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2011 Elementary School Winners


Performing Arts - Drama
Wanted: Bona Fide Princess
As part of the Agassiz Crew Club, students will produce the musical "G2K…Once Upon a Mattress." Students will create sets, costumes and props and be trained in sound and light design and operation.
Nicholas Hall - Jan Heyn-Cubacub
Performing Arts - Drama
The Pear Garden
The drama, music, visual arts, Chinese and physical education instructors will collaborate on an interdisciplinary project which will culminate with the students performing a Peking Opera.
Ingrid Swenson - Rodney Stapleton, Miran Maksumic, Mary Ellen McGarry, HungWei Yu
Armstrong, G
Performing Arts - Drama
Vietnamese If You Please
The people of Vietnam value faithfulness, virtue and intelligence which is reflected in the folktales of the land. This project will bring these values to life through art and drama projects.
Patricia Rain McNichols - Amy Bernstein, Rebecca Lox, Carolyn DellaRosa, Denise Pelikan, Aileen Cornbleet
Service Learning
Community Connections
Students will create paintings and decorative art objects and gift them to our neighbors, nursing home residents, as a way to build meaningful relationships with residents.
Sara Simon
Zine Art
Zine ART will allow students at our new school to build an expressive artist community. Students will publish their art and poetry in a monthly magazine.
Sara Simon
Performing Arts - Music
Drum Circle of Life
Students will learn and practice musical elements, build community, and be made aware of personal wellness through drumming.
Floyd Walker
Fine Arts - Murals
Visual Journey: Belding
Students will create a mural on canvas depicting the events and people, from the past to the present, that have contributed to the rich history of Belding School and the community that surrounds it.
Ken Klopack
From Seed to Garden
Students will grow plants and conduct research projects and, with the help of parents and the community, will design and create a school garden.
Wioletta Sak - Natalie Fenley, Jolanta Baron, Mary Loise, Nicole Garcia, Stephanie Anderson, Nicole Argiris
Skyscapers of the World
All students will study geometry, gravity and construction and build miniature replicas of skyscrapers. Students will research and measure dimensions of structures and report on their final replicas.
Omar Gonzalez
Performing Arts - Music
Guitars at Carson
Students will learn to perform the folk music of the United States and Mexico by learning to sing and play guitar. Students will research this music and write about their discoveries.
Matthew Hudson
Catalyst - Howland
Fine Arts - Murals
Cafeteria Mural
Students will create a mural in the cafeteria that reflects healthy eating habits and principles to motivate the students to eat in a clean, exciting environment.
Patricia Farrell
Catalyst - Howland
Performing Arts - Music
African Drumming
General music students will learn literacy and rhythm through the use of African drums. The after school activities will continue to build on literacy and more in-depth rhythmic pieces.
Emily Garnett
Performing Arts - Music
Student Composers
Students will create music and song text, and choreograph dramatic movement using Orff xylophones, metallophones and dance props. The text and dance movements will be based on children's literature.
Heidi Farrand
Future Engineers Here!
Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the design process and team building skills. Activities in this program include creating robots and building rockets.
Lindsay Mcgowan
Students will learn about fossils through interpreting the geologic past and inquiry based research. They will create paper casts of 12 different fossils.
Amani Abuhabsah
Fine Arts - Crafts
Color Theory & Luc Tuymans
Students will be studying color theory and color mixing in connection to the MCA Luc Tuymans show and learning about skill and technique as they create a self portrait based upon his style.
Allison Beaulieu
Fine Arts - Crafts
Exploring Book/Paper Arts
Students will explore the fundamentals of paper and bookmaking while learning about themselves, new techniques, new artists and the history of book and paper arts.
Stacey Rowland
Social Studies - History
A Daley Growth of Chicago
Students will learn about the accomplishments of Mayor Daley. They will compare Chicago of the past to the great city that it is today. They will explore Chicago sites to create a photo/art gallery.
Yollande Gottlieb
Physical - Adventure Ed.
