Basil
Language Arts / English
Learning Through Listening Program
The listening center is designed for students who cannot read with the class because of their inability to read grade level material and or comprehend what is read. This equipment will allow the students to listen to lessons recorded in a special format making the lessons fully navigable for them.
Sarah Tillman
Choir Academy
Performing Arts
Brazilian Samba Drum Orchestra
We will teach the history of the Samba (African origins, Brazilian development) and then the style and techniques necessary to put together a percussion ensemble performance.
Benjamin Rivera, Corin Healey, Rich Urban, Daniel Nicky, Melissa Arning
Special Education
Enabling Garden Tile Mosaic
This project is for the 6th grade class and their Sp. Ed. buddies to work together to make a tile mosaic wall to be hung in the school's enabling garden.
Arlene Stark, Grace Szafran, Dolores Pogor
Service Learning / Character Ed.
Together we keep FIXING-IT!
This project will teach disabled and non-disabled students to work together to care for and repair wheelchairs. This project will also heighten non-disabled student awareness with regards to the needs of their disabled peers.
Erin Moody, Pat Morrin
CICS - Longwood
Fine Arts
Exploring Cultures Through Art
Students will compare cultures in differing times and places through their art and artifacts viewed at the Art Institute of Chicago. Mixed-media art works will be displayed throughout the school.
Keeley Stitt, Wesley Miller
De Diego
Fine Arts
Around the Eagle
Around the Eagle Fine Arts Festival provides an objective goal towards which students can work by applying the artistic skills, methods and analysis they develop during the school year. It gives them the opportunity to showcase their artistic achievements.
Maureen Johnson, Michelle Clafford, Brenda Hernandez, Juan Madrigal, William Prince, Ruth Evermann
De Diego
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
Leaf Life
Using mathematics, science, art, writing and technology, students will use two different types of art media to mirror the pumping process of the vascular system in leaves.
Ruth Evermann, Margaret Moran, Jonnica Bianci, Jeanne Panitch, John Navarro
Fine Arts
Dewey's City Garden
Students will design and paint wooden planters according to themes. Students will then plant an assortment of plants in the planters to be displayed throughout the school, both inside and out.
Nicole Cheeseman, Sadie Cook, Tina Sotern, Sharon Williams, Elva Smith
Fine Arts
Exploring Printmaking
Students will explore and experiment with fundamentals of printmaking through various themes within the core subjects while learning about themselves, new artists and new techniques.
Stacey Rowland, Tina Below
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
Our Secret Garden
Students will experiment with the plant life cycle, research plants and trees, investigate insects, study soil and erosion before planting dwarf trees, shrubs, flowering shrubs, flowering bushes, perennials, grasses, and borders. Finally, students will write an essay about their entire gardening project.
Barry Norton, Robert Oseid, Mike Jakobowski, Stella Zervos, Ken Benedix, Zeeman Arlene, Dobyne Clementine
Disney Magnet
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
Physics Exploration
Students will design and construct working roller coasters and Rube Goldberg Machines. Students will use prototypes to collect/analyze data on velocity, acceleration, PE, KE, momentum, work, power and mechanical advantage.
Ann O'Brien, Bill Caltaldo
Disney Magnet
Real Deals
Students will learn entrepreneurial skills by creating their own school supply store and learning all aspects of opening and operating a small business.
Yollande Gottlieb
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
River Monitoring
Our classroom will visit a location of the Chicago River where we test the pH of the water as well as the amount of dissolved oxygen, nitrates and phosphates in the water. We use those results to determine the health of the Chicago River at that location and to develop an action plan to improve the quality of its water.
Juan Gonzalez
Edison Regional
Performing Arts
Performing Arts/Film Festival
The Performing Arts/Film Fest features music, dance, drama and films created and performed by the 4th through 8th grades students.
Deni Drinkwater
Performing Arts
Respect through Drumming
This project will broaden the experiences of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students through participation in a drumming circle while stressing the importance of respect among fellow classmates.
Kate Salisbury
Service Learning / Character Ed.
Everett School's Peace Garden
The garden will be surrounded by large, flat stones decorated by the students using peace as the theme. Students will plant the garden and paint and decorate a Friendship Bench next to the garden to be used for conflict resolution.
Darien Parker
Fine Arts
Jewels of Evergreen
Students will design and create jewelry to be sold during report card pick-up in April, with the profits being donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
Debra Polak, Casey McLeod
Performing Arts
It's a Jungle Out There!
