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2012 High School Winners


Fine Arts
Look! We Are Amundsen
Students will work on a collaboration mosaic piece titled "Look! We Are Amundsen," where they will be able to design a collage of the exciting events that occur during their high schools years.
Denise Barba - Camille Johnson
Keep On Growing!
Students will learn how to design and build habitat improvements to our school's community garden. They will then install these additions to our school garden and maintain them for all to enjoy!
James Doyiakos - Catherine Rogers
Bowen NewMillennium
Rube Goldberg Machines
Students will study Rube Goldberg, create absurd machines, experiment with tools and techniques of building, principles of motion and consider ideas of absurdity in the everyday world.
Albert Stabler
Chicago HS / Arts
Performing Arts
Creativity and Invention
Students will communicate creative ideas through problem solving activities and improvisational exercises in jazz singing. Our project will then be shared with others on the school website and You Tube.
Gaye Klopack - Marlena Dzis, Kevin Korschgen
Curie Metro
Performing Arts
Curie's dance students will present "Giselle," a full ballet repertory exploring Romanticism and the European culture of the 19th century while inspiring emotions and stimulating the imagination.
Melinda Wilson
Curie Metro
Fine Arts
Postcards For Healing
Students will create art postcards that will be sent to groups who are recovering from disasters or afflictions to promote healing.
Valerie Xanos
EPIC Academy
EPIC Arts Journal
Epic's Mikva Challenge class will be creating an arts journal that features the artwork and written word of all EPIC students so that their voices can be heard in their community.
John Lydon
Graham R
Fine Arts
Skyline Rocking Chairs
Special Education students will sketch, paint and assemble cut-out pieces of wood to create a useable rocking chair. The students will use skylines of famous cities as inspiration for their projects.
Dobrowolska Wieslawa
Animal Behavior Symposium
Students build real world science skills, experimental design and creativity through original research with three species of live animals. They will present and learn from three research symposiums.
Aaron Reedy - Alan Goldberg
Our Stories. Our Truth.
Students will use English/Language Arts skills to write a book and develop a gallery exhibit to challenge stereotypes and tell the "real stories" of their neighborhoods, communities and cultures.
Amy Schwartzbach
Fine Arts - Crafts
Inspiration Hall
As we transform our school with a new mission and curriculum, student artists will design and create an inspirational entryway to our school with ceramic mosaics.
Deborah Ryder - Jennifer Barron
Physical - Adventure Ed.
Yoga: Restore and Renew
Students enrolled in a Fine Arts Dance elective: Culture Through Movement will learn, apply and teach restorative yoga poses and techniques such as meditation to restore and renew body and mind.
Jennifer Barron
Fine Arts
Woodworking and Wonder
Students will learn basic wood joinery. They will create artworks both in the studio and in the woods where the tree lived. Students will study art, ecology, biology and history.
Marjorie Boyles
Lake View
Fine Arts
Past, Present, Future
Honor the past and look to the future. Students of black and white photography will document the physical attributes of our school & create portraits of staff & students for a permanent exhibition in our main office.
Kate Sanford-garcia
Lane Technical
Fine Arts
Clay & Art Festival
The Lane Tech Clay and Art Fest will bring together Chicago artists, Lane students, and the community for a celebration of artwork and participation in wide-ranging art activities and competitions.
Amy Moore - Daria McMeans, Kristina Simanis, Amy Arter, Adele Friedman
Lane Technical
Performing Arts
The Lane Play Festival
Lane students will study creative writing and drama. Two hundred students will write one act plays; 4-6 will be selected for The Lane Play Festival. Students will direct, design and act in these one act plays.
Kirsten Hanson - Monico Yadao, Kate Laroche, Brian Telles, Molly Meacham
Lincoln Park
Fine Arts
Visualizing Our Values
Students will learn how Adinkra Cloth expresses shared values of Ashanti culture. They will develop visual symbols describing values of our school community & create symbolic cloths.
