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1997 Elementary School Winners


Making the Connections through the Arts
Students will use clay to create their interpretation of Junior Great Books stories and then paint and video these pieces of art
Ann Vogt, Jennifer Hu
The Ceramic Arts & Classroom Behaviors
Students will work with clay to increase their attention span and build confidence in their abilities
Martin Ruttenberg, Carol Hughes
Beautiful Life
Students will raise, house, and release butterflies and teach pre-schoolers about the life stages of caterpillars
Andrea Kamerman, Connie Mangiardi
Avondale & Brentano
Visual Arts
The 1997 Art Bus Mural
Students from two schools will create two murals to be displayed on a working CTA bus for all the world to see
Arturo Berer, Reuven Robinson
Let's Bag It
Students will implement a school-wide recycling program using lunch waste, plastic, aluminum, glass and paper. Compost bins will recycle food waste, grass clippings, and leaves
Mary Fagan, Denise Esposito, Marilyn Burns, Thomas Madden
A Walk Through the Rain Forest
Students will construct rainforests in two classrooms to study insects, plant life, frogs, large animals and the environment
Catherine Hottenrott, Susan Howey
Space Stations: Planning for the Future
Students will create a Space Station with a Space Lab inside where students will perform scientific research simulating research done by the Astronauts in space
Barbara Thomas, Judith Trammell
Art and Language on the Information Highway
Students will create art on the computer, combining visual and verbal language to be disseminated over the Internet
Phyllis Burstein, Joan Vandekieft
The Arts
Passports to Learning
Students will create multicultural artwork and artifacts that depict the culture of several world religions including their art, music, dance, geographical landmarks and monetary systems
Linda Martin, T. Hayes, D. Brown, Y. Simpson, C. Boyd
Brentano School Mural Marathon
Ninety students will create three murals and mount them for a special unveiling ceremony using science, American Folk History and Hispanic Heritage themes
Howard Teich, Martha Irizarry, Reuven Robinson
Physical Education
Logan Square Running Club
The club will hold several track meets including a grand culminating event in June, encouraging both students and community members to run
David Comrov, Thomas Horn
Bryn Mawr
The Arts
The Mask: Going Back to Move Forward
Students will research various African-Americans past and present who have made significant contributions in the arts, math, science, folklore, and music and create one tall mask, several face masks and a folk opera honoring these contributors
Bernita Robinson, Merelyn Fowler, Paula Newell, Frank Martinez
Literature Adventures and Explorations Around Chicago
7th and 8th grade students will interact with 1st and 2nd grade students 3 times each week, after school, to impart a love for reading
Chemai Burton, E. Williams, R. Steele, S. LeLand, A. Fitzgerald
Blasting Off for the 21st Century
Students will design rocket ships and space suits for their journey into outer space, prepare their own meals to eat while in space, create models of future inventions and set up recycling centers
Mary Ann Mangano, A. Santiago, C. O'Brien, M. Barahona, J. LaPlaca
Science/Social Studies
The Ancient Art of Bonsai
As part of a social studies unit on Japan, students will study the history of the art form of Bonsai and cultivate their own dwarf trees
Mark Hayes, Lois Fisher, Ruth Kardaras
Social Studies/Technology
World Tapestries
Students will participate in a cross-cultural study of the arts and religious and social customs of Asia, Africa, Middle Eastern, and Latin American cultures, create a cultural Internet Web Page
Maribel Rivera, Jeff Idleman
Communication Skills
Communication Through technology
Physically handicapped and cognitively delayed students will develop communication skills and enhance their independent functioning through technology
Dawn Vacek, Jane Klunk, Peg DeRoss, Kate Carik
Peacemakers: A Student-directed Theatre Project
Students will research historical events, develop scripts and produce a theatrical production around the theme of personal responsibility
Ruth Brazalovich, C. Frazier, K. Korman, C. Lenz, K. Novins, K. Stanton, S. Sutter
De Diego
Art/Social Studies
Respect For Who We Are
A kindergarten and 7th grade class will work together to create 4 ceramic tile murals based on the theme of respect