Students will stage "The Jungle Book" during the Fine Arts Gala and use African drums to enhance the production.
Monique Whittington, Barbara Peck, Anthony Jones
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
Fly Butterfly Fly!
This project is a hands-on science unit which will make first graders butterfly experts.
Ivonne Mosquera
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
Young Einstein's
Aspiring "Young" Einstein's will engage in hands-on inquiry activities, make books about scientists, showcase posters about scientists and demonstrate simple science experiments at home for family members.
Lillian Degand, Gracie Rios
Fine Arts
A Reflection of Our Garden
Fifth through eighth grade students will work with a community artist in an after school program to create four tile mosaic murals to be installed in the Franklin Fine Arts Center
Margaret Koreman
Performing Arts
Inheriting Words
Students will present a play based on ancestral stories reflecting the present and 20th Century American literature. This will be a theatre performance of the human condition revealed through classic literature, poetry and storytelling.
Mary Bonnett, Diane Fountain
Frazier Magnet
Cultural Mosaic
Students will explore the Cultural Mosaic of Chicago through oral histories and interviews of first and second-generation immigrants. The project will culminate with a multimedia event for the school and community in which students explain how immigration influences various neighborhoods in Chicago.
Faren Dabell, Linda Webster
Performing Arts
Music in Motion
This grant will provide students with instruments to be used in conjunction with the music theory being taught in the classroom.
Fenecia Cooper
Physical Education / Adventure Ed.
Adventure Education
Students will have the opportunity to learn a ropes climbing activity in both physical education classes and after school programs.
Adam Ebbole
Galapagos Charter
Fine Arts
Designing Divas
While participating in this project, girls at Galapagos Charter School will design an outfit, cut and sew it and display their work at the Designing Divas fashion show.
Christina Groenendal
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
Young Science Teachers
The purpose of this project is to expose lower grade students to hands-on, inquiry-based science curriculum as taught by their role models, the upper grade students. Through shared scientific exploration, we will build a sense of community and responsibility.
Shayna Hardy, Sarah Dreyer, Megan Burns
Performing Arts
Baritone Ukuleles
Students will learn to play chords on the baritone ukuleles purchased with this grant.
Paul Gilvary
Fine Arts
Poetry in Motion
Students will combine language fluency with performance, reading, writing and video-editing. Student poetry performances will be video-taped and edited student poetry will be included in a student video poetry portfolio on DVD.
Jamie Annunzio
Gregory Student School Newspaper
Our project is to produce a Gregory bi-weekly newspaper that is informative, interesting, entertaining and an educational tool for the students producing it as well as the students who will read it.
Charlene Reynolds-Myers, Lauren Wojak, Richard White
Performing Arts
Music for Life
This program will develop a music therapy program for two self contained classrooms for children with autism. This program will concentrate on developing life skills and increasing the child's progress towards developmental goals.
Kelly Ogden-McCollom, Lisa Rozelle, Michael Notides
Fine Arts
Peace In & Out of the Garden
Students will study and view the Nikki in the Garden art works at the Garfield Park Conservatory. The figures portrayed in the garden field trip will help motivate and implement similar artworks for our community garden.
Megan Yracheta, Celia Martinez, Julie Burke, Rita Leary
Fine Arts
Children of Quetzalcoatl
Students will create this mural to reflect the student community and culture and help build a stronger relationship and awareness between both the students and the community. The mural will be exhibited on the cafeteria's wall.
Jequeline Salinas, Ricardo Hernandez, Brian Cerda
Fine Arts
Learn to Knit, Learn to Give
Students will learn to knit both by hand and with a machine. Students will give handmade and machine knit items as gifts or donate them to various causes.
Sue Sessler
Hughes, L.
Language Arts / English
Quilting AcrossThe Curriculum
Students will sew a classroom quilt that covers a topic or topics learned in the classroom. The quilts will be put on display for students, parents and community members to see
Merry Jelks-Emmanuel, Sharon Binns, Mae Nixon, Etta Gregory, Stephanie McClendon, Dana Banger, Camelia Shipp
Jackson, A
Fine Arts
World Wall of Languages at JLA
Students will create a "Wall of Languages" and the people that represent those languages. This 17 foot mural will epitomize the cultural and ethnic diversity of the world and how that relates to the international community that makes up our school.
Ken Klopack, Otero Josefina, Casey Matthew
Performing Arts
Marching Huskies
This project is the next step for the Jahn School instrumental music program. It will give students opportunities to perform for their community and march in holiday parades throughout the city.