Didi Grimm
Lincoln Park
Performing Arts
Speaking Out
Autistic students will act/speak lines for a puppet show with characters acting out behaviors and conflict resolution. Students receive help from their peer-buddy using a headset to amplify speech.
Patricia Bulsok - Ms. Drake
Lincoln Park
Lion's Pause Literary Mag
Students write and read aloud their works which are published in the school's award winning The Lion's Pause Literary Magazine. Students perform their works at the Barnes & Noble Webster Place.
Barton Hanson - Paulette Savage, Melinda Stinnett, Ahoo Kosari, Ross Frellick
Fine Arts
Stained Glass Quilt Codes
Students will identify, research and apply the steps necessary to design, view and discuss stained glass windows. They will write a proposal and create windows.
Linda Comminos
Northside Learning Center
Outdoor Classroom.
A select group of students that include Seniors mentoring Freshmen will construct an outdoor classroom garden pergola enhanced by a mosaic to be used by the school community.
Mary Kollar - Anna Truelson, Nina Rosen
Fine Arts
De-Construct Peace
“De-Construct Peace” will expand our peacemaking efforts through the promotion of self-calming techniques, entrepreneurship and building or transforming furniture.
Jeanne Walker
Peace & Education
Fine Arts
Struggle in Unity
Students will continue working to construct a Unity mural on the front of our school as a vehicle to encourage peace in our community.
Lora Abraham
Perspectives - Technology
Fine Arts
Stitching Truth
Students will weave artwork as part of a workshop about Chilean women who risked their lives and wove tapestries in protest of Pinochet’s violent and oppressive regime in the 1970s.
Shannon League
Don't Fence Me In
Students in the RHS Gardening Club will expand our successful garden by expanding it to create a not-for-profit farmer’s market that will become a component of our Culinary Arts & Hospitality program.
Lesley Pinto
Life Skills
Community Identity/Unity
Students will design and develop their own business techniques for the benefit of their high school community while demonstrating the value of giving to others in their global community.
Lisa Reed
Fine Arts
Les Fenetres de Chagall
Students will study the works of Marc Chagall, with a focus on his “America Windows”. Students will then create painted panels resembling stained glass for display in our Department Computer Lab.
Samantha Godden
Social Justice
Language Arts
Voice for a Generation
Students will engage in a reading and analysis of Allen Ginsberg's poem "Howl." They will present their version of their Voice for a New Generation using his style and structure.
Emily Alt
Performing Arts
Solorio Music Initiative
The Solorio Music Initiative is a program designed to promote student involvement in the performing arts, focusing specifically on developing an after school club that teaches guitar skills.
Francis Carey
Fine Arts
Turn A Leaf
Students of the Taft Art/Mural/Mosaic club will transform huge dingy and dirty walls into inspiring murals. This will beautify a dismal area and draw students into the nearby library.
Joanne Conroy
Vaughn Occupational
Service Learning
Assisting Senior Citizens
Teachers and students will assist seniors with seasonal landscaping chores. Students and seniors will work together to plant annuals and perennials in the new school garden space behind the school.
Gerard Slania - Patricia Bonness
Vaughn Occupational
Fine Arts
Shadowboxes of Inquiry
Students will work together to create shadowboxes about the books & plays from class. Students will then make their own personal shadowboxes. They will also make butterflies for the Holocaust Museum.
Jennifer Bowman
Vaughn Occupational
Life Skills
Sharing Warm Fuzzies
Students with special needs will make blankets for themselves and others to donate to children in need through Project Linus.
Patricia Bonness
Project Atlas
Incarcerated students will write about their own life lessons and dreams. Their works will be showcased in a book that will be shared with CPS students and the community.
Karl Schenk - Chelsea Armstrong, Renee Wisniewski, Monica Murray
Young Magnet
Origami and Polyhedra
Students learn to create three dimensional geometric models through origami. They will learn how to construct various polyhedra using paper folding and their mathematical properties.
Julienne Au - Matthew Moran