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2010 High School Winners


Mixing the Art, Mixing the Students
IB and Special Ed students will work together to mix sound samples of music and voices and create murals and multimedia artwork from recycled materials.
Eric Markowitz - Denise Barba, Tanya Baxter
Growing Our Outdoor Learning Center
Students from all of our school's small learning communities will work together to design and implement additions and improvements to our school's outdoor learning center and school gardens.
James Doyiakos - Peter Voss, Todd Johnson
Austin Polytech
Students will learn how to design and make t-shirts using silk screening, embroidery and sewing techniques.
Brenda Hernandez - David Corbin, Lisa Dallacqua
Bowen - B.E.S.T.
Photoelectric River Display
Biology and art students will create a solar-powered representation of a river ecosystem as an outdoor event to educate and entertain the public.
Albert Stabler - William Smith
Brooks College Prep
Fine Arts - Film
Laugh, Cry, and Learn Film Festival
Students will research and draw from their own experience with violence and loss to write screenplays and make both a fiction and non-fiction film.
Eugene Hazzard
Brooks College Prep
Fine Arts - Photography
The Journey is the Destination
Students will create an artistic book documenting their life personally and globally through photography, painting, writing and collage. They will study Dan Eldon whose work parallels their experience.
Pamela Paggao - Jacob Mitchell, Cheryl Boone
Chicago - Agricultural
M.O.R.E.Voc Prep
Special Education students continue to learn discipline and skills to prepare them for work by engaging in making products and expanding the products. Profits are given to needy organizations.
Jane Klunk - Susan Schlitz, Amy Hughes, Molly Condon, Phil Friberg, Mae Piszczor
Steel Drum Moonlight Rhythm Sonata
Students will learn Moonlight Sonata for a 4-part Orchestra to be used on 4 part steel drums. The piece will include a Latin rhythm component and will be performed in the Spring Concert.
Heather Busch
Service Learning
Cadets Aiding Children
Students will participate in a service learning project where they will learn skills involving fabrics and crocheting to make fleece blankets for children in need.
Richard Seeley Jr - Erwin Johnson
Flower Power
Our Garden Club and science class students will conduct experiments in a hothouse and will create a garden in our courtyards by planting and maintaining flowering plants, vegetables, and herbs.
Alice Hadac - Matthew Flach, Mark Casey
Gallery 37
Performing Arts - Dance
Cha Cha Cha
Students will learn various innovative and culturally diverse dances enhancing students' performance qualities and self-esteem culminating in a Spring Concert.
Einnaf Smith
Gallery 37
Fine Arts - Murals
Art That Works
Students will create art that works - wearable, usable art! Projects will focus on multicultural approaches to the making of art for utilitarian and decorative purposes, and on marketing techniques.
Susan Dardar - Silvia Garcia, Barbara Keating, Rigoberto Espinosa, Vivian Dobrowolska, Mary Ann Dardugno
Gompers Fine Arts
Music Production
Students will learn what is needed to create and market their own music such as poetry techniques, musical structure and technology. They will perform and create their own CDs.
Gregory Janacek
Graham R
Performing Arts - Drama
Puppetry of Self
Special Ed students will design and build an almost life-sized puppet that will be like a self-portrait, using a variety of familiar and unfamiliar materials.
Dobrowolska Wieslawa - Juan C. Gamino, Linnea Ferguson, Lisa Cooper, Carol Lane, Raquel Bernal, Gwendolyn Randolph
Social Studies - History
Fallas in Englewood
Students enrolled in Spanish will research the Valencian celebration of Las Fallas and create an exhibit representing their West Englewood community, connecting their lives to a Spanish celebration.
Mary Brigid Dillon - Julie Otter, Mary Anne Lukeman, Allison Kim
Jefferson Alternative
Fine Arts - Murals
Crochet Creations
Students will learn the art of crocheting. They will create a hanging blanket/quilt for display at La Rabida Childrens Hospital, as well as their own creations for display.
Alicia Lewis
Performing Arts - Music
Comedy Tonight!
Students will trace the history of the popular intermezzo from its inception as Greek parody, its relationship to the Commedia dell'Arte and its relevance today as comic theatrical diversion.