Ruth Evermann, M. Hatchell, A. Gabbert, J. Costanza,
Social Studies/Intergenerational
Buddy System
Students will be paired with nursing home residents at Casa Central to whom they will write, visit and share activities and games
Madeline Diaz, Ann Harrison
Social Studies/Crafts
Festival of Spirits: Native Americans Then and Now
Students will study the history and culture of traditional Native Americans through literature, interviews, craft making and developing pen-pals on a reservation
Kimberly Ellison, A. Shear, M. Loupos, C. Ramirez, L. Wishaly, C. Henry, K. Diaz, P. Hogan, S. Willens
Math and Science Through Technology
Students and teachers will work with DePaul University to create 14 integrated lessons on CD-Rom
Robert Jaffe, N. Carey, V. Duncan, A. O'Brien, B. Beilfuss, T. Anderson
A Place in Time: the History of Pullman
Students will research the history of Chicago's Pullman neighborhood and integrate social studies, math, literature, language and fine arts into the project
Maria Shay, Michael Flynn
Physical Education
Earhart Aerobics
Students will create, produce, and market a low impact physical fitness video
Judith Benjamin, Randi Gantt, Milred Causey
Violence Prevention
Violence Free: The Way to Be
The purpose of this program is to teach alternatives to violence and to encourage children and adults to reflect on the choices they make
Laurie Malkin, Amy Paulson, Courtney Peterson
Family History
Using Genealogy and Family History as a Teaching Tool
Students will interview family members, collect memorabilia, write a family history report and share it orally with their classmates
Curtis Brasfield, C. Wilson, T. Overstreet, R. Fisher, L. Thompson
Folkloric Dance Club
A Dance club will be established to provide an understanding and stress the importance of the history, customs, and life styles that are indigenous to the Mexican and Latin American communities
Cynthia Chico Rodriguez, Elvira Romero
Greeley's Amazing Authors
Journalism students will be responsible for the production of a student newspaper and a literary magazine
Fran Perlman, R. Cruz, S. Jardin, M. Chevere, S. Mink
Male Responsibility
Boys to Men
A community and school-based program to provide pre-adolescent boys with a series of meaningful, structured life experiences to strengthen leadership skills and instill a sense of responsibility
Robert Wimberly II, Darryl Winn
Women's Studies
A female responsibility program that will allow young females the opportunity to address areas of concern that can hinder their educational progress such as youth pregnancies and drug abuse
Donella Carter, Barbara Wade
Hanson Park
Flying High
Students will learn to use mathematical formulas, spreadsheet technology and hand tools to make wings for a wingless glider fuselage; the wings will be attached and gliders will be flown in a contest
Kelly Zanoma, Ed Clement, Adrea Kanovitch
Let's Try and Beautify - Take Two
Students will design, plant and study a garden which contains various prairie grasses and herbs which are indigenous to Illinois
Thea Raedeke, Deborah Borugian
Brazilian Samba School Band
Students will be given the opportunity to write, create and play their own Samba music for students in other schools
Albert Botch, Jr., Virginia Walsh Espinoza
Family History
Our Link to the Past, Present, and Future
This project will develop an understanding and appreciation of self, family, culture, and U.S. history
Aurelia Spann, C. Wilson, M. Applewhite
Get Smart - Do Art
Students will build, draw, perform, create, role play and make things which will be displayed in the first school-wide art fair
Kathi Hoban, Sandra Gunn
Social Studies/Family History
A Visit with Our Family Tree
Students will study their families to better understand how they contributed to their communities and United States history
Sharon West, Rita McCann, Amelia Segura, Elisa Guerrero
Technology On Wheels
7th and 8th grade students will design unique motor driven vehicles to solve scientific problems and then assist 5th grade students in the construction of motorized cars
Dennis Dandeles, J. Muench, M. Nochowitz, R. Tanner
Irving Park
A Sound Idea: Transforming the Gym
Enhancing the new Theatre space with sound equipment which will provide opportunities for students to take center stage and have their individual and collective voices heard
Raymond Wohl, C. O'Brien, T. Bliznick, B. Bagby, M. Waszak, M. Pik, M. Cabellero, M. Lazar, B. Ross
