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1997 High School Winners


Health Center Mural
Students will design and paint a mural with a medical science theme to be placed over the entrance to the Health Center
Camile Johnson, Mark Vondracek
Multiethnic Diversity Through Art and Culture
Students will visit the Cahokia Mounds State Historical Site as part of a study of Midwest Native American mounds and reproduce a mound on school grounds
Connie Gabrik, Jane Wang Moy
Arts of Living
Social Studies
Respectable Lives
An essay contest with the winners participating in a photo essay project focused on self, family and community
Patricia Bulsok, Mary Kay Joyce
Students will become involved in the production of papermaking and the creation of a well-constructed and beautifully embellished book
Cleada Anderson, Gloria Offord
To Know Is To Grow
Art students will paint large planters using designs inspired by the cultures in the South Chicago community, and science students will grow plants to beautify Bowen
Joan Bartole, John Bozovsky
An Inter-Disciplinary Approach to Indoor Horticulture
Students will be actively involved in planting, nurturing, and harvesting plants to learn about the importance of plants in the ecology of the world
Barbara Horwick, Harold Thomas, Myri G. Pearson-Jeanty
Students will study all aspects of the Holocaust
Judith Gearon, Sandra Osis, C. Thomason, Sonia Ocasio
Art/Parent Involvement
Family Creations
Students and their parents will participate in monthly Saturday morning workshops in ceramics, jewelry making and fabric design
Lori Real, L. Green
V.I.P. Helpers
Students will plan and participate in collecting used eye glasses and hearing aides, visit the Lighthouse for the Blind, the Guild, CRIS radio and serve a celebration meal
Mary Fitzgibbons, Sue Schierholtz, Sue Schieve
Chicago River Quality: A Hands-On Field Study
Students and their parents will monitor the quality of the water in the Chicago River by examining bottom-dwelling organisms and by performing basic chemical tests
Juan M. Gonzalez, Robert L. Reynolds
Social Studies/Video Production
Grand Boulevard Teen Talk
15 students, 1 parent, and 2 teachers will be trained at Chicago Cable Access and then produce 8 TV. talk shows based on social issues found in the Grand Boulevard community
Vicki Milewski, Mr. Jozatis, Ulysess Richard, Jeff VonDavis
Invitational Chess Tournament
The project will develop and carry out a chess training camp and an Invitational Chess Tournament
Odis Richardson, J, Dunigan, T. Pegues, L. Lake, A. Harriston
Planting the Seed
Students will plow and till the soil, plant vegetables and plants, harvest the vegetables and prepare them for a special brunch for community members and friends
Debra J Hardy-Nze, Guinevere Miller, Dorothy Sanders, Ms. Austin
Physical Education/Wrestling
C.P.S. Wrestling
This wrestling program trains elementary school students from various schools feeding into Farragut and Westinghouse High Schools and enrolls them in State tournaments
Robert Bastyr, Sherman Blade, Camilo Flores
Women's Studies
This projects provides the forum for the exploration of race and gender issues through reading female writers, writing a student magazine and discussing feminist ideas
Kristin Kutzner
Street Songs
Students will produce STREET SONGS, an educational interdisciplinary project featuring poetry, music and African American history and they will read their own poetry for the school community
Heather Cristol, Julie Labno
Civil War Reenactment Project III
Students will have the unique opportunity to make and wear the uniforms and clothing of the day, travel to a reenactment, spend the night in a Civil War era tent and participate in a battle
Virginia Twombly, Fred Brown
Social Studies/Family History
Intergenerational and Cultural Explorations
African-American and Hispanic students will explore the migration patterns and lifestyles of senior African-Americans and Hispanics by getting to know them in and out of nursing homes and churches
Terry Foster, D. Rabin, R. Anzalone, K. Silva, C. Donna, J. Stewart
Hyde Park
The creation of a semi-permanent museum to exhibit student's science projects throughout the school year which will foster more interactive presentations and encourage on-going student participation
Douglas Spalding, Robin Leverette, Maple Epps
Hyde Park
Family History/Art
Quilt Legacy
Students will research and discuss the history of quilt making in the African-American community and research their own families which they will incorporate into individual quilt blocks