Teamwork Initiatives
My class will take two trips to the Lincoln Marsh in Wheaton where they will practice team building initiatives using a ropes course. I will bring similar team building initiatives back to Disney school.
Nicole Rosenthal
Performing Arts - Drama
Which Way to Wonderland?
Students will present "Disney's Alice and Wonderland Junior." They will explore the genre of fantasy, learn the valuable skill of collaboration and acquire the techniques of musical theater.
Kate Salisbury - Danielle Rocco, Diana Betout
Performing Arts - Drama
Everett On Safari
Through the exciting and inspirational writing of Rudyard Kipling, students will read Kipling’s stories, produce a school play and work on individual projects interpreting his work.
Darien Parker - Jane Rezina, Laura Fernbach, Raisa Chubchenko
Performing Arts - Music
Folk Music for Guitar
Students will receive quality music instruction through guitar performance. Students will learn various folk songs and their historical significance.
Christopher Davis
Performing Arts - Drama
MULAN-A Lesson of Courage
A Fine Arts Gala presentation of Disney's "Mulan Jr.". This exploration of China's history with the Hun army incorporates Social Studies and Character Education through performance and mural depiction
Barbara Peck - Christopher Davis
Franklin Fine Arts
Performing Arts - Music
Broadway at Franklin
Broadway at Franklin is a musical review performed by 1st through 8th graders. This project involves the collaboration of the music, dance and art teachers, parent volunteers and community partners.
Anne Gray - Amanda Olson, Margaret Koreman
Franklin Fine Arts
Performing Arts - Drama
Theatre for Social Change
Students from kindergarten through grade eight will perform in an intimate theatre venue using drama as a vehicle for social change and using a lighting system to enhance the mood of the play.
Rachel Jamieson
Galileo Math & Sci
Through Galileo's Lens
After researching Galileo's life and contributions, students will create online presentations, as well as visual panels, that chronicle his life and work. Audio narratives will accompany the windows.
Connie Amon - Kathleen Barnes
Gardening Thru the Seasons
Students will learn that gardening is a year round cycle using all of their senses to observe, explore and draw as a means of data collection and analysis, allowing them to interact with nature.
Patricia Oconnor - Chris Sullivan
Fine Arts - Murals
Aviation and Our School
Students will learn about the history of Midway International Airport through a documentary style project. Students will turn what they have learned into a mural to be installed on the school building.
Angala Gaz - John McCormick, Basia Toczydlowska
Defining Community Garden
Students explore the concept of community identity through formal and contextual analysis of American Art. They will create a sculpture to express their identity which will be mounted in the school garden.
Rita Leary - Susan Wambugu
Fine Arts - Murals
A Mosaic Welcome
Students will create mosaic murals that will be located in the entrance areas of the school and serve as a beautiful and colorful welcome for our community.
Jequeline Salinas - Marina Alonso, Dalia Radecki, Lupce Grezlovski
Fine Arts - Crafts
Printmaking Masters
Students in 3rd-8th grades will experience printmaking, integrating a concept based social studies curriculum as the central focus for the prints/artwork.
Guadalupe Tinoco - Ivan Ochoa, Jackie Salinas, Rosie Zamudio
Performing Arts - Music
Students will learn basic drum beats through participation in World Music Drumming. The program incorporates discipline, hand-eye coordination, communication, teamwork, composition and improvisation.
Dru Wagner
Special Ed
Therapy Through Art
Special needs children need a way to express themselves in a form other than writing. Art is a form of therapy used in all subject areas for students to communicate their thoughts and ideas.
Sandra Wojtas
Fine Arts - Crafts
Young Artists
Special and general education students will learn about famous artists. They will be encouraged to develop their own art and will be given two framed pieces to take home.
Kathleen Magno
Fine Arts - Crafts
Raku Tea Bowls
Students will learn about the Raku ceramic firing process and the Japanese tea ceremony. They will present knowledge of both to parents and community members at a fundraising event.
Alex Mendez
Physical - Adventure Ed.
Dance Fit Revoluion
Students will participate in a cardiovascular program where students perform various dance steps to music on a "dance platform" and get their heart rates elevated.