Irving Park
Reviving the River
Students will assess the "health" of the Chicago River, brainstorm ways to improve the river's ecosystem and take action to remedy problems along the river banks
Heather Smith, Tracey Bliznak, Ajita Kennedy, Elsa Kitsuse
Multicultural Understanding
Fostering Friendship Between Ethnic Communities
Building friendships between the Russian, Chinese, Puerto Rican, Mexican American and African American students in the two schools through family interviews, writing and visual and performance art presentations of the respective cultures
Linda Voss, E. Nayvelt, K. Kessler, C. Weiss, R. Passman, D. Mandel
Violence Prevention
A Better Way - Peer Leadership for Violence Prevention
This project provides special leadership training and team building by participation in the Wheaton Team Course, a cooperative education/experiential challenge course
John Greven, S. Wiener, P. Piltz, D. Koliarakis, W. Jones, K. McConkey, E. Gallego Blanco
Sign Language
Bridging the Communication Gap
Families learn sign language to communicate and foster literacy with their young deaf children through videotapes, resource and story books in English and Spanish
Judy Healy, Jacki Marcus
Family History
Building Bronzeville -Yesterday, Now, and Forever
Students will trace the migration of their families from the south to the Bronzville area and develop extensive family trees using oral and written interviews, graphic representations and a dramatic video presentation
Kay Volk, Evelyn Frazier
McCosh Math Magazine
Students will produce a magazine about mathematics for parents, teachers, and students including how to help your child with homework, math activities for teachers, math stories written by students, and math puzzles and games
Cricea Jennings, M. Hoover, J. Davis, J. Skulark
Students will meet in small groups with trained facilitators to help them cope with loses or changes in their lives due to death, divorce, or foster family placement
Connie Bultema, L. Lee, H. Julien, M. Moore, B. Bush, C. Casey, L. Demes, N. Scarborough, C. Vance
African American Cultural Experience Art Project
Students will learn story telling techniques, read African and African-American folklore, study African music and dance and create artifacts
Michael Brownstein, Sandra Peck, Robin Brown, Annie Tolbert
Building for Knowledge
Older students will design, draft and produce wooden projects while learning math, for use by younger students to improve their math and fine motor skills
Steven Schlesinger, Joyce Krasowski, Martin Lewis
Murals for Morrill - Transforming Our School
Groups of students and community members will work together to paint a series of murals that will address numerous social issues
Treasure Smith, Carol Booth, Lamar Townsend, Vivian Edwards
Universal Communication Program
Children with severe/profound disabilities will have a means to communicate using the Universal communication program
Sheryl Hairston, Evelyn Allen, Jennifer Moore, Nancy Tamulewicz
Sixth Grade Science Sleepover
An all-night celebration to experience unique hands-on workshop activities in science and math
Jane Rosen, B. Bradley, G. Dru, V. Hohl, M. Newman, J. Resse
Nightingale School
Creative Rhythm Theatre Project
This project uses a literature based language arts curriculum incorporating music, poetry, creative staging, and rhythms as taught by Carl Orff
Thomas Borden, Leah Reinhart, Cadden Sylvester, Jodi Dorenz
Ninos Heroes
Green Peace
Each classroom will be assigned a planter to fill with flowers and trash cans to decorate. A rose garden will be dedicated to a former LSC president, a victim of domestic violence
Carolyn Sullivan, C. Cherry, F. Brown, S. Hardison, L. Gool, L. Senteno
Bye Bye Birdie - Hello Broadway
Students, teachers, staff and parents will work together to put on a full length musical consisting of dancing, singing, acting, music, painting, sewing, business and publicity
Barry Norton, Pamela Scala, Brian Rice
P.I.N. (Peers Intervene Now)
Students from 7th and 8th grades will be trained to help remediate academic and social problems and interpersonal conflicts of younger students under the supervision of the coordinators
Delorse Felton, JoAnn Woods, Carolyn Clark, Lea Roseberry
Aztec Floating Gardens: Homage to Christo
Inspired by Christo and the Aztecs, large planters in front of the school will be wrapped in blue opaque fabric. Fans will be installed under the fabric to create the illusion of flowing water