Gaye Klopack - Ray Lesniewski, Charles Mills, Ben Dipman, Christine Malebranche
Picture This!
Using digital cameras, journalism students will produce photo essays that explore complex concepts and contribute photos that complement their writing for the resurrected school paper.
Ray Salazar
Language Arts - English
Our Stories. Our Truths.
Students will use English/Language Arts skills to write a book and develop a gallery exhibit to challenge stereotypes and tell the "real stories" of their neighborhoods, communities and cultures.
Amy Schwartzbach
Performing Arts - Drama
Stage Makeup Tutorials
Students will conceive, research, write and produce on-line videos on stage make-up techniques to be used by students in the after-school theatrical productions.
Michael Buino
Fine Arts - Photography
Student Museum
Students will create and run a gallery/museum. Students will exhibit their original artwork in a professional setting and provide an enhanced meeting space for the school community.
Benjamin Jaffe
Lake View
Fine Arts - Film
Lake View Film Festival
Students will learn collaboration as they produce and direct a short film. Critical skills for film and other visual media will be enhanced. The film will be shown and judged at the annual Film Fest.
James Fusco - Brian Quigley
Lake View
Performing Arts - Drama
Up the Down Staircase
Students from the Drama Club, Sewing Club and Art Program will work together to create costumes, build sets, rehearse and perform a production of "Up the Down Staircase."
Jennifer McGee - Justin Gordon, Melizibeth Orozco
Lane Technical
Fine Arts - Murals
Students will explore the ancient art, history, and science of ceramic firing techniques developed throughout the world and participate in a series of hands-on workshops, turning clay into glass.
Amy Moore - Katherine Nester, Adele Friedman, Amy Arter, Brian Reid, Kristina Simanis
Lane Technical
Performing Arts - Music
Jazz Community Outreach
Students will increase musical, team and mentoring skills by participating in a Jazz Invitational Festival at Lane. Organized for community outreach, students from 4th grade to professionals will be invited.
Omar Fong-Bances - Joe Sweet, Carol Swann
Lane Technical
Performing Arts - Drama
The Lane Play Festival
Students will write, design, direct, and perform original one-act plays. Assessment will include peer editing, in-class staged readings and post-performance critiques of performance and process.
Kirsten Hanson - Monico Yadao, Kate Laroche, Brian Telles, Molly Meachum
Lincoln Park
Fine Arts - Murals
Renaissance Egg Tempera Painting
Students will learn the traditional technique of Egg Tempera painting. Students will learn about ancient cultures who used it and create their own piece inspired by Renaissance masterpieces.
Didi Grimm
Lincoln Park
Fine Arts - Murals
Magnificent Mosaic Murals
Students will create individual mosaic murals that will be fitted together to create two large murals. The murals will decorate the entrance to the art room.
Kathryn Roeck
Lincoln Park
Lion's Pause Literary Magazine
Students create The Lion's Pause Literary Magazine. They plan, write, edit, oversee layout and production. Students from all over the school community learn how to work together to an artistic end.
Bart Hanson - Melinda Stinnett, Paulette Savage, Ross Frellick, Ahoo Kosari
Flight Literary/Arts Magazine
"Flight" will be a literary/art magazine featuring student writing, photography and drawings. A student editorial board will select the works to be published.
Robert Wysocki - Nathan Diamond
Little Village - Soc Justice
Fine Arts - Murals
Living Wax Museum
The Living Wax Museum is an annual project for 9th grade students. Students complete a research paper on a human rights fighter/violator and then must portray the subject in the Living Wax Museum.
Emily Alt - Carol Reynolds, Yamali Rodriguez
Fine Arts - Murals
The Luminescent World
Students will research stained glass windows, identify and apply the steps necessary to create them. They will write a proposal to create their project and join in peer critiques of the proposals.
Linda Comminos
Morgan Park
Jazz: An Aural Tradition
Students will enhance their appreciation of jazz and its heritage, learn skills and knowledge integral to playing and improvising jazz. Students will be mentored, perform and participate in peer review.