Zijada Cobovic - Michelle Loza, Kelli McCue
Fine Arts - Crafts
Into the Mummy's Tomb
Students will study the style and purpose of art associated with Ancient Egyptian burial tombs, and create art and artifacts in order to curate an exhibit of an actual "Mummy's Tomb" in their school.
Annie Sutula
Fine Arts - Murals
Illustrating World Music
Students will learn singing games and dance-songs of the four countries whose languages are studied at LaSalle. They will illustrate the songs and create free-hand maps of each country.
Denise Knox - A. Costopoulos
Fine Arts - Murals
Reflecting Change
Students will do a written assignment about the quotation,"Be The Change You Want To See In The World," and will create a large mixed media mural of mosaic tile, mirrors, paint and inspirational words.
Arthur Helbig - Hillary Haugen, Patrick O'Connor
Here Comes the Sun!
Students will explore the properties of sunlight and investigate solar energy as an alternative, renewable energy source.
Ned Harkness
Matter Matters Too!
Seventh and eighth grade students will perform hands-on chemistry experiments to investigate the chemical and physical properties of matter.
Susan Nutter
Making Math Meaningful
Third grade students will use projects like building a geodesic dome to build problem-solving and critical thinking skills using geometry, measurement and data analysis.
Amy Andrews - Karen Pippen
Helpful Critters
Students will learn about the life cycles and ecosystems of insects, plants and invertebrates. Their work will be displayed in museum style in the school and greenhouse.
Demetrius Sajous-Brady
Fine Arts - Crafts
Nifty Furniture
Students will explore the Folk Art Tradition of painting furniture by researching artists, storytelling, learning and using various texture techniques. Students will learn how to create a gallery opening for their parents.
Casey Carlock
Physical - Adventure Ed.
The Brain Gym
Special needs students will engage in physical activities to develop gross motor skills. Developing these skills promotes growth in many areas of development: physical, mental, social and emotional.
Megan Radon
Performing Arts - Music
It Takes A Village
Students will study opera and see an opera. They will visit the opera house on a backstage tour, meet professional opera performers, and perform an opera themselves.
Valerie Betts
Performing Arts - Music
Drumming With A Purpose
May & DePriest students will study the world & how today's music is influenced by the past & other cultures via drumming. The schools will collaborate on events & assemblies to establish community.
Valerie Betts - Deena DuBose
Rockets in the Classroom
Students will build their own rockets from kits and then launch and test them. During rocket tests, they will gather and analyze data on distance, speed, force and acceleration. They will give oral presentations on their findings.
Asif Wilson
McDade Classical
Performing Arts - Music
Opera Kids!
This project will immerse 4th graders in an ongoing opera unit in which they will study and attend an opera, take a tour of the Civic Opera House, and finally put on their own opera production.
Laura Walsh
The Art of Mathematics
Middle school students develop their understanding of abstract mathematical concepts by creating visual and multimedia art projects and presenting them in a gallery setting to the schools' community.
Robert Wood
Performing Arts - Drama
Chinese Game Show
Students learn to apply Chinese language skills by creating and participating in a Chinese Game Show. They will draw on all of their classes for question content. The entire school will be invited to participate.
Mary Ann Durso
Performing Arts - Drama
Pure Imagination
Students will learn to use their musical, theatrical, and interpersonal skills as they perform the musical, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”
John Carroll - Lorabel Araos
Social Studies - History
Civil War 2.0
Students will design and create costumes, digital comic books and podcasts to reveal what they know and understand about the Civil War Era. They will also reenact a Civil War debate while in character.
Luis Soria - Eric Woodland
Fine Arts - Crafts
Taking It To The Streets
Special needs students will use Hip Hop Music to help them freely express themselves. Students will create an international virtual art museum using technology.
Vondietra Butler - Aylisia Morro, Kirkland Robertson, Janine Douglas
Language Arts - English
Art Stories
Students will explore and create art using drawing, collage and sculpture to discover connections between art and literature.