Victoria Tubov, A. DaSilva, G. Vivas, E. Pino, M. Economou
Operation Mosaic 2000 Phase VI
Students will use Venetian glass tile to create portraits of people from Mexico and Mexican-Americans to be mounted on the front of the school
Francisco Mendoza
Geometry in Architecture
Students will discuss and apply mathematical principles in creating two-dimensional forms to understand the relationship between architecture, art and geometry
Antiqoni Lambrinides-Sofios, Edwin Ruiz
Mascara y Maracas/Masks & Maracas
Students will be exposed to the art and music of Mexico, do two ceramic projects and make maracas and masks
Julie Fawcett, Anna Marie Ramos
Wicker Park Community Mural
Students will create a mural based on the theme of Wicker Park community after researching the history and people of Wicker Park and learning the mural creating process
Alicia Meno, Susan H. Nelson
Community Service
A Brightview of Life
Students will walk to the Brightview Nursing Home once a month to sing for and do art projects with the residents
Barbara Joseph
I Can and I Will Create New Attitudes in Special Education
Students will experience a hands-on pottery class where they will use their own imagination to design functional and sculptural pottery
Brenda Clark, Shirley Burton, Mattie Harris
Storytelling: The Tell-Tale Heart Beats On
Students will become familiar with multicultural folk tales, participate in the oral tradition by becoming storytellers, and perform before classes of younger children as well as for a school wide storytelling festival
Esme' Raji Codel
Physical Education
Ryder School Early Childhood Triathalon
Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) students will be paired with regular pre-k students in a "Triathalon" of sporting activities including bumper bowling, ice skating, and gymnastics
Liz Porter, L. Kuehn, P. Sulski, M. Kasai, C. Freeman, L. Yunevich
Building Chicago Through History
Students will learn the history of Chicago by studying its architecture and building a replica of the Chicago skyline
Anna J. Waywood, Faye Krygsheld, Laura Kubiz, Mary Paluch, Keith Kareiva
Hoop It Up
Students will participate in an after school intraclass/ intramural basketball tournament to apply their skills, training, and knowledge
Jasper Thompson, T. Zieman, A. Poellinetz, R. Warner, Q. Dillare, J. Brown
Visual Conceptualization
The Alphabet As We See It
Each student will be given a disposable camera and asked to photograph something in their community representing each letter of the alphabet to promote visual skills, community awareness and writing skills
Jeannine Hitzke
Community Service
Gifts From The Heart
Students will construct a variety of art projects which will be brought each month to the Peterson Park Nursing Center
Ellen Shea, Mary Beth Heller, Joan Jones
Science Busters
Students will collaboratively plan, develop, and construct science murals, interactive displays and exhibits
Anna Stein
Stone Blues Revue
Students will create a permanent mosaic mural tribute to the men and women of the Blues after listening to guest Blues artists
Deanna Hall, M. Nelson, T. Meister, D. Johnson, G. Smuligan, J. Mathis, D. Lindberg, M. Kouretsos
Social Studies/Art
Mexico's Gift of Corn
Students will learn about the cultural importance of corn in Mexican culture through reading, making dolls, cooking and planting corn after which they will paint a mural on the wall of the school on the theme of corn
Elizabeth Chase, L. Flores, I. Jimenez, P. Martinez, J. Klonsky, G. Delgado, R. Cardoza
Tlacuilo: The Telpochcalli Times
Students and community members will write and design a community newspaper to create a closer link between the school and its surrounding population
Erin Roche, G. Chong, L. Flores, T. Cosme, A. Ahlman, R. Unzueta
Children as Musicians
Students will perform on drums, cymbals, tambourines, xylophones, metallophones and glockenspiels of the Orff tradition
Irene Krull, H. Hellfand, N. Finkel, M. Ascencio, A. Sahr
The Chicago River Project
This project represents a joint effort between students, parents and teacher of Whittier and the Friends of the Chicago River to restore and beautify three sites along the Chicago River
Kim Alamar, Sheila Epstein, Susan Kolian, Irene Krull
Community Service
Sing Out and Touch Someone
Students will sing and create craft items for seniors living in nursing facilities
Sharon Ellis, Marybeth Foley, Merle Dubnow