Linda Lorenz, Laroux Meredith
Hands On History
Students in 5 detention center classrooms will write essays on the industrial age as exemplified by the automobile industry and will build model cars of that era
William Baldwin, F. Powell, C. Deitelhoff, R. Crawford, C. Atkins
Community Service/Tutoring
High school students will tutor special education students at the South Loop School in an interdisciplinary instructional unit on cultural diversity
Barbara Kuntze, Charlott Stoxtell, Gerald Hale
The Business of Art
Establishing an art gallery/store in school to teach students how to start up an art business
Karen Stolzenberg, James Settanni
Basic Business
Students will set up a small in-school business, create a business plan, advertise, sell, produce and deliver various graphic products to schools, community groups and businesses in the Chicago area
Kathryn Budd, Marge Kepka, Jim Wagner
Augmentation of the Museum Project
Adding students to the Museum Project to learn how to teleconference, use a digital camera and produce a Web Page on the Internet
Iris Schrey, Mari Lenoe
Lake view
Cast Concrete and Mosaic Benches
Students will create cast concrete and mosaic benches and sculptures to be installed in the soon to be landscaped mixed-use park for students and community in the back campus
Miriam Socoloff, Donna Terry, Susana Erling, Rick Ceh
An American History Quilt
Students will create quilting squares symbolizing their ancestors' role in American history with the assistance of the Textile Arts Center
Antoinette LoBosco
People, Places and Plays
English as a Second Language students will experience the theatre and learn how to write and perform their own plays
Eileen Campe, Georgette Rohde
Speech Team
Speak Up Chicago
The Mather Speech Team will enter more events and encourage other high schools to form competitive teams by producing and distributing a 1997 Speech Team Video and scrapbook
Lynne Przyvorski, Diane Mugnaini
Composting to Create a Mini-Organic Vegetable Garden
Students will obtain organic materials from the school cafeteria and grounds to build compost to act as a soil base for a mini-garden
Johnnie Crowder, Stephanie Buford
Appreciation Through Creation: A Multicultural Art Project
Students will learn about other cultures through the creation of murals in the school building, sculpture to be displayed in Senn Park, and back drops representing their ethnic diversity
Barbara Singer, Nestor Garces, Kathryn Khoshaba, Theresa Pham
Writing for an Audience: A Collaboration Between Senn and Swift
Students in a high school writing class will meet on a regular basis with 1st grade students at an elementary school. The high school students will listen to the younger students read and will write books for them
Barbara Parsons
Show Boat - Super Spring Seminar
Students will attend a live performance of the musical "Show Boat" as the culminating activity of an in-depth study of the novel and film versions of "Show Boat"
Rosa Podrovsky, Lara Laughlin, Adria Carrington
Community Service
Assisting Senior Citizens in the School Community
Students will cut grass, plant flowers and small shrubs, trim bushes, fertilize, do general yard clean up, remove snow and do small painting jobs for seniors at no charge
Gerard C. Slania, Elizabeth Ester Clark
Food Service
Vaughn Students Meet Food Industry Standards
This project is to professionalize the school's Food Service Program so that students will meet industry standards for possible future employment
Kathleen Capone, William Weeks, Danny Vacarro, Frank Quaranta
Family History
Family History Project
Students will research their family history and look at history through the experiences and lives of their ancestors by reading, writing, interviewing and using the computer
Rod Sellers, Nancy Margraff
Green Streets Design Program
Students will improve their environment by removing graffiti from campus and environs and creating a mural reflecting the diversity of the community, city, state, and country
Anthony Abboreno, T. Dallas, J. Santana, R. Fager
Community Service
Today's Youth - Tomorrow's Seniors
Freshman students will interact with residents of the Casa Central Nursing Center through singing and dancing activities, games, current events and socializing
Marva Mangrum, Emmera Walker
School Improvement Project
This project will allow the hearing impaired and regular education students to participate in a drafting/ computer science class that will give them the capacity to redesign the first floor area
Julius Williams, Anthony Spivey, Wayne McGlashan