Anna Berg
Countertop Composting
Students will promote environmental activism among their peers and grow a garden using compost in the Spring. They will actively engage in recycling compost at home and at school with countertop composting bins.
John Sullivan - Nikki Konicek, Michelle Gunderson, Michele Herro, Brianna Valenti, Stacey Shroyer
Special Ed
Art Becomes Me IV
Students will use their knowledge of art and artists to create original sculptures, paintings and collages that convey what they have studied throughout the year.
Susan Buchanan - Julia Vazquez
Physical - Adventure Ed.
The Peirce School Circus is a project for 6th - 8th graders developing circus skills including juggling and clowning. Students will show off their talents in a circus performance in May.
Jennifer Foss
Performing Arts - Music
Students will perform a in a musical called "Bugz." They will sing, dance and accompany themselves on instruments for some songs.
Brooke Thompson - Suzanne Schaefer, Haneefa Muhammad, Lianne Fritz, Meredith Buchbinder
Pershing West
Language Arts - English
Wherefore Art Thou?
Students will read the classic play Romeo and Juliet. They will explore and analyze a variety of adaptations before creating and performing their own version.
Eve Ewing
Portage Park
Performing Arts - Music
Drums Around the World
Students take a journey using music, rhythm and movement to explore various world cultures and their histories. They will study drumming, culture, history and dance and create drums.
Mark Britt
A Mind is Like a Garden!
This project will be a school-wide community garden program involving all students and teachers of our school. Its purposes include building community, promoting healthy eating and horticulture.
Gerard Kovach - Raul Torres, Samantha Darnell, Jamie Olcese, Anne Adrianzen
Fine Arts - Murals
Fibonacci: Art and Nature
All students will participate in a school wide art project by helping to create a painted and 3D paper maché mural based upon the mathematical and scientific concepts of the Fibonacci number sequence.
Deanna Kelly
Fine Arts - Crafts
Green the PAC
Green the PAC (GPAC) is a project designed to nurture ownership in our school building and playground by helping to create a living wall garden on the exterior of our primary academic center.
Roberta Deoliveira - Juan Maldonado, Enrique Fernandez
Prodigal Interventions
Severe and profoundly challenged students will explore a sequence of techno-neurobic art activities designed and staged by collaboration between the art program and Special Education staff.
Mark Nelson - Lucy Lopez, Othoniel (Tony) Negron, Rosana Kudo
Performing Arts - Drama
The Leavitt St. Players
Students will grow as confident performing artists, develop their own voice and imagination and create a supportive, creative community as they perform "Guys and Dolls Jr."
Jaimie Perry - William Marsland
Performing Arts - Drama
Creating Wonderland
Students will perform Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland Junior.” They will be a part of every aspect of the production including scenic art, crew, sound, lights and performance.
Renee Holman - Sandi Lerner, Gina Goodfriend, Angela Maniaci, Sara Knox, Gordon McCall, Samantha Gamble, Katie Loveland, Allison Burke
Tarkington Press
A student-written and edited literary magazine, "Tarkington Press" sets an example for exemplary writing and self-expression as well as exposing students to new genres and ideas.
Leslie Rector - Stephanie Tsakeris
Butterfly Boulevard II
Students will plan and cultivate a butterfly garden habitat and install artistically embellished butterfly houses. Students will paint a fabric mural to be installed in the school.
Jennifer Klonsky - Becky Provencher
Celebrating 100 Years
Students will document the history of Waters School in celebration of its 100 years as a focal point of neighborhood life. Videos based on research and interviews will be shared with the community.
Susan Termini - Pete Leki, Nadine Zelle, Amy Vecchioni, Regina Cavey
Fine Arts - Crafts
Knitworks Global Outreach
We will create and donate hand-knit garments and quilts to children and elderly in need across Mongolia, Tibet, Afghanistan, South Africa, the USA and Chicago in this action-based knitting cooperative.
Amy Vecchioni - Nancy Beza
Performing Arts - Music
Salsa To Go!
Latin Music Club students learn the art of performing, presentation skills, discipline and commitment and how to maintain complex sound equipment.
Craig Segal