Dan Salyers
Language Arts / English
Girls's Corner
The Girl's Corner is a group that integrates social and emotional learning and literacy through shared reading, journal writing, script writing and drama activities with the underlying theme of character education.
Cathy Mizicko, Elizabeth Lancaster, Alison Wendt
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
Monster Storms
This project will give students a "being there" experience to witness extreme weather around the world. Students will work side by side with scientists and researchers on exciting real world missions.
Regina Biros
Life Skills
River System
Students will be able to demonstrate the influence that a river system has on plants, animals, and other living creatures.
Zijada Cobovic, Zarina Qadir
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
The Wonders of Reading and Science!
This project will expose our students to science hands-on lab experiences, science reading materials and give them the opportunity to write about their experiences and thoughts, which will be published in a school science magazine.
Shara Fata, Sondra Gunn
Performing Arts
Alfred D. Kohn Youth Chorus
The purpose of the chorus is to develop, enhance, and instill character, insight, cultural awareness, respect, self-discipline and a love of music through involvement in the choral art form.
Katherine Courtenay
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
Dream Home
The students will be able to complete an architectural drawing of their dream home which will help students prepare for home ownership in the future.
Carl Stalla, Nicole Catnella, Janet Fenton, Cesar Balcazar, Racquel Garcia
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
From Rooftop to River
As "River Citizens", students will embark on a scientific journey of the Chicago River and the community surrounding our campus. After learning more about its history and development, students will discover ways in which they can make a positive impact on the environment.
Amy Andrews, Demetrius Sajous-Brady, Ariana Margolis
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
USE THE FORCE! Star Wars Science
Seventh and eighth grade students will use the excitement of space travel, aliens, robots and distant stars to explore basic physics concepts through hands-on, inquiry based science activities.
Susan Nutter
Fine Arts
Student Reflections
Students will benefit from an improved magnet cluster program at Marconi with mirrors purchased for the dance space, as well as movable exhibit screens for school-wide art exhibits.
Ingrid Swenson, Mary Willmeng
Physical Education / Adventure Ed.
Fitness Club
Students in grades 7 and 8 will benefit from a vast array of resistance and cardiovascular training equipment to achieve a high level of physical fitness.
Matt Barrett
Special Education
Increasing On Task Behaviors
Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders can engage in multi-sensory experiences, which will increase both attention and communication skills, while decreasing off task behaviors.
Kathryn Tappert
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
Sandridge, We've Got Your Number!
Through hands-on exploration of Sand Ridge Nature Center, Arnold Mireles Academy's students will become knowledgeable habitat experts and willing stewards.
La Juana Jackson, Sabrina Walls-Brown, Kareem Tunstall
Language Arts / English
Bobcat Pride in Published Poetry
After studying poetry and the writer's craft, students will write and illustrate poems that will be published in a professionally printed book. Students will be in charge of creating the book and distributing it to their home libraries, neighborhood library and libraries around the school.
Robert Wood
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
Chess Mates
Students will be introduced to the game of chess to develop critical thinking skills that will benefit them for life. They will be involved in a comprehensive program that will provide opportunities for instruction and competition.
Lisa Schwartz, Roberto Grau
Empowering Young Entrepeneurs
Students will design, implement and sustain a school store business. As students collaborate to operate their business, they will enhance their socialization and negotiation skills as future business owners.
Luis Soria
Fine Arts
Lights, Camera, Read!
During this project students compare written and cinematic versions of stories, learn basic film techniques, apply them as they write, star, and direct their favorite scenes from selected books. They will showcase their work in a school-wide film festival.
Cory Schiffern, Annemarie Strom
Fine Arts
My Family Traditions
Students will share in a cross-curricular experience incorporating language arts, social studies and art through the exploration of personal family traditions. Students will create a painted panel to represent a unique family tradition.
Julie Toole
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
Sixth Grade Speedway
This is an engaging hands-on project that enables students to understand and apply principles of force and motion. As students research, design, and construct derby cars they will investigate the physical science concepts of mass, distance and acceleration.
Lynn Riefenberg, Jennifer Kilgore
Fine Arts
Celebrating Our Colors
Students will share family and community history along with learning about differences within families and community.
Julianne Soble, Shannon Fitzpatrick, Vicki Key, Andrea Haim, Tasha McShan, Vondietra Butler, Elizabeth Kalat
Life Skills
We Are Family
Students will actively participate in the planning and renovation of the school's common area into a family room.