Shemeka Nash
Noble St - Rauner
Fine Arts - Photography
Photography Enrichment Club
Students participating in Photography Club will gain an understanding of how photographs are shot, developed, processed, manipulated, staged and critiqued. A gallery opening will showcase their work.
Bernardo Juarez
Northside Learning Center
Bike Power!
Students build bike-powered machines that produce electro-mechanical power. They explore the technology, benefits and responsibilities of power production using the machines to benefit the community.
Franklin Joseph Clark
Northwest Middle
Fine Arts - Film
Documenting Family Narratives
Students create their own short film documentaries, narrating the personal history of a family member who overcame some personal adversity.
Kenneth Richings - Marlee Seiler, Ed Patock, Patti Martinez
Language Arts - English
Orr Out Loud!
Students in Poetry Club will publish a literary journal of their work, participate in the Louder Than A Bomb Teen Poetry Festival, and teach younger peers through a service learning project.
Margeaux Temeltas
Fine Arts - Murals
Peace in Action
Students will study issues, root causes and solutions for violence. They will present their learnings through publications, screen printing and mosaic murals.
Jeanne Walker
Phoenix Military
Performing Arts - Music
In Their Own Words
Students create original spokenword and hip hop songs. They write, edit, learn the Socratic method, peer evaluation, musical composition, recording, sound engineering and mixing through teamwork and collaboration.
Eric Waller
Fine Arts - Murals
Accomplishment Quilts
Special Ed students join other students to create a quilt on African Americans' 20th Century accomplishments. They will research, image scan, and learn about fabrics and experience reflection exercises.
Bill Weeks - Rose Caldwell, Rebecca Ross, Monique Thorpe
Un Giardino Italiano
Students will plan, construct and plant an Italian Herb Garden at Schurz, incorporating decorative aspects along with aromatic Italian herbs. Students will also learn to cook healthy Italian recipes.
Amy Bocchetta
South Shore - Arts
Performing Arts - Drama
The Good Boy Crew Speaks Peace
The Good Boy Crew will write/perform stories as a live social/emotional learning radio show. Stories will address the need for peace, how violence affects their lives and what they may do for healing.
Lawaune Moorman - Willie Stingley, John Vickroy, Gin Thomas, Gus Vlahos
Fine Arts - Murals
The Fabrics of Our School Life
Students will research, design and paint panels depicting ethnic fabric patterns from their diverse backgrounds. These murals will be permanently installed in our school's main stairwell.
Jennifer Trejo - Agata Hydzik
Fine Arts - Murals
The Dinner Party
Students learn how to deliver a message through art. They will identify and design a place setting to honor an unsung hero. They will use hand-building, glazing skills and collaborative installation art.
Bridget Doherty Trebing
Tilden Career
Tilden Robotics
Students participating in this after-school program will be introduced to engineering and disciplines needed to build a robot. They will learn about the changing workforce and education it takes to succeed.
George Skalsky
Tilden Career
Tilden Times & Lit Mag
Students learn writing, research, reporting, editing, desktop publishing, photography, photo-editing and collaborating while working on The Tilden Times and the new Lit Mag.
Elizabeth Levinson
Vaughn Occupational
Service Learning
Assisting Senior Citizens
Teachers and students will identify senior citizens in the school community who need assistance with all season landscaping chores. Students will run errands and shop for seniors in need.
Gerard Slania - Patricia Bonness
Von Steuben
Fine Arts - Film
10th Annual Von Steuben Film Fest
The Von Steuben Film Festival is a year-long project where students work in teams to write, direct, act, film and edit short films. The films are screened at our annual film festival.
David Bradburn - Ellen O'Keefe, Ben Weisgram, Jessica King
Life Skills
Food & Culture: Students' View
Students will learn to examine their contemporary diet (pop, chips and flaming red hots) and set it aside to cook and share a tasty lunch of family recipes and food staples reflective of their culture.
Johanna Brocker - Kay Stepkin
Project Atlas: Volume 3
Project Atlas is a collection of writings by incarcerated students, published and distributed to outside students with one goal in mind: to prevent behavior that leads youth to incarceration.
Chelsea Armstrong - Jennifer Johnson, Renee Wisniewski, Karl Schenk