Bridget Lynch, Bridget Seagroves
Performing Arts
Nettelhorst Stars on Broadway!
From set design to costume making to acting on stage, students will produce the Broadway Junior version of "Once On This Island" for our school and community.
Jana Martin, Chad Kimmel, Stacey Shroyer, Nancy Donohue
New Field
Fine Arts
Calder Mobiles
Students will create their own mobiles after observing works of art by Alexander Calder. They will design their own shapes and themes and translate them into 3-Dimensional mobiles.
Cathleen Andes
Fine Arts
Design Project in Millennium Park
Students will utilize their measurement skills and develop algebraic thinking skills through visual art and architecture by using creativity and estimation skills.
Jacqueline Rodriguez, Michael Cruz, Melanie Ferrand
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
Urban Chess
Students will learn the game of chess and subsequently apply the skills such as strategy, higher order thinking, memory, patience and endurance learned by playing chess to all areas of study. The goal is for them to develop an appreciation for the rigor of the game and an understanding of its universal appeal.
Michael Flynn
Performing Arts
Zoo Musical Makes Learning Fun
Students will perform a musical on stage after they have researched and studied about animals in the zoo. They will act out the behaviors of these animals and dance the famous Lion Dance, Little Red Hen Dance, Itsy Bitsy Chicken and the Piggy Polka.
Barbara Conner, Margaret McGovern, Massimiliano Gioia, Laura Fischer
Park Manor
Language Arts / English
These stories will be available for download from the Internet and will be enjoyed by various grade levels throughout the building. In this project, fluency, expressions and voice will be emphasized.
Lorita Purnell-James, Cheryl Leblanc
Fine Arts
Art Becomes Me
Students will use their knowledge of artists and their techniques to create original artwork that depicts lessons learned in science and social studies.
Susan Buchanan, Julia Vasquez
Performing Arts
Argentina: Songs and Stories
Students will create three original mini-musicals based on folk tales of Argentina. They will write scripts and compose music, as well as learn traditional songs and dances.
Brooke Thompson, Lianne Fritz, Nora Tesmond, Haneefa Muhammad
Pershing Magnet
Social Studies / History
Voices Across the Water
Our students will communicate with students in Ethiopia via e-mail and snail mail. They will make personal story boxes including photographs, songs, poetry, and artwork and provide materials for Ethiopian students to do the same.
Catherine Tanner, Jennifer George, Johanna Owens-Ream
Pershing West
Language Arts / English
Bringing Our Voices to Life
Students will produce a CD which highlights their poetry as evidence of mastering literary concepts.
Monica Sims, Natalie Neris
Pershing West
Language Arts / English
Memoirs and Memories
Esther Ohito, Elizabeth Siegel
Language Arts / English
Writing means JOY!
First grade students will experience a writers' workshop and individual student teacher writing sessions to train, encourage and celebrate the author within each student writer.
Arnette Bradley
Performing Arts
A Global Percussion Experience
This project is designed to engage students in percussion ensembles as part of the general music curriculum. During General Music, all students in grades K through eight will perform alone and with others on various pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments.
Jenai Jenkins, Mindy Schwartz, Sheila Thorton, Carol Hudson, Maria Pfister, Pamela Burns, Tia Basurto, Yara McClain
Language Arts / English
The Best of Me
Students will have the opportunity to develop their art, writing and reading skills through activities specifically designed around individuality and self-reflection.
Cavita Malicki
Social Studies / History
History Art Museum
Students will make cross curricular connections between art and history. They will construct their own museum of artifacts to display important people and events in history.
Bonnie Hoffman, Cristy Cochrane, Michelle Quinton, Joe Ohlinger, Aimee Jaszczor, Cheryl Dahl
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
Discover the World of Microbiology!
This project is an exciting way for students to cooperatively practice scientific inquiry to develop thinking skills that have real-world application through various bacteria exploratory kits.
Gerard Kovach, Healy Katleya
Language Arts / English
Read My Story
Students will publicly share their writing after engaging in the writing process, as well as participating in literary activities such as read aloud, mini-writing workshops, book making workshops and a book swap.
Rosemary Barilla, Lauren Braasch, Denise Abad, Natalie Loverde, Renee Kreczmer, Mary Morley, Maryanne Hutton, Michael Tader, Dan Lundak
Performing Arts
Growing Guitars
More second grade students will be able to join our guitar club as we add more guitars.
Anna Waywood, Mary Ann Fischer
Fine Arts
EQ Quilts: Sewing Whole Lives
Students and community members will create two quilts to be displayed in the school. Each quilt will focus on one aspect of the Social/Emotional Intelligence components - Accountability and Tolerance.
Tracy Burton
Language Arts / English
Recipes for Communication
Students and community members will create two quilts to be displayed in the school. Each quilt will focus on one aspect of the Social/Emotional Intelligence components - Accountability and Tolerance.
Sara Schubert, Andrea Sagen, Morna Freund, Irene Cable, Maureen Griffin, Sandy Dilla Hammer, Nikki Mysliwiec, Donna Hill
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
Is It Magic or Is It Science?
Eighth graders will put on a "magic show" for fifth and sixth grader to demonstrate chemical and physical science concepts. The goal is to motivate students to seek scientific explanations for things that happen to the everyday world.
Anna Kong, Angela Tate
Fine Arts
Young Bards of Stone
Eighth grade students will combine their Fine arts curriculum in film and video with their Language Arts class work on Shakespeare's Macbeth. Their integrated project will involve art room/media lab skills in pre- through post-production and the Final Cut will be screened for the school.
Mark Nelson, Mena Pfest, Lauren Cortesi, Mark Laske
Language Arts / English
Behind Closed Doors
Students will edit and publish a professionally printed anthology of their own work which will be used as models for further student writing in years to come.
Susanna Lang
Language Arts / English
The Authors Cafe
Students will improve their reading and writing by exposing their writings to Read Alouds, the Writing Process, and the opportunity to have a real audience to share their written work in a warm cafe environment.
Martha Rosa Alvarez-Chavez, Olivia Mulcahy, Dana Doesterline
Memories In Motion
Our students will collaborate in the production and publishing of a DVD school yearbook.
Maria Cuevas, Suzanne Bush
Special Education
Trumbull Celebrates 100 years!
Students will learn responsibility, leadership skills, communication and writing skills as they learn to gather and present information about the history of Trumbull School and the surrounding community.
Veronica Acuna, Cynthia Coca
UNO Charter
Fine Arts
Painting The Chair of History
Three large paintings entitled "To Serve and Protect", "Holocaust" and "Latino Festivals" will be produced by elementary school students. The project will incorporate cross-curricular studies and a multi-ethnic group of Latino, Native American and Jewish students who will work together on "Holocaust".
Reuven Robinson, Patrick Erker, Rachel Firestone
Performing Arts
Inclusion Through Music
The purpose of this project is to unite children from our new self-contained, early childhood special education room with our regular education students of similar chronological ages to play music and learn together.
Fayeann Hirsh
Washington, H.
A Stone Soup Garden
Students in 3rd and 4th grades will take inspiration from the theme of cooperation in "Stone Soup" as they work together to plan and plant an expansion of their school garden.
Lindsay McGrane, Cassandra Starr, Tammy Vance, Sharnetta Klyce, Sonya Hooks, Shay Ferman, Debra Lomax
Washington, H.
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
It's Easy Being Greener
As a step towards living greener, three 4th grade classes will discover ways to reduce garbage, develop a recycling program within their classrooms, and reuse objects in order to grow plants and as well as create art.
Cassandra Starr, Sharnetta Klyce, Tammy Vance
Fine Arts
We Are All Connected Tapestries
Students will participate in a collaborative project for recycling and global citizenry. They will create recycled product rag rugs to sell at our upcoming Fair Trade Bazaar and donate all proceeds to children
Amy Vecchioni, Nadine Zelle
Fine Arts
It's Showtime
This project will allow students to write and create their own movies in the classroom.
Diane Murphy
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
Aiming For Zero Trash
Students will establish a baseline of garbage that the school produces. They will devise systems for trash reduction.
Claudia Greene, Kimberly Alamar, Jose Trigueros, Gabriela Chong-Hinosja, Craig Segal
Performing Arts
Whittier School Latin Jazz Ensemble
Students will participate in a Latin Jazz Ensemble which would help compensate for the lack of a school music program.
Craig Segal
Fine Arts
Masks of the World
Students are to study a particular culture and its use of masks. Then students will create their own masks that will resemble their culture's mask making style.
Emilio Zavala
Science / Mathmatics / Technology
Warriors of Science - Newspaper
Students submit creative writing and art to our newspaper for publication. Volunteer students (4th-8th graders) form the newspaper staff to promote, design, edit and publish the student written, science/math themed, newspaper.
Pamela Breitberg, Daniel